A Man Like No Other Chapter 1718

“Mr. Chen is awesome ……”

“Good job Mr. Chen!”

“Chen Ping, you’re awesome, I love you ……”

Jun Watanabe was dead, and the crowd was cheering for Chen Ping!

Kawaguchi Kazuo’s face couldn’t have been more ugly.

“Kawaguchi-san, as I said, it’s not certain who lives and who dies, but this witchcraft of yours from the island is really rubbish.”

Mr. Shi said with a faint smile at Kawaguchi Kazuo.

Kawaguchi Kazuo’s face was cold as he waved his hand and said, “Mr. Shi, farewell ……”

After saying that, that Kawaguchi Kazuo did not forget to glance at Ge Yuhan, he wanted to remember this little girl in front of him.

Kawaguchi Kazuo left, and Mr. Shi did not stay, the reason he came over was to stop Kawaguchi Kazuo from making a move.

If Kawaguchi Kazuo made a move, Chen Ping would definitely be no match!

Chen Ping had killed Jun Watanabe, and this battle had caused several people who had originally wanted to step on Chen Ping to rise to the top, to all hesitate!

Originally, they wanted to take advantage of the day to follow Chen Ping in the competition, but after seeing Chen Ping’s true strength, these few people all had no bottom in their hearts!

Especially Zhu Hao, who didn’t dare to look Chen Ping in the eye when he saw him, he felt embarra*sed!

On the same day, the news of Chen Ping’s killing of the island warrior instantly spread through the martial arts forum, plus the fact that Mr. Shi, the clan Chen Ping founded, was there to congratulate him personally!

This caused Chen Ping’s status to reach unprecedented heights, and many people wanted to join the Dragon Sect!

In just a few days, the entire Dragon Sect’s development had soared past the other clans and families.

This momentum of development was definitely the first of its kind in the entire martial arts world!

There was an even more important reason for this, apart from Chen Ping’s personal star effect, which was Chen Ping’s intention to liberalise resources and select talented people to be trained as Martial Masters!

As the Dragon Sect grew larger and larger, Chen Ping knew that it was useless to rely solely on his own strength, only if the overall strength of the Dragon Sect increased!

This day, Chen Ping called Long Xingxu to him.

“Xingxu, how is the recent development of the Dragon Sect?”

Chen Ping asked indifferently.

“Brother Chen Ping, there are now thousands of Dragon Sect disciples, and there is no clan or family in the entire Kyoto martial arts world that can surpa*s us.”

Long Xingxu said with an excited expression.

“Although the number is large, what is the strength of all of them? The people I asked you to pick, can you pick them out?”

Chen Ping asked.

“The strength is uneven, the highest is only a Great Martial Sect, and there is no one in the Martial Marquis realm, but the people you asked me to pick have already been picked.”

Long Xingxu replied.

Chen Ping thought about it and was right, the Martial Marquis realm would be a dominant power anywhere, who would come to join their sect and become a disciple to be governed.

Moreover, the Dragon Sect had just been established and could not yet see a future, so it was understandable that there were no people of high strength to defect.

“You give a good account of the Dragon Sect, I’ll take you to a place some time later, I hope you’ll be able to reach the peak of Martial Marquis when you return.”

Chen Ping patted Long Xingxu’s shoulder and said.

Upon hearing this, Long Xingxu’s entire person acted extremely excited, “Brother Chen Ping, I’ll go and make the arrangements, don’t worry about it!”

Long Xingxu left happily, knowing that the peak of Martial Marquis, that was a realm that Long Xingxu didn’t even dare to think about!

After Long Xing Xu left, Gu Ling’er entered Chen Ping’s room!

Seeing that it was Gu Ling’er who had arrived, Chen Ping beckoned, allowing Gu Ling’er to sit in his arms.

“Didn’t you go shopping with Xiao Ru and the girls today?”

Chen Ping asked.

“Xiao Min is here and wants to invite you to sit at the Red Lotus Palace, so we will follow along!”

Gu Ling’er said with a faint smile.

“Red Lotus Palace? It’s too far away, isn’t it?”

Chen Ping frowned slightly.

Actually, he wanted to go too, but it was too far!

“What’s so far away, Ji Ru Xue has already moved the Red Lotus Palace to the capital, it’s in that valley on the outskirts.”

Gu Ling’er said.