A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2227

On the phone, came the helpless voice of the representative of Yanxia.

All along, Chu Tianfan had been a calling card for Yanxia.

Because of this name, extra-territorial powerhouses were all in awe of Yanxia martial artists.

It could be said that the three words Chu Tianfan had, for a period of time, greatly enhanced the national pride and dignity of martial practitioners in Yanxia.

Now, this name, however, had become a disgrace and a calamity overnight.

If it were possible, the representatives of Yanxia to the Martial Union would not want to pass this resolution.

Not only would it undermine the country’s majesty, it would also be a loss of a top powerhouse for Yanxia.

However, he had no choice.

At the behest of the Queen of Wind, he had no choice!

And, even if he vetoed it, what could he do?

The will of the majority, the one country of Pale Yanxia, could not be disobeyed.

What’s more, Empress Wind and Chen Kyushu, both supported the capture and killing of Ye Fan.

This was a dead end!

A game of certain death.

It is something that even the God of War, Ye Qingtian, cannot change.

Hearing this, it was as if all of Ye Qingtian’s strength had been instantly drained away.

He was somewhat disoriented, and his voice, when he spoke, was much smaller.

He did not expect that it would end up like this.

A few months ago, Ye Fan, who was the hero of the nation and the saviour of the world, had in the blink of an eye become a great devil that was the enemy of the world.

“I just want to ask, which country was it that voted against, and abstained from voting?” Ye Qingtian asked the last question.

Over the phone, came the other party’s guilty reply, “God of War, the country of Japan opposed, and the country of India abstained.”

“At the meeting, the representative of the Japanese country said that their Supreme God, Moon Reader, would live and die with Ye Fan.”

There was silence.

A long silence.

I don’t know how long it took before a self-deprecating laugh came out of here from Ye Qingtian.


“I never thought that the strongest of my Yanxia would one day need the martial dao of another country to protect them.”

Ye Qingtian’s laughter was filled with shame.

The God of War had been friends with Ye Fan for many years.

Although there were many things that Ye Fan did that the God of War did not dare to agree with.

Even, when Ye Fan destroyed the Dragon Gate before, the God of War had even struck out to injure Ye Fan.

But right and wrong was right and life and death was life and death.

To the God of War, he did not want Ye Fan to die.

In this lifetime, the God of War had made few friends.

Ye Fan was definitely one.

His talent, his brilliance, even his solitude, his perseverance…

All the qualities that Ye Fan displayed were qualities that the God of War admired and aspired to.

In his life, the God of War had too many worries, too many fetters, and too many shackles.

Therefore, when he meets someone as free and spontaneous as Ye Fan, he will instinctively develop some good feelings, I guess.

Because this man is living the way he aspires to.

But now, seeing that Ye Fan had ended up in such a miserable situation, the War God naturally felt sad.

“That’s right War God.”

“I know that you and Chu Tianfan have a deep friendship.”

“But this time, I hope that you will put the great task of your family and country first.”

“Do not offer any assistance or shelter to Chu Tianfan.”

“Otherwise, there is a risk of implicating my Yanxia Martial Dao and damaging the image of the Martial God Hall.”

“The current Chu Tianfan is already a recognized sinner throughout the world, it is better to stay away from him with respect.”

Over the phone, came the other party’s voice of advice.

Ye Qingtian did not say anything, and simply hung up the phone.

And then, left Yanshan.

Ye Qingtian was by no means the only one who also saw the news.

In the land of Yanjing, the morning meeting of the day had just been completed.

At this time, the mobile phone suddenly rang.

A piece of news was pushed through.

The headline: Qinglong Major General Chu Tianfan, guilty of crimes against humanity, has been sentenced to death by the World Martial Union, with three clans attached.


Xu Lei froze at that moment.

Her brain was buzzing!

She didn’t know if this was true and immediately called and started asking questions until, finally, it was confirmed.

Xu Lei, who had learned of this, ran like mad to Jiangdong.

