A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2235

The aftermath of the explosion still continues.

The terrifying shockwave almost flattened the entire mountain, to the ground.

The hurricane winds that were brought up swept across half of the hot summer!

Even at a distance of several dozen kilometres, one could still see the high-heat hurricane and the giant mushroom cloud that rose into the sky.

No one knows how long it took.

Only then did the dust in this area completely dissipate.

The place where Ye Fan and Huang Niu were originally located was now only a shocking ruin.

The deep circular crater was nearly a hundred metres in size.

This also showed how terrifyingly powerful the very centre of the explosion had been.

It is estimated that everything was turned into the most primitive stream of particles under the super-heat of the nuclear explosion, and scattered in heaven and earth.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~

Not long after, several figures broke through the air from afar.

Eventually, they stopped in this part of the world.

The ones who had arrived at this moment were none other than Empress Wind Mu Zihua, the God of Death Asura and four others.

After exploring the area, they had finally determined thoroughly that there was no sign of life existing in a hundred-mile radius.

“It’s over.”

“Once Chu Tianfan died, the last obstacle to our Dragon Sect’s plan was completely pulled out.”

“From now on, no one will be able to stand in the way of our great cause of Hong Tou!”

Asura stood proudly in the River of Heaven, smiling pleasantly.

Empress Wind and the others also looked down at the ruins below, the cold wind from the plateau rolling up endless dust and slowly flowing through their fingertips.


“It’s completely over.”

The Wind Queen whispered.

The giant nuclear bomb that had fallen earlier was something that even she herself could not necessarily resist.

Ye Fan, who was heavily injured, naturally did not have any chance of escape.

Even if he was made of iron, under the terrifying heat of the nuclear blast, he would be instantly vaporised and dissipated in heaven and earth.

Therefore, no one doubted that Chu Tianfan would have any chance of survival.

“Teacher, what about Chu Tianfan?”

“Is he already dead?”

At this time, there were people arriving here one after another from the rear.

After all, the commotion over here was too great.

Even on Yan Mountain, which was thousands of kilometres apart, they all felt the tremendous earth movement in the southwestern frontier land.

Chen Jiuzhu, the Sword Saint and the others, were all rushing here to check out the situation.

The first to arrive was Chen Kyushu.

Then came the God of War, the Sword Saint, the Fist King and the others, and of course, Xu Lei, who had been sheltered by the God of War.

When he saw his teacher, Chen Kyushu could not hide his excitement and asked straight away if Ye Fan had died.

Queen Feng nodded: “Chu Tianfan is the scum of the country, he has done all kinds of bad things, and the people of the world are angry with him, everyone is punished. And now he is to blame for his broken bones and burnt body.”

Hearing Queen Feng’s words, even though they were prepared in their hearts, the War God and the others still felt a stabbing pain in their hearts.

The two of them, the Sword Saint and the Fist Emperor, also each had sorrow in their hearts.

They, however, did not show it.

The expressions looked, still indifferent.

Only Xu Lei, whose delicate body trembled tremendously, had tears flowing down uncontrollably.

The God of War held Xu Lei and instructed her in a low voice to control her emotions, while holding her back for fear of being noticed by the Wind Queen and the others.

So, Xu Lei did not cry out, but simply gritted her teeth, trying hard to hold back the monstrous sorrow in her heart, biting down to the end, her red lips were actually covered with blood.

“The remaining sins have been removed, this matter is over, go back as soon as possible and continue the Dragon Gate plan.”

Empress Wind, Asura and the others did not stay here for long.

After making sure that there were no more signs of life around, they each returned.

Their mission had ended, so they naturally returned to their respective countries to resume hosting the Dragon Gate Project.

Chen Kyushu was also ready to follow his teacher and return together.

“You are still not leaving?”

“The Dragon Sect Project continues to begin, hurry back and join the Dragon Sect Adventures!”

Chen Kyushu glanced at Ye Qingtian and the others, also urging them to hurry back to Yanshan and continue to enter the Dragon Sect.


“Who is this girl?”

Chen Kyushu’s gaze was instantly attracted to Xu Lei, who was beside Ye Qingtian.

