A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2238

The sun sets in the west and the sun remains like blood.

The afterglow of the setting sun stains the hot summer shores of the Eastern Sea.

On the coastline, Chen Kyushu led the strong men of Yanxia and waited anxiously by the shore.

“Hall Master Chen, do you think that the Queen of Wind can win?”

“It is said that the Moon God of the Sun Kingdom is the reincarnated body of a God realm powerhouse.”

“The base is deep and powerful.”

“I don’t know if the Wind Queen is a match for the Moon God of the Sun Country or not.”

At this moment, the men were still anxiously waiting for the final result.

Chen Kyushu’s expression was equally gloomy.

Although he had great confidence in his teacher.

However, after all, Moon Reader was the supreme god of the Sun Country, or a famous and powerful person in history.

Although a reincarnated body, the physical body cannot match the original body, limiting the strength of the Moon God to a certain extent.

However, let us not forget that she is a person with a thousand years of history.

Her combat experience, as well as some of her skills, are incomparable to anyone in today’s world.

Therefore, Chen Kyushu was also worried that his teacher would be at a disadvantage in terms of combat experience.

In this way, amidst the anxious waiting of Chen Kyushu and the others, at last, at the last moment of dusk, they saw the silhouette that was stepping on the sea and slowly walking.

The fiery red hope stretched that figure, above the sea, long and long.

“Is this?”

The moment they saw this person, Chen Kyushu and the other powerful people from the Martial God Hall, however, all held their breath.

This was because, they also did not know who it was that was walking back at this moment.

Was it the Moon God?

Or, the Queen of Winds?

“It’s the Queen of Wind!!!”


“Hall Master Chen, it’s the Queen of Wind.”

“It’s the Queen of Wind who has returned…”

On the shoreline, the crowd boiled with joy.

The stone at the bottom of their hearts then fell to the ground.

The serious face of Chen Jiuzhou also emerged smiling at this moment, as if relieved.

It looked like the person who had the last laugh was his own teacher.

“Teacher, congratulations.”

“With Chu Tianfan dead and the Sun Country Moon Reading defeated, there is no one left in this Asia-Pacific land who is your opponent.”

“I, Yanxia Martial Arts, will be the absolute hegemon of the Asia-Pacific region!”

Chen Kyushu held a bouquet of flowers and presented it to Empress Feng.

Empress Wind Mu Zihua’s face was pale, and her indifferent gaze took a glance at Chen Kyushu and the others in front of her.

She did not accept the congratulations and flowers from Chen Kyushu and the others, and said coldly, “If you have this time, you might as well put it on business. I have cleared the final obstacle, so in the future, there should be no more trouble with the Dragon Sect’s adventure programme.”

Hearing this, Chen Kyushu immediately agreed, “What teacher has instructed is true, in the future, my disciple will use twelve percent of his energy to speed up the Dragon Sect programme and ensure that the task of cultivating strong people is completed as scheduled.”

Only then did Empress Feng nod her head, “Mm. For the next period of time, I will be in seclusion for the time being. If there is no important matter, do not come and disturb me.”

After Empress Feng finished speaking, she immediately stepped into the air and returned towards the land of Yan Mountain.

By the time Empress Wind returned to her residence on Yan Mountain, it was already late at night.

The door of this place was closed and the bright moonlight outside sprinkled down like water.

The Empress of Wind had just entered and had a cup of water.

However, before the cup of water had even gone down, I saw Empress Wind’s delicate body tremble, and a mouthful of fresh blood was then vomited out.

“Is it injured?”

Suddenly, a low voice came from the depths of the room.

When Queen Feng looked up sharply, she saw a figure, with the appearance of a ghost, standing in the darkness in the corner.

The watery moonlight from outside shone in, falling on his body and indeed casting shadows all over the floor.

The Queen of Wind was startled at first, but it was only after she saw the other figure that she respectfully worshipped, “Master, you have come.”

“Hmm.” The red-robed figure turned his head, walked over and, as if soothingly, stroked Empress Wind’s head, “This time, it’s hard for you.”

