A Man Like No Other Chapter 1721

“No orders, I just came over to inspect and see if you are slacking off, as a nail planted in Daxia, you must always be vigilant!”

Kawaguchi Kazuo lectured.

“Hey, Lord Kawaguchi is right to teach a lesson!”

Ono Jiro said.

“In a few days, I will bring a woman over, so you have to keep an eye on me.”

Kazuo Kawaguchi said.

“A woman?” Ono Jiro froze, “Lord Kawaguchi, our rule here is that you are never allowed to bring in a woman, or a Daxia.”

“I know this rule, but this woman is very important to us, I can’t bring her back to the island, I can only bring her here to study!”

Kawaguchi Kazuo said with his eyes slightly narrowed!

“What kind of woman is it that has Lord Kawaguchi so attached to it?”

Ono Jiro asked curiously.

“Baka ……” Kawaguchi Kazuo frowned, “You are not qualified to ask that yet.”

“Understood!” Ono Jiro nodded his head repeatedly!

Kawaguchi Kazuo stayed at that secret base for only one day, and then left quickly!

But this time, he was the only one who left!


Kyoto, Dragon Gate!

Above the square stood a dozen people, these people were of varying strengths, but each one was in high spirits and full of energy!

“Brother Chen Ping, according to your request, only these people will be selected for the time being.”

Long Xingxu turned to Chen Ping!

Chen Ping nodded slightly, “Soldiers are more valuable than many, have you accounted for what should be accounted for?”

“I’ve explained everything!” Long Xingxu said.

“Good, then we will leave now, when we return, I hope you will be able to reach the peak of Martial Marquis ……”

Chen Ping patted Long Xingxu’s shoulder.

“Brother Chen Ping, what exactly is this place that can make people cultivate so fast?”

Long Xingxu asked curiously.

“You will know when you go there.”

Chen Ping smiled lightly!

Soon, Chen Ping took these people and headed straight to Penglai Island, which also had that Blood Demon’s stone statue, which contained infinite spiritual energy, if it was absorbed, the cultivation speed of the people would definitely be accelerated!

Chen Ping decided to let these gifted people step into the Immortal Cultivation Realm. Although the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was depleted and there was suppression for Immortal Cultivators, however, Chen Ping himself was not suppressed by the mundane world at all, so he planned to use his own bloodline to let these people step into the Immortal Cultivation Realm, so that they would not be suppressed by the mundane world either!

In the not too distant future, if the aura revived, the gods and demons would reappear, and the martial world would start to fall out of favour, so if Chen Ping wanted to gain a head start, he had to start at this time!

This was why Chen Ping had asked Long Xingxu to provoke the gifted ones, to bring everyone from the Dragon Sect into the Immortal Cultivation Realm on a large scale, that was impossible, Chen Ping did not have that ability.

When Chen Ping arrived at Penglai Island with the crowd, everyone felt new and strange!

“Brother Chen Ping, is this that Penglai Island? It simply follows the fairyland in general ……”

Long Xingxu also said with an exclamation.

And that Du Nan, after knowing Chen Ping’s arrival, immediately led people to greet him, welcomed him into the palace and sat on the throne!

“Du Nan, during this period of time, has that stone statue moved?”

Chen Ping asked to Du Nan.

“Back to Mr. Chen, the stone statue has not moved at all, except that at midnight every night, many dew drops condense on that statue, I don’t know what the reason is!”

Du Nan replied.

“Late at night at midnight, condensing dewdrops? Could it be related to the humid weather?”

Chen Ping frowned slightly.

“No, the weather used to be like this, but this has never happened on top of that stone statue!”

Du Nan shook his head and said.

“That’s strange, when it’s late at night, take me to see!”

Chen Ping was eager to go and see what was going on, after he finished, he then said to Long Xingxu and the others, “You all go and rest, get familiar with the environment in the next few days, I will teach you new techniques in a few days!”