It could not be helped that Xu Lei was born with stunning and intoxicating beauty and an elegant temperament, this kind of woman was an attractive presence wherever she went.

“It’s my disciple.” Ye Qingtian explained.

Chen Kyushu nodded his head and said nothing more.

“Kyushu, you should go back first.”

“I’ll take another look around with the War God and the others, don’t let that Chu Tianfan get away again.” The Sword Saint added at this point.

Chen Kyushu snorted.

“The four divine Ranking giants themselves, and they can still let him get away?”

“You all really have little insight, not knowing the majesty of my teacher and the others.”

“Forget it, if you guys want to watch, then let’s watch.”

“The Dragon Gate Project continues back in the morning, so you guys should hurry back as soon as possible!”

Chen Kyushu shook his head and said, then stepped into the long air with his feet and quickly left after his teacher.

As soon as Chen Jiuzhou left.

Xu Lei could no longer control her emotions, she ran over and knelt on the ground, crying out in tears at the ruins before her, “Brother Little Fan…”

“Brother Little Fan, do you hear me?”

“Brother Little Fan, answer me…”

“Lei’er doesn’t believe you’ll die…”

“You won’t die…”

Xu Lei was in tears, kneeling on top of the ruins and howling.

The War God, Sword Saint and the others had sad faces.

In their hearts, there was an indescribable emotion.


“I never thought that a generation of supreme heavenly pride would fall like this.”

The corners of the War God’s eyes could not help but feel a little red.

Chen Kyushu was right, the four divine Ranking giants had poured out their strength to surround and kill, coupled with the nuclear bomb attack.

With such a level of heavenly net, there would be no life on Earth that would survive.

“The era that belonged to Chu Tianfan is completely over.”

The cold wind, blew up the dust in the sky.

Watching that dust fly up and fall down, the Sword Saints had mixed feelings.

Thinking back to the time, that Jiangdong youth, how amazing and brilliant he was.

He was the most powerful man in Jiangdong, he was the most powerful man in Jiangbei, and he had beaten half of the country of Japan!

The Chu Sect was even trampled under his feet.

But what can one do in this life, no matter how brilliant?

In the end, he would still be reduced to this shovelful of dust before his eyes.

They watched Ye Fan build a tower, they watched Ye Fan feast his guests, and they witnessed with their own eyes the collapse of a ten-thousand-foot tower.

In the end, they could only lament that the heavens were jealous of talent.


Above the ruins, the mournful cries brought tears to heaven and earth.

In the end, Xu Lei was so exhausted from crying that she collapsed on top of the ruins and passed out.

No one could understand Xu Lei’s grief at this moment.

Her little brother Fan had abandoned her after all.

From now on, she was left alone in this world.

Ye Qingtian and the three Sword Saints and Fist Emperors simply piled up a grave on this side of the ruins.

It was a final tribute to Chu Tianfan, a great hero of his generation.

And then, they also left this place.

There was always a day to live.

One man’s departure is insignificant to the world after all.

The sun rose as usual tomorrow, and the birds in the trees continued to chirp.

And as the War God and the others returned to Yan Mountain.

On the other side of space and time.

A delicate woman, with a long sword in her hand, wielded it and waved.

Her figure was graceful and her silk was flowing.

As she danced, three thousand fallen leaves in the forest rolled with her.

She slashes, picks or stabs…

A set of sword strokes is like flowing water.

But what was even more mesmerising than the swordplay was the woman’s stunning face.

After the sword dance, the woman stood with her sword in her hand.

Perhaps she had exerted herself too much, but her body was trembling and she was gasping for breath, sweat dripping from her forehead.

In front of her, another slightly older woman approached.

“Teacher!” When the woman who had just practiced with the sword saw it, she immediately stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

The woman who was called teacher stood with her hands folded, her cold expression, very stern.

“It’s been almost a year and you’ve practiced to this point?”

“Unsteady footwork, inaccurate sword strokes, no speed, full of holes, useless!”

“Just like that, you still want to defeat that negative man?”

“Give up!”

“If you keep practicing like this, you will not be able to touch that Chu Tian Fan’s toe even if you practice until you die!”