Empress Wind shook her head, “What did you say, Master? It is rather because Zihua is not capable enough, so she made Master worry. If it wasn’t for Master’s help at the critical moment, this time, Zihua would not have been able to complete Master’s mission.”

The Empress of Wind knelt on the ground and spoke with gratitude and respect.

It was. The previous battle in the East Sea.

The reason why Empress Wind won was entirely because, at a crucial moment, her master joined the battle, which turned the situation around and finally defeated the Moon God.

But even so, Wind Queen Mu Zihua still suffered a considerable amount of injuries.

“There is no need to blame yourself.”

“The strength of the Sun Country Moon Reader is beyond my expectation.”

“It is reasonable to say that she borrowed a body to be born again, and while her spiritual power is certainly powerful, her physical body ultimately shackles his strength.”

“I guessed before that her strength should be similar to Ye Fan’s. But to my surprise, this time in the East Sea battle, Yue Read’s physical body strength has clearly improved a lot compared to last time.”

“So much so that her strength is already above yours.”

The red-robed man spoke in a deep voice.

“Well, you should recuperate quietly for now.”

“And now that we have removed all the two thorns in our eyes, we can rest easy with our Dragon Sect plan in the future.”

As he said this, a flash of fire emerged in the red-robed man’s eyes.

It was as if he was looking forward to the complete completion of the Dragon Sect Project.

“Yes, master.”

Empress Wind answered in a respectful voice.

After that, the man in red flashed away.

This place, heaven and earth, reverted to silence.

In this way, with Ye Fan’s defeat with the Moon God, this martial world fell into a long-lost harmony for quite some time to come.

The four giants of the Divine Ranking had completely become the leaders of the martial dao of all mankind.

No one, anymore, challenged their authority and threatened their position. Not even, even harsh words were dared to be spoken.

All over the countries, there was worship and admiration for the four giants of the Divine Ranking.

Even the martial forces of each country were subservient to the four giants of the Divine Ranking.

It could be said that Asura, the Giant Ymir and the others had completely become the common masters of the global martial arts community.

After all, in the eyes of the world, the four of them had saved the world three times.

The first time, they had combined their efforts to kill Chu Qi Tian.

The second time, it was the combined effort to exterminate the human scum Chu Tianfan.

The third time, it was when the four of them single-handedly promoted the Dragon Gate Project for the benefit of the world.

In the eyes of the world, the Dragon Gate Project is a feat that will benefit the world for a thousand years.

Because with the Dragon Gate, those who are less qualified have the possibility of becoming a Patriarch.

Likewise, because of the Dragon Gate, those who have been trapped in bottlenecks for decades can break through the shackles and achieve the title.

It can be said that the four giants of the Divine Ranking have completely changed the entire world.

It was they who made this world, where everyone could become a dragon!

And it is for this reason that the Dragon Gate Project has become increasingly popular.

The martial arts of all countries are trying to go crazy, crowding their heads to enter the Dragon Gate and get the chance to jump from the carp to the dragon gate.

Just like this, the second batch… The third batch…

As more and more people accepted the Dragon Gate programme, the world’s martial arts powerhouses began to explode like a well.

The entire Martial Dao world took on a prosperous scene rarely seen in a thousand years.

Like blazing fire and oil, it was like flowers in bloom.

Everyone felt that the time for martial artists had arrived.

Only an old woman in the old Chu family residence in the land of Jiangdong lamented.

“Grandma, why are you sighing?”

In the courtyard, a little one tilted her head, her clear eyes full of novelty.

In the face of disaster, why does the world go forward like moths to a flame.

Isn’t it for these little ones?

They are the future, they are the future of humanity.

“Ai… Little Lin, Grandma Grandma just feels that this world, it’s too dark. Can’t see a bit of light.”

“That’s not right, isn’t the sun there?” The little one pointed to the sun overhead and became even more puzzled.

The old man shook his head.

“It is not there, it is no longer there. O this foolish world, they mistake darkness for light. And with their own hands they sink their sun, into the abyss.”

“Remember, little Pro, your father, who was great.”

“He is right for the world.”

“It is the world that is sorry for him.”