A Man Like No Other Chapter 1722

Long Xingxu led the men away, but Chen Ping didn’t rest, but used his bloodline to start making a pill, as long as he gave these men this pill, they wouldn’t be restricted by the secular world!

It wasn’t until midnight that Du Nan found Chen Ping, and then the two of them headed towards the back of the palace!

The forbidden land behind the palace was still in ruins, remaining as it was at the time, and as Chen Ping looked at the scene before him, he remembered the scene of the battle here again!

The stone statue was lying on the ground, long gone from its majesty at the beginning.

Soon, when the time came, the stone statue emitted a hazy glow, followed by drops of crystal dew coming out of its body!

Chen Ping went forward and gently touched it with his hand, the dewdrops were instantly absorbed by Chen Ping and a refreshing sensation came over him, making Chen Ping feel very comfortable!

“These dewdrops contain a lot of spiritual energy, don’t waste them, send someone to collect them!”

Chen Ping ordered to Du Nan.

Although Chen Ping did not know why this stone statue was like this, it was a fact that these dewdrops contained a large amount of spiritual energy!

For the next few days, Long Xingxu led the men to familiarise themselves with the environment of Penglai Island, which sort of put the crowd in a relaxed mood!

And Chen Ping was hard at work refining pills!

Finally, a blood-red pill was made, and these were all pills with Chen Ping’s bloodline!

Chen Ping gathered Long Xingxu and the others, and then ordered them to take these pills!

Looking at the blood red pills and the disgusting blood smell, it was indeed hard to swallow!

But no one dared to disobey Chen Ping’s order, so they all swallowed them!

As the elixir entered their bodies, they all felt a warm current flowing through their bodies, and their meridians and even their blood seemed to be changing!

Immediately afterwards, Chen Ping’s divine sense instantly covered everyone’s divine sense, and a gong method was transmitted into these people’s minds!

“From now on, you must forget about your previous cultivation techniques and focus on the new ones, and if you get stuck in the middle of the process, you can ask me at any time!”

Chen Ping said to the men in front of him.

“As you command!”

These people all had excited faces, and then began to go cultivate under Chen Ping’s arrangement!

While these people were cultivating, Chen Ping didn’t stay idle either, spending his days in front of the stone statue, absorbing the spiritual energy within it!

And every night, the stone statue would emit spiritual energy and condense it into dewdrops, and Chen Ping had Du Nan collect these dewdrops and send them to Long Xingxu!

In this way, these people spent day after day on Penglai Island!

On the other hand, in Kyoto, even with Chen Ping away, the entire martial world was calm, and no one dared to look for trouble with the Dragon Sect!

As for Gu Ling’er and the girls, they were having a very comfortable time at the Red Lotus Palace.

A bunch of girls were together, talking and laughing, very happy!

These people especially enjoyed listening to Ge Yuhan telling them about some of the rare and weird things that had happened in the past.

But they didn’t know that what Ge Yuhan told them was from her own experience, not from what she had heard!

At noon, the girls gathered again for lunch.

“Why haven’t we seen Sister Yu Han today? I’m still waiting for her to talk about the ascension of the immortals ……”

Xiao Ru looked over and found that Ge Yu Han was not there, so she asked.

“Maybe something’s up, we’re not waiting for her, it always feels like Sister Yu Han is secretive sometimes.”

Gu Ling’er said.

The crowd didn’t care and started eating!

But unbeknownst to them, at this time, Ge Yuhan was already in a car that was speeding away from Kyoto!

Ge Yuhan’s eyes were tightly closed and her face was very ugly!

And it was Kawaguchi Kazuo who was driving the car!

At midnight, Kazuo Kawaguchi stopped the car and took Ge Yuhan with him and headed for the forest!

At that moment, Ge Yuhan was already awake and did not panic when he saw Kawaguchi Kazuo in front of him!

Kawaguchi took Ge Yuhan to the secret base, and only then did he breathe a sigh of relief!