A Man Like No Other Chapter 1780

“This sister, I see that we are quite related, can we leave each other a contact?”

Seeing that only Xiaolan’s eyes were on him, Baldy knew that his trick had worked!

All it took was one woman to take the bait, and Baldy was putting all his attention on Lan at the moment!

“Brother, I do see a connection between us ……”

The eyes of Xiaolan emitted a wave of autumn!

This call, brother, directly made that bald head’s bones crisp, and the whole person floated like a fairy.

Looking at that bald head’s expression, Xiaolan knew the time had come, so she continued, “You go and do a pole dance to cheer us up ……”

“Okay, okay ……”

Bald head was looking at Ran with his eyes in ecstasy, his harrumphs were flowing out, he listened to whatever Ran said!

And so Baldy started wiggling his fat body around the plane!

This instantly made the crowd laugh.

But the bald guy didn’t even know it, his eyes were looking straight at Ran!

“Do a striptease ……”

Ran ordered!

Soon the bald man started to undress until he was down to his underwear, and only then did Ran tell him to stop!

And with that, the bald man was writhing and writhing, nearly killing the crowd with laughter!

“Get down on your knees and smack yourself in the mouth ……”

Ran changed the order again!

Without hesitation, the bald man knelt down in front of Ran and immediately afterwards the big mouth was smacked towards right in the face.

Each stroke was so strong that he was soon smacked into a pig’s head!

It was only at this moment that the crowd felt strange and looked at the bald man with strange eyes.

Amongst the crowd, a guy with sungla*ses and an expressionless face took off his sungla*ses and looked at Ran with an icy gaze!

Ran also seemed to sense something and hurriedly looked towards the sungla*ses guy!

The man with the sungla*ses saw Ran looking over and hurriedly put them back on!

Xiaolan didn’t care, and started to play with the bald man again!

“Chen Ping, I didn’t expect you to have a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger in this group of women, I’ll see how you can tame them in the future ……”

Hu Ma Zi said with some gloating.

And Chen Ping pretended not to hear, and continued to sleep with his eyes closed!

The plane landed steadily on Ice Bear Island after seven hours of flight!

Originally, there was no airport here, but due to the recent trade boom and the increasing number of tourists, an airport was built!

As Chen Ping walked towards the plane, they saw a blanket of snow, a vast expanse of nothing but snow!

A police car was waiting, and as soon as they stepped off the plane, the bald man was swiftly taken away!

The temperature on this Ice Bear Island is 20 to 30 degrees below zero all year round, so everyone here is wearing big leather jackets!

And Chen Ping and the others were dressed thinly, but with their current strength, they had long ago stopped fearing this bit of bitter cold!

“Sir, do you want to take a ride? Where do you want to go? I know all ……”

Walking out of the airport, a small, small man greeted them, and by the sound of his accent, he was a Daxia!

“Let’s take us to the hotel first ……”

Chen Ping said to the small man.

“No problem, sir just the few of you?”

The little man saw Chen Ping and Hu Ma Zi and the four of them, a car just in time to pull away!

Chen Ping shook his head once, then pointed to Gu Ling’er and the girls, “These people are also together ……”

The small man took a look at so many people and frowned slightly.

“What? Can’t pull?”

Chen Ping looked at the small man’s expression and asked in a somewhat strange manner.

“No, no, no, I’ll go find a car here ……”

The little man waved his hand repeatedly, then hurriedly ran away!

It only took a few minutes for the little man to bring in two more people, again from Daxia!

There were three cars in total, and Chen Ping and the others could just about sit down!

But just as Chen Ping was getting into the car, suddenly four or five big men with tiger backs approached!