A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2210

This Chen Kyushu, so strong?

The might of that punch alone just now was not much inferior to Chu Yuan’s!

If he were to give his all, even if he wasn’t at the God Realm, wouldn’t he be comparable to the power of the God Realm?

How could this be!

Where the hell did this guy come from?

Why had he never heard of it, before.

Ye Fan could not help but have doubts in his heart.

It was too sudden!

The appearance of Chen Jiuzhou was too abrupt.

Earlier, when he heard Li Er and the others talking about Chen Kyushu and what the God Ranking was, Ye Fan hadn’t paid much attention to it.

He thought that it was just a straw chicken list that the world had come up with in order to fetch fame.

But now, it seemed that this was not the case.

The strength of these people had completely exceeded what Ye Fan had expected.

However, Ye Fan could not help but be puzzled.

Why, these people were unheard of before.

However, once the Chu Clan was destroyed and Chu Yuan died, they had suddenly appeared like a spring after a rain.

This matter, when one thought about it, was undoubtedly too strange.

But now, for Ye Fan, it was clearly not the time to be curious about this.

No matter where this Chen Kyushu came from, but having messed with him Jiang Dong, Ye Fan would never spare him!

“Healing An Qi’s wounds earlier consumed too much of my Yuan Power.”

“If I continue to fight him like this, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help him.”

“It looks like I can only use it.”

At the top of Yunzhou City, Ye Fan, who had stabilised his form, had gloomy eyes.

A pair of cold eyes could be described as cloudy and clear as he coldly gazed at Chen Jiuzhou in front of him.

Seeing Ye Fan looking as if he was facing an enemy, the arrogance on Chen Jiuzhou’s face was undoubtedly even more intense.

“Chu Tianfan, it looks like you already know that you are not my opponent, right?”

“I’m not going to hide it from you, that punch just now, I only exerted sixty to seventy percent of my strength.”

“So, if you are sensible, kneel down and die for me immediately, and draw your sword to your death!”

“And save me from having to do it.”

“Otherwise, you are afraid that you will die a very ugly death.”

Chen Kyushu laughed recklessly, his eyes full of pride and complacency.

“Kyushu, that’s fine.”

“They are all compatriots, just point it out.”

“You two, don’t keep fighting.”

“If word gets out, it will only make the martial arts of all countries, look at us as a joke!”

Ye Qingtian wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and continued to advise.

However, Chen Kyushu did not care about Ye Qingtian’s words at all.

“God of War, you are old, so since you have already retreated, just stand back and watch honestly.”

“Don’t talk too much.”

“Moreover, again, with this Hall Master here, it is not your turn to interfere in the affairs of the Yanxia Martial Dao.”

“You…” These nonchalant words of Chen Jiuzhou were the ones that angered Ye Qingtian’s old face.

Only at this moment did he seem to realise that it did not seem like a wise choice for him to hand over the great throne of the Yanxia Martial Dao to Chen Kyushu in the first place.

How long had it been since then, and he had already been so rude to him?

While Ye Qingtian was talking bitterly, Ye Fan’s eyebrows were gradually raised.

A morose gaze fell towards Chen Kyushu.

In his deep pupils, there seemed to be another flash of green mane.

And then, Ye Fan’s majestic, ethereal voice resounded throughout the entire world in an instant.

“Let me kill myself?”

“Chen Kyushu, don’t you think it’s too early to say this?”

“Do you really think that this is all I, Chu Tianfan, am capable of.”

“Watch well.”

“Next, I will let you see my Chu Tianfan’s true power!”

As the words fell, Ye Fan slammed his paws on the ground.


A low booming sound was like muffled thunder exploding.

The earth cracked and the mountains trembled.

The entire city of Yunzhou was like an earthquake, but all of it trembled under Ye Fan’s feet.

Just as the crowd trembled, Ye Fan followed up by facing the direction of Yun Ding Mountain with a loud shout!

“Sword come!!!”

As these words fell from Ye Fan’s lips.

Thousands of meters away from the Cloud Top Mountain, the mountain rocks exploded.

A thick and ancient longsword actually rushed out of the mountain’s belly and into the sky.

