A Man Like No Other Chapter 1743

When Chen Ping led his men into the forbidden place, his whole body was frozen, only to see that the huge stone statue had already fallen apart, and in the middle of it, a corpse was lying vividly within it!

The corpse looked as if it had just died, and even the skin was still elastic!

At this moment, Chen Ping was a bit dumbfounded, unable to understand why a corpse had suddenly appeared here!

Chen Ping turned his gaze to Du Nan, who was so scared that he sweated profusely and said, “Mr. Chen, I …… don’t know what’s going on here, absolutely no one has come in ……”

“This …… corpse I don’t know who it is either!”

Chen Ping frowned, not understanding why a fresh corpse would suddenly appear here?

But at this time, Ge Yuhan, who was beside Chen Ping, looked at the corpse and her face became increasingly ugly ……

“This …… is the Blood Devil …………”

Ge Yuhan’s voice trembled as he said.

“A blood devil?”

Chen Ping was startled and hurriedly looked at the corpse again and found that the man corpse was very young, only about thirty, with clear eyebrows, not like that kind of demon or something. Remember the website m.lqzw.org

And looking at the corpse, it clearly looks like it just died, how could it be a blood devil that has been dead for thousands of years?

“Girl, what blood devil? Do you know this person?”

Hu Ma Zi still didn’t know what a blood devil was, so he asked Ge Yu Han.

Ge Yuhan nodded, “I’ve seen the Blood Demon, back then our Guang Han Palace was slaughtered by the Blood Demon clan ……”

“I didn’t expect this Blood Devil to be so young, and after thousands of years, the corpse didn’t decay at all, as if it had just died ……”

Chen Ping was amazed!

“No, he is not dead, as soon as we landed on the island, I felt his scent, dead people don’t have scent.”

Ge Yuhan said.

When Chen Ping heard this, he was startled, if this Blood Demon was not dead, then I was afraid that none of them would want to live.

This kind of great demon that had lived for thousands of years must be very strong!

Seeing Chen Ping’s nervous look, Ge Yuhan continued, “Don’t worry, although he’s not dead, it’s impossible for him to come back to life, the current one is afraid that he only has a mouthful of true qi left behind to maintain his flesh from decaying ……”

The first time I saw the man, I was so happy.

“Since he can’t come back to life, it’s good, now I’ll incinerate this guy’s flesh to save the scare ……”

Chen Ping said, a light blue flame pulsated in his palm, followed by a spiritual energy injected into the flame, a great fire burned up!

When Chen Ping pushed, that great fire wrapped that blood demon’s flesh and began to burn continuously!

But after the fire had burned for half a day, the flesh of the Blood Demon did not change in the slightest!

Chen Ping was stunned, knowing that this was his true fire, which was almost indestructible!

But he didn’t think that even a flesh body could not be destroyed?

“What’s going on?”

Chen Ping said with a face full of astonishment.

“This Blood Devil is so powerful that even a flesh body is not something that others can easily destroy.”

Ge Yuhan said.

When Chen Ping heard this, he frowned slightly and looked carefully at that Blood Demon’s flesh body!

“This fellow’s flesh body is so strong, if he could be refined into a puppet corpse, wouldn’t he be invincible ……”

At this time, Hu Ma Zi spoke up from the side.

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, his eyes instantly lit up, just as Hu Ma Zi said, if he could refine this Blood Demon’s corpse into a puppet corpse that would obey his orders, then he would be invincible under the whole world.

What a martial arts alliance, just go and overthrow it and save Su Yuqi!

But Chen Ping didn’t know how to refine corpses, and he didn’t know how to refine puppet corpses!

“Master Hu, do you have a way to refine this Blood Demon’s corpse into a puppet corpse?”

Chen Ping asked as he turned to Pocky Hu.

“That kind of evil art, how could I possibly know, I am a proper immortal cultivator, not an evil cultivator ……”

Hu Pocky waved his hand repeatedly and said.