A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2239

Faced with his grandmother’s words, Chu Lin nodded with seeming understanding.

Perhaps, he did not know what the sun meant in his grandmother’s mouth.

But it did not matter, what mattered was that he just knew that his father was a great hero, and that was enough.

“But Grandma, I miss my dad.”

“When is Daddy coming to pick me up.”

“And, where is my mum?”‘

“Little Lin misses his mum too, and misses his grandmother.”

The little one’s mood, suddenly, sagged.

There were many things from his childhood that the little one could no longer remember.

But he remembers his grandmother who loved him, his mother who was stern but loved her, and his father who often did not come home and did not see him more than once a year, but was respected by all.

He misses them.

He wanted to eat the sweet potatoes baked by his grandmother, to listen to the bedtime stories his mother gave him, and to ride on his father’s shoulders to see the great big world.

But why, one by one, his beloved family members have left him.

First his grandmother was gone, then his mother was gone, and now he couldn’t even see his father anymore.

Seeing the little one’s face full of tears, the grandmother’s heart tingled with pity.

She took the little one in her arms and said comfortingly, “Good boy, your father and mother are saving the world. You know, saving the world is a very busy job. When they are done, they will come back to pick you up.”

“Grandma, is it true what you say? Is it true that little Lin will still be able to see his father and mother?” The little one tilted her head, her big eyes filled with tears, and her pitiful look was almost heartbreaking.

“It’s true.”

“Little Lin is so well behaved, how could Grandma Grandma Grand lie to you?” Grandma Grandma tried her best to put on a kind smile.

But inwardly, it was only to feel a million guilt and pity.

Once, the old man remembered that when she first met Ye Fan, she was extraordinarily joyful and extremely proud, telling Ye Fan that he was a member of the Chu family and retained the Chu family’s honourable bloodline.

At that time, she felt that the status of a descendant of the Chu family should make Ye Fan proud, as it would bring him strength, power and riches.

But now, it seemed that this identity brought Ye Fan nothing but profound disaster.

Not only did it make Ye Fan cry himself, but it also made his children suffer.

If Ye Fan had not been a member of the Chu family, just an ordinary person like those thousands of passers-by outside the gate, there would not have been so much suffering, with so much separation.

Just like this little one, although he had descended into this world, only a few short years.

But it is these few years that have been experiencing loss.

First he lost his grandmother, then his mother, and now he doesn’t even have his father.

Alone, thrown into this old mansion that is almost forgotten by the years.

Perhaps she could give this little one shelter and safety, but, after all, she could not give him happiness.

When she thought of this, her grandmother’s debt to this little one was undoubtedly even stronger.

“Grandma Grandma, I want to learn martial arts.”

“I want to become as good as Daddy!”

“I want to be a big hero like Daddy!”

As his grandmother was feeling guilty inside, little Chu Lin suddenly wiped away his tears and gritted his teeth with a determined gaze as he looked towards his own grandmother.

Grandma Grandpa froze.

“Little Pro, have you really thought it through?”

“The path of a martial artist will certainly gain power, but it will also be accompanied by death and danger.”

“When your father handed you over to me, he did not want you to get involved in the martial path, he wanted you to be an ordinary person and grow up in peace and quiet.”

Grandma Grand asked to the little one.

She could see that this little one was extremely talented and was a good candidate for martial arts training. Moreover, there seemed to be an extremely powerful force lurking within his body, and once it was developed, his starting point would undoubtedly far surpass Ye Fan’s. If he was guided further, this little one’s future height might not exceed that of his father.

If it were the case in the past, his grandmother would have already taught him martial arts.

However, when Ye Fan entrusted Chu Lin to himself, he clearly told him that he did not want Chu Lin to follow his own path, so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

Ye Fan, after all, was completely disappointed with the martial arts world.

He did not want, any longer, to allow his son, to dabble in this filthy world.

“Grandma, I want to learn!”

“I want to be strong, I want to go and help my dad!”

“I’m going to protect Daddy!”

The little one said stubbornly, childishly, but it was his grandma and grandpa who showed a smile of relief.

“Your father would be so happy if he heard that.”

“But it’s enough to have this heart.”

“Listen to your father and just settle down and be ordinary.”

After all, he was Ye Fan’s son, and his grandmother did not go against Ye Fan’s wishes.

As they were talking, the old man in the courtyard, seemed to have sensed something.

Her expression changed abruptly and she looked up sharply.

All that could be heard was that there seemed to be footsteps coming from outside the door.

Feet stamped on the ground, leaving a rustling sound.

Someone was coming.

“Found this place so quickly?”

“It’s good to be here.”

“If you killed my great-grandson, take your lives and sacrifice them to heaven!”

The old man’s face turned cold, and the long-suppressed sorrow in his heart was transformed into anger and killing.

She first let Chu Lin into the house, and then waved her arm.


It was this light blow that caused the wind and clouds to swirl wildly, the sky changed dramatically, and the piece of space-time in front of her was nearly shattered by the old man.

The power that was compressed to the extreme in an instant could almost penetrate everything.

After the gate had been opened, this ray of sharpness pierced through the void and cut down in all directions with fury!

“Grandma Chu, it’s me…”

Suddenly, a startled voice came from outside.

Only then did the old man look up and through the cavernous door did she get a clear view of the visitor.

The old man was instantly startled, and all his killing and chilling intent suddenly dispersed. After realising that she had mistaken the person, the old man hurriedly withdrew her power.

But even so, the energy that spilled out still lifted the ground nearby.

If that blow had struck a human being, it would have caused such a terrible destruction!

“You girl, you didn’t even say anything before you came.”

“It was so close that Grandma Chu would have sent you to meet the King of Hell!”

The old man’s words were slightly reproachful as he looked at the woman in front of him and spoke slowly.

At this time, Chu Lin also walked out from the middle of the room.

This little fellow hid behind the old man like a kitten in life, his big eyes with curiosity and trepidation, secretly looking at the woman who had suddenly arrived in front of him.

This was a very beautiful aunt.

She was dressed in a purple dress, her delicate eyebrows looked like a figure from a painting, and her graceful and noble aura was even more humiliating.

In Chu Lin’s memory, she had seen many beautiful aunties.

Like Xu Lei, like Chen Nan.

However, all along, the little one had always felt that the most beautiful woman in the world was her own mother, Qiu Mu Orange.

However, until he saw this aunt in front of him, Chu Lin’s little heart could not help but be shaken.

It turned out that there was an aunt in this world who was even more beautiful than his own mother.

As Chu Lin was sizing up the other party, the other party was also sizing him up.

Lush and beautiful, with a high nose, somewhat bronzed skin, and of course, the best looking of all were his eyes.

Eyes just as good looking as his father’s.

“He… He is, that man’s son, I think.”

Despite the first sight of Chu Lin, the woman had recognised him.

However, she still asked.

The words were tinged with trembling, with excitement, with missing…

In short, all sorts of emotions were embedded in them.

Unconsciously, the eyes of this beautiful and graceful girl were already flushed.