A majestic might, like a dragon in the sky!

After the ancient sword appeared, it was as if it had been summoned.

It cut through the long sky and sped away!

The speed was so great that it brought waves of air into the air.

From afar, it looked like a flash of green lightning, as swift as it was!

In just a few blinks of an eye, Li Er and the others saw it, a ray of green light coming from the sky, and in an abrupt moment, it was already hanging high in front of Ye Fan!

“This… This is…”

Seeing this, Li Er and the others stared in shock,.

“The Yunyang Ancient Sword!”

“The Chu Family’s Heirloom Ancient Sword!”

“Mr. Chu has actually summoned the Yunyang Sword!”

Li Er almost roared out with these words.

He would never forget the battle at Cloud Top Mountain back then.

When Ye Fan faced Tang Yun, the Lord of the Chu Sect, and was originally at the end of his rope, it was by relying on the Yunyang Ancient Sword that he had turned the tide strongly.

And now, the Yunyang Ancient Sword had reappeared!

It looked like Mr. Chu was really going to fight this Martial God’s Hall Master, Chen Kyushu, to the death!


The wind was bitterly cold and the green mane was crisscrossing.

Between the nine heavens, Ye Fan held the Yunyang divine Sword in his hand.

The powerful power of heaven and earth contained in the long sword was like a flood of water that was pouring madly into Ye Fan’s body.

The crowd could see that Ye Fan’s sluggish aura was rising at a frightening rate.

In the end, it was as bright as the sun and as powerful as a dragon!


“This kid, he has such a backhand?”


“What kind of sword is that?”

Perhaps it was because he felt the power climbing from Ye Fan’s body, Chen Kyushu, who had almost won, suddenly changed his face.

An unprecedented gloom surfaced above his face.

The contempt that he had felt before had undoubtedly all disappeared at this moment.

It was obvious that the energy fluctuations coming from Ye Fan’s body had caused even him to feel palpitations.

“I thought that I would be able to easily settle this Chu Tianfan.”

“But now, it looks like I have underestimated him.”

Chen Kyushu’s face was gloomy.

He realised that next, he was afraid that there was going to be a vicious battle.

Moreover, there was a great possibility that he would have to use the Dragon Sect Secret Technique.

Otherwise, even Chen Kyushu was afraid that he would not be confident that he could get rid of Chu Tianfan!

However, the matter had come to this, and there was no room for Chen Kyushu to back off.

“Death-seeking thing!”

“Since you are obsessed, then fight!”

“I, Chen Kyushu, will break you into pieces today.”

“Let you, let Jiangdong, and let the world know what will happen if you disobey me, Chen Kyushu!”

Chen Kyushu’s heart also rose in anger.

He bit the tip of his tongue fiercely, and a fierceness surged to his heart.

However, just as Chen Kyushu was about to strike with all his might and lay down his life for a fight.

In the crowd, a woman’s figure suddenly stepped out.

She looked so plain and unassuming.

Dressed in a long plain white dress, with her black hair casually draped behind her, she looked like a Taoist nun in seclusion and cultivation.

But it was such a seemingly ordinary woman who, undaunted by the majesty of the seal, stepped into the fray as if no one was watching.

“Seeking death!”

“Why don’t you just hide away…”

Not far away, Jinbao and Yinbao saw this woman barging into the sealing battle without knowing what she was doing and immediately shouted out a rebuke.

However, the woman ignored them and continued to step forward slowly.

In the end, she even reached out her hand and patted Chen Jiuzhou on the shoulder.

“It’s over!”

Jin Bao, Yin Bao and the others all felt at that moment that this woman was dead.

This Chen Kyushu was not a good person, so tapping him on the shoulder at this time was not touching the tiger’s butt?

It was certain death!

But while Jin Bao and the others were thinking this, Chen Kyushu turned his head and when he saw the visitor, his originally majestic face instantly became humble and respectful!

“Old… Teacher, you… What brings you here?”

“This kind of small fish and shrimp, I can just deal with it myself, there is no need for you to help.” Seeing the visitor, Chen Kyushu’s heart trembled as he spoke respectfully.