But he was stopped by his men, instead.

“Chief Xu, don’t go.”

“Right now the strongest people from all countries are running to Jiangdong…”

“It is said that the four strongest people in the God Ranking will also be personally taking action.”

“On Yanxia’s part, they have even prepared a nuclear bomb.”

“You will not be of any use if you go over there now, you will only sacrifice a life for nothing…”

The people around him advised bitterly.

But Xu Lei was simply ignoring it.

She was going to find Ye Fan, she was going to see her little brother Fan.

She had already lost Ye Fan once, and she didn’t want to lose her a second time.

Even if she would die, so what?

To die with the person you like, that is also happiness.

The crowd could not stop Xu Lei, who was determined to go.

But he had just run to the door.

Outside, there was an old man with white hair, rushing over.

“Elder Han, where is my little brother Fan?”

“I want to see Little Brother Fan?”

Seeing the visitor, Xu Lei asked in a panic.

Seeing Xu Lei in this state, Elder Han let out a sigh.

“Don’t go.”

“If you go, you won’t be able to find the Dragon Master either.”

“The Dragon Lord has gone and left Jiangdong.”

“Before he left, the Dragon Lord had a message for you.”

Han Lao was equally depressed and handed a letter to Xu Lei.

Xu Lei tore off the envelope at once.

“Lei’er, I’m sorry, I can only say goodbye to you in this way.”

“I wanted to take you away with me, but after thinking about it, I’d rather not involve you.”

“I, Ye Fan, am now, already human scum and an enemy to the world. All three of my clans have been implicated, so why should I implicate you again?”

“I’m leaving, no need to worry about me, in this world, the person who can kill your little brother Fan has not yet been born?”

“On the contrary, it is you who has always put my mind at ease.”

“Lei’er, if possible, Little Brother Fan still hopes that you can find a better home, find someone, who can make you happy.”

“And not one like me, who can bring you nothing but disaster and misery.”

“I once thought that my presence would bring you happiness. But now I realise that what I, Ye Fan, bring to others is only unending suffering…”


“I once treated this world with a heart of pure sincerity…”

“But I was full of passion and all I got in return was never a cold heart.”


“I have been the enemy of the world…”

“This world no longer holds me, perhaps leaving is my final destination.”


“No matter what the world says about me, but I, Chu Tianfan, have no shame in this world. What I am truly ashamed of is you Xiao Lei, Mu Orange, Yue’er, Yao’er, all those who love me and those I love…”


“If you have the chance, help me to give them too, to say sorry…” Put pen to paper, Ye Fan!


Looking at Ye Fan’s final, final pen in her hand, Xu Lei’s emotions had long been out of control.

She howled and cried, tears pouring out like a flood in June.


“Why is this happening?”

“Why did it end this way?”

“It’s all over, it’s all changed for the better…”

“Chu Yuan is dead, the Chu Sect is gone…”

“But why, this world, still doesn’t allow my Little Brother Fan?”

Xu Lei howled and cried in a near-collapse.

A few days ago, she was still planning to go to Yunzhou to find Ye Fan and wanted to celebrate his birthday.

She had just learnt to make cola chicken wings and she was thinking of making them for Ye Fan to eat.

She had just bought clothes and she hadn’t had the time to wear them for Ye Fan.

There were so many, so many things she hadn’t done yet, but why, overnight, it had all changed.

The great hero who had saved the people had now become a great devil against humanity.

“Mr Xu, I’m not sure what the reason is.”

“But the Dragon Lord has ordered that the Dragon God Hall be disbanded and that everyone should not interfere in this matter…”

Han Lao’s old eyes were red, he also did not expect that the Dragon Lord, who used to be so powerful around the world, had now come to a desperate situation.

“I won’t listen, I won’t listen…”

“I’m going to find Little Brother Fan…”

“What makes him so selfish?”

“Who is he to leave me behind?”

Xu Lei pushed the crowd away, still rushing towards Jiangdong, her tears shattered by the bitter cold wind.