A Man Like No Other Chapter 1750

The man was fast, catching up with Chen Ping in the blink of an eye!

Chen Ping gritted his teeth and turned back with another sword!

Clang …………

This time, the Dragon Cutting Sword in Chen Ping’s hand was instantly knocked away, while Chen Ping’s tiger mouth cracked open and blood flowed out!

Chen Ping’s face turned pale, without the Dragon Cutting Sword, Chen Ping could only fight hard ……

Boom, boom, boom …………

The man threw three punches in a row, while Chen Ping threw the same three punches!

After the three punches, Chen Ping’s body flew straight backwards and landed heavily on the ground!

“What a f*cking pervert ……”

Chen Ping got up with a worried look on his face, the man in front of him was too strong!

Chen Ping took a deep breath, the Dragon Cutting Sword returned to Chen Ping’s hand, followed by a divine dragon power injected into the Dragon Cutting Sword! Remember the website m.lqzw.org

The Dragon Cutting Sword emitted a buzzing sound, followed by a golden dragon hovering above Chen Ping’s head!

And the man did not pay any attention to Chen Ping’s changes, in the second time a fist rubbed roar smashed Chen Ping!

This punch was so powerful that the wind of the fist turned into a fire dragon and roared towards Chen Ping!

Seeing this, Chen Ping waved the Dragon Slashing Sword in his hand!

The golden dragon let out a dragon roar and rushed out too!


The ground shook as the two dragons collided!

Chen Ping’s golden dragon instantly dissipated into specks of light, while the fire dragon roared on towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping’s brow furrowed as he felt the powerful aura of the fire dragon, Chen Ping could only bring his Incorruptible Golden Body to its fullest extent as he carried the blow with a deadly force!

Boom ……

Chen Ping’s body flew out, and in mid-air, that Unbreakable Golden Body shattered, and a wound appeared on Chen Ping’s flesh!

Chen Ping hit the ground heavily, smashing the ground into a deep crater!

The man leapt up, without any unnecessary nonsense, and came straight down in the air, smashing his fist into Chen Ping.

With this punch, Chen Ping was afraid that he would not be able to withstand it!

But at that moment, a delicate cry was uttered, followed by the sight of Ge Yuhan flying out, directly in front of Chen Ping, from the bottom to the top, with a light blue aura emanating from her body, instantly forming a barrier!

Boom …………

The man’s fist arrived and directly hit the barrier, which shattered with a sound and also cancelled out the power of that fist!

However, Ge Yuhan’s face became somewhat pale.

It was obvious that Ge Yuhan’s physical body, coupled with the Saintess’s soul spirit, had lost a lot of strength, and was also simply no match for the man in front of him.

But Ge Yuhan’s appearance gave Chen Ping a chance to catch his breath!

“I didn’t expect there to be an expert hiding, so let’s have you two together ……”

Seeing Ge Yuhan, the man didn’t panic in the slightest, but on the contrary, he had a hint of excitement!

The man’s body began to rise in flames again, the whole person is like a fireman, the terrifying aura swept out in all directions!

Immediately afterwards, the man’s fists came out in unison, a ball of flame, mixed with terrifying power, rushed towards Chen Ping and Ge Yuhan!

Ge Yuhan and Chen Ping hurriedly struck out as a burst of explosions exploded in the two men’s ears!

Boom …………

Finally, both Ge Yuhan and Chen Ping failed to hold on and were directly hit by the flames, the tremendous force of which caused the two men’s internal organs to reel.

Ge Yuhan and Chen Ping got up, both were injured but still gritting their teeth, they couldn’t let that man get inside the forbidden land!

But just as the two men were about to deal with the man together, a chill struck them and the woman rushed out from the Great Hall.

Seeing the woman appear, Chen Ping’s heart burst with sadness, he knew that something bad might have happened to Hu Ma Zi!

Anger rose in Chen Ping’s eyes, and a terrifying killing intent filled Chen Ping’s body at this moment!

“Don’t waste time, kill the two quickly, I sense a change in that blood demon’s aura ……”

The woman said to the man.

The man nodded, then the two of them struck out together towards Chen Ping and Ge Yuhan!