A Man Like No Other Chapter 1770

The group rushed to the Heavenly Rune Sect ruins, while on the way Chen Ping kept thinking about Zhou Jie’s words!

If there was a chance, Chen Ping decided to enter the Martial Union dungeon once more to see if Su Yuqi was just someone who was mapped out, like that Zhou Jie had said!

When Chen Ping and the others arrived at the Heavenly Rune Sect ruins, a few of them were already familiar with the path.

The journey was very smooth and they entered where the entrance was!

Looking at the gate of the Heavenly Talisman Sect’s relics, Chen Ping followed Hu Ma Zi who didn’t dare to make any rash moves!

Chen Ping glanced at Fan Jiang, while Fan Jiang waved his hand repeatedly and said, “Mr. Chen, I can’t open this gate with this strength ……”

In the end, Chen Ping could only let the Blood Demon come forward and open the gate!

Boom …………

Without a thought, the Blood Demon went straight forward and threw a fierce punch at the gate of the Heavenly Talisman Sect!

This punch caused a direct stir, and the entire space of the ruins actually began to fluctuate and become distorted!

Chen Ping was stunned, not understanding how this Blood Demon could still cause the space to fluctuate when he punched the gate.

“Audacious madman, trespa*sing on the Heavenly Talisman Sect is an unforgivable crime ……”

An eerie voice came from within the remains of the Heavenly Talisman Sect!

Along with the voice, a murderous aura came, an aura that was terrifying beyond compare!

Chen Ping and the others all turned pale as they felt this aura of killing and destruction and hid behind the Blood Demon!

Fan Jiang also hid behind the Blood Demon, and several of them used the Blood Demon’s flesh as a shield!

Ding Ding Ding …………

That a stream of killing Qi struck the Blood Devil’s body, leaving not a single scratch at all!

Immediately afterwards, the Blood Demon smashed out another fist, and the gate of the Heavenly Talisman Sect fell down with a bang!

Along with the fall of the Heavenly Talisman Sect’s gate, a figure appeared in the void, only to see a childish old man, wearing some white clothes, floating in mid-air!

Seeing this, Hu Ma Zi hurriedly kneeled down to the ground, “Disciple Hu Ma Zi, pay respects to the ancestor …………”

Only that old man didn’t seem to look at Hu Ma Zi, but at the flesh of the Blood Demon: “I didn’t expect that after thousands of years, this old demon’s flesh wouldn’t decay, but was still refined into a puppet corpse by you little dolls ……”

Seeing this, Chen Ping hurriedly said loudly, “Senior, we have no intention to offend, it’s just that the Heavenly Talisman Sect’s art of talisman is invincible in the world, if this is lost, it will be a regret for the whole human cultivation world, that’s why we came here, hoping to carry forward the Heavenly Talisman Sect’s art of talisman …… ”

Chen Ping gave a rainbow fart to the old man, making the old man gloat!

“You’re a good talker, but my Heavenly Talisman Sect’s talismanic arts are not pa*sed on to outsiders, you’re not a disciple of my sect, so how can you promote my Heavenly Talisman Sect’s talismanic arts?”

The old man asked Chen Ping.

This confused Chen Ping, but Chen Ping pointed at Hu Puzi and said, “This Master Hu is from that sect of yours, you can pa*s on the Runic Spell Technique to him ……”

When Hu Pocky heard this, he was inwardly excited, and in his heart, he had already thanked Chen Ping’s ancestors for eight generations!

He didn’t expect that Chen Ping would push himself out to get the inheritance at this time!

Hu Ma Zi’s body trembled as he asked!

“Humph, as a talisman master, full of women, how can you carry forward my sect’s talismanic arts?”

The old man snorted coldly.

Chen Ping couldn’t help but laugh out loud at that, while Hu Pocky was full of frustration!

Immediately afterwards, the old man looked at Chen Ping and said, “Will you now be willing to worship me as your master and become a member of my Heavenly Talisman Sect?”

Chen Ping was slightly stunned and in some difficulty!

This old man had obviously died long ago, leaving this wisp of a divine thought here.

How could he worship a divine thought as his master?

Seeing Chen Ping’s hesitation, the old man’s face was unhappy as he said, “If you are unwilling, then go back, and I will not pursue the matter of destroying my sect ……”

“Senior, I am willing ……”

Chen Ping had no choice but to agree.