A Man Like No Other Chapter 1792

Chen Ping, on the other hand, took the opportunity and shouted to all the people to go back to the hotel!

Anna took Andrew along with her, and after knowing that Chen Ping was the Great Martial Marquis, Anna was about to hug Chen Ping as a pair of thighs.

At first, Chen Ping was worried that Anna would follow the girls and start a conflict!

But Chen Ping had underestimated the girls’ sociability!

Soon Anna has become a sister to a group of girls.

And when they found out what had happened to Anna, they were all filled with righteous anger and wanted to help Anna find the Pill King and help Anna teach her brother a lesson in the process.

The next day.

Tang Dali had come to the hotel early and was waiting for Chen Ping!

Waiting to show Chen Ping around and see if he could find the relics!

Originally, Chen Ping hadn’t intended for the girls to follow, but Anna was going to look for the Pill King, so if only Anna followed, the other girls wouldn’t be happy, so he simply took them all with him!

“Where’s Master Hu?”

Chen Ping saw that everyone had gathered, but he just didn’t see Pocky Hu’s figure!

“Master Hu hasn’t left the room since he arrived, who knows what he’s doing in there ……”

Zhao Beng said.

As soon as Chen Ping thought about it, he knew what this guy was doing.

But in terms of this cave hunting and tomb exploration, Pocky Hu was an expert, so it had to be Pocky Hu!

So Chen Ping walked up to Hu Ma Zi’s room and knocked hard on the door!

Soon, the room door opened and Pocky Hu was yawning, his eyes were listless and his eyes were dark.

And on the hotel bed, two blonde girls were lying down!

“Master Hu, today we are going to set out to find the relic.”

Chen Ping said to Pocky Hu.

“Ah, so soon?”

Pocky Hu was stunned.

“If you don’t hurry, in a couple of days I guess you’ll become a human f*ck and die in this place.”

Chen Ping gave that Hu Pocky a blank look!

Hu Pocky smiled heatedly, “This foreign girl is powerful, wait for me, I’ll put on my clothes.”

Soon, Hu Puzi got dressed and came out. Seeing Hu Puzi’s appearance, all of them knew what this guy had been doing for two days without going out.

“Holy sh*t, Chen Ping, you’re a bully, you’ve got a foreign girl in two days?”

After seeing Anna, Hu Pazi was instantly impressed with Chen Ping!

“Alright, well, it’s getting late, let’s hurry up and go ……”

Chen Ping was afraid that Hu Puzi would be talking nonsense later, so he hurriedly urged the crowd to set off!

The first thing you need to do is to get to the base of the snowy mountain.

The bus stopped when we were still a dozen kilometres away from the snowy mountain, because there was no more road ahead and we had to walk!

Tang Dali took down some necessities from the car, as well as a simple tent, and then said, “Mr. Chen, because the weather changes quickly here, so take some supplies with you, maybe we’ll have to spend the night here.”


Chen Ping nodded and looked at those supplies, then with a wave of his hand, he took them all into his storage ring!

This time, it made that Tang Dali look envious.

The group was originally going to explore, but the girls had turned it into a fun trip!

The girls were all playing and joking around, throwing snowballs and having snowball fights ……

The girls were all playing around, throwing snowballs and playing snowball fights.

The reason for this is because he found out that these girls all looked delicate, but they were all much stronger than him.

Along the way, Chen Ping and the others were able to encounter groups of people hurrying towards the snowy mountains, and each of them had a weak aura, obviously going to explore the ruins.

But these people didn’t pay any attention to Chen Ping and the others, after all, with so many girls and fighting, they were obviously tourists, so they didn’t pay any attention to them!

As they got closer and closer to the snowy mountain, the weather became increasingly harsh and a fog rose up, spreading from the foot of the mountain all the way up and soon covering the surrounding area as if it was isolated.

Chen Ping radiated his divine sense, but was surprised to find that he could not even penetrate this thick fog, which was obviously not formed naturally.