A Man Like No Other Chapter 1786

Chen Ping but a smile: “so many people can not find, and how can I be sure to find it, this ice bear island said big, said small, if a little bit to find down, it is estimated that it will take a year and a half ……”

“Mr. Chen, to find that relic, you don’t need to look in the whole Ice Bear Island, there is a place that is most suspicious, because almost every year someone disappears from there, how to find it can’t be found.”

“So some people suspect that there is the relic there, they just can’t find the entrance ……”

Tang Dali said to Chen Ping.

“What place?”

Chen Ping said as his eyes lit up.

“Go get the map for Mr. Chen ……”

Tang Dali finished speaking and someone quickly brought the map, while Tang Dali drew a circle on the map, “It’s right here, it’s next to the snowy mountain, there are also rumours that the relic is underneath the snowy mountain, but no one has seen it either ……”

Chen Ping looked at that place and thought slightly, then asked, “Have you ever been here?”

“I’ve been there twice, but I haven’t seen any relics either, it’s all just a white snow plain.”

Tang Dali said.

“Master Tang, then can you take us to this place tomorrow?”

Chen Ping wanted Tang Dali to take them there, after all, Tang Dali was familiar with the route!

“No problem, it’s my honor to work for Mr. Chen ……”

Tang Dali happily agreed!

After leaving from the Daxia Gang, Chen Ping took Fan Jiang and didn’t go back to the hotel, but instead strolled around a market!

Here, because of the cold weather, there were hardly any living things for sale in the market!

And in such a modest market, there were even some things like jade stones and swords for sale.

Probably because many martial artists come here every year to explore the ruins, that’s why they appear to sell such things, as the saying goes, if there’s a demand, there’s a market!

“It’s all rubbish, and I haven’t come across many experts, could it be that many people have left because they can’t find the entrance to the relics?”

Fan Jiang found that all the things sold in the market were poor, and he hadn’t met many experts either!

According to reason, if there were relics here, there would be a large number of experts coming.

But now they hadn’t come across many!

Maybe they had been here several times and couldn’t find the entrance to the relics, so they had all backed off!

Just as Chen Ping and the others were about to go back, there was a sudden buzz in Chen Ping’s head, as the Dragon Cutting Sword seemed to sense something and vibrated a little.

Chen Ping hurriedly stopped and then looked not far away to find a vendor packing up his things, presumably ready to go home!

And at this moment, Chen Ping was attracted by a sword that the vendor was preparing to put away!

The sword emitted a seemingly unearthly aura that instantly drew Chen Ping to it!

“Brother, can I see the sword in your hand?”

Chen Ping walked over and asked.

“You mean this sword, let me show you, if you like it, five million for you ……”

The merchant gave the sword to Chen Ping.

“What kind of broken sword is it worth five million? Aren’t you robbing it?”

Fan Jiang was amazed.

“What do you know, this sword cuts iron like mud, it’s the sword of the Asking Sword Sect.”

With one sentence, the vendor instantly made Chen Ping freeze.

He did not expect that a small merchant would know about the Asking Sword Sect.

“Big brother, how do you know that this is the sword of the Sword Asking Sect?”

Chen Ping asked as he looked strangely at the vendor.

“Isn’t it written on the sword body?”

The merchant said as he kept that precious sword.

Chen Ping looked at it carefully, the sword was already rusty and looked very old, but at the bottom of the sword there were indeed the three words of the Sword Asking Sect, which were obviously carved when the sword was cast.

As Chen Ping held the sword, the inspiration of the Dragon Cutting Sword in his body became even stronger!

Chen Ping’s face looked very excited.