A Man Like No Other Chapter 1778

When he arrived at the Red Lotus Palace, Chen Ping felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere!

A group of girls were all looking straight at him, and there was a bit of anger in their gazes.

This confused Chen Ping, he didn’t know what he had done to offend these women!

Although Chen Ping himself did not know what had offended them, but being looked at by these women in such a direct manner, Chen Ping was panicked.

The women didn’t say anything, they just looked at Chen Ping!

And Chen Ping’s face was full of panic!

Finally it was Xiao Ru who could not help but speak up, “Brother Chen Ping, I heard that you are going to the Bear Country?”

Chen Ping nodded, “Yes!”

“And it’s still going to Ice Bear Island?”

Gu Ling’er spoke up as well!

“Yes!” Chen Ping nodded once again.

“You’re leaving tomorrow?”

Ji Ru Xue asked.

“Yes!” Chen Ping continued to nod his head!

“You guy, going to such a nice place abroad to play, and not telling us or taking us with you, do you still have any of us in your heart? Do you have any conscience?”

“My sister Ruxue moved here from thousands of miles away for you, and you treat her like this?”

Xiaolan’s temper flared up and she turned on Chen Ping!

“I haven’t been to that Ice Bear Island you guys are talking about, I’m so curious ……”

Ge Yuhan had been sealed for thousands of years, she didn’t even know about the existence of Ice Bear Island!

“I’ve never been there either, I want to go and have a look ……”

Xiao Min looked at Chen Ping pitifully, “Brother Chen, can you take me there?”

“Take me, take me ……”

“I want to go too!”

“And me too …………”

A bunch of women were chattering away, all wanting to go to Ice Bear Island!

And at this moment, Chen Ping only felt like he had a splitting headache, as if he was being chanted a tight-rope spell by the Monk!

“I’m going to explore a relic, not to travel, it’s very dangerous ……”

Chen Ping could only say helplessly.

“What’s wrong with exploring a relic? Maybe we can even help you, we’re not a liability!”

“Who among us here is not capable?”

Xiaolan retorted at Chen Ping!

“I’m not saying you guys aren’t capable, this time it’s really dangerous and it’s inconvenient to bring a bunch of you women with you ……”

Chen Ping cried, he didn’t even know how to explain after this group of women!

“How is that inconvenient? You’re being sexist.”

Wu Mei’er spoke up.

“I …………”

Chen Ping was speechless for a while, feeling the gaze of the group of women, he could only nod in compromise in the end, “Alright, you all follow, but when you get to the place, you must listen to me and not run around, or else I won’t have time to manage you ……”

Seeing Chen Ping agree, the group of women burst into cheers and high fives in celebration!

It seemed like they were as happy as if they had won a battle!

Looking at the excited gang of women, Chen Ping was still helpless, he could follow any strong enemy in a fight without fear!

But facing so many women, he really didn’t know what to do ……

Just then, a sultry voice suddenly came from the doorway, “Did you forget about me?”

Chen Ping turned his head to look and found that somehow, Ge Jiayi was already standing in the doorway with teardrops in her eyes, looking as if she was aggrieved!

Seeing another Ge Jiayi appear, Chen Ping’s head was all over the place!

Seeing that Ge Jiayi’s tears were about to flow out, Chen Ping hurriedly said, “Go, you go too, you’re not the only one ……”

Hearing Chen Ping’s promise, Ge Jiayi then broke into tears and smiled!

Chen Ping didn’t dare to stay at the Red Lotus Palace for long, he was afraid that these women would eat him!

The next day!

At the Kyoto airport, Long Wu came with a group of people to see Chen Ping off!

Originally, Chen Ping had planned to take Hu Ma Zi and Fan Jiang with him to Ice Bear Island, but now there were a dozen of them!

In order to have someone to keep an eye on these women, Chen Ping asked Zhao Beng to go with him, so that Zhao Beng and Xiao Ru could bond with each other!