A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2209

A proud voice, with a majesty that defied all beings, instantly spread throughout the city.

The moment he heard these words, Li Er’s heart stuttered.

Could it be?

War God Ye Qingtian as well as the Sword Saint and the others were also instantly startled as they turned their heads violently.

Mo Wu Ya, who had already been desperate, was also at this moment, as if he had received a strong dose of heart, and his eyes, which had been hanging low, instantly lit up with hope.

“It’s… It’s Brother Kyushu…”

Mo Wu Ya said this in an almost ecstatic mood.

That feeling was like a warrior defending the frontier, finally welcoming the king’s division to the north!

Yes, Mo Wu Ya had been waiting for this.

Waiting for Chen Kyushu to descend to Jiangdong!

He knew very well that in the whole of Yanxia, apart from the Wind Empress Mu Zihua, there was only one person who could stand up to Ye Fan.

That was the then Martial God Hall Master, Chen Kyushu!

And now, the man they were waiting for, the one who could subdue Chu Tianfan, had finally arrived!

As expected, they looked in the direction where the voice came from.

Only to see, a man’s figure came stepping into the sky.

He was dressed in a gorgeous robe, with starry eyebrows and sword eyes.

Above his handsome face was all arrogance.

It was the pride of a man who had been in high places for a long time, the pride of a man who had never paid a single visit in his life.

Some people’s pride is arrogance and ignorance of the sky.

But the pride that he carried was as if it was justified in the eyes of the people.

After all, he was at the top of the martial arts hierarchy in Yanxia at the age of his youth.

As soon as he appeared in the world, he defeated Ye Qingtian and took over the position of Hall Master.

He became one of the most powerful kung fu giants in the global kung fu world.

This is an achievement that he can be proud of!

This is how two contemporaries, almost equally amazing, met in such a narrow way at the top of Jiangdong!

This is destined to be an extremely interesting encounter!

A battle that will go down in history.

After all, no one knows whether Chu Tianfan will continue his undefeated myth after this battle.

Or whether Chen Jiuzhu would cut down the number one spot on the Heavenly Rankings and truly realise his new king’s ascension to the throne!

However, some were happy and some were sad.

When he saw Chen Jiuzhou, Mo Wu Ya was as happy as if he had seen a saviour, with a sense of joy that he had come back from a desperate situation.

But Ye Qingtian’s brow was furrowed, and he said in his heart that it was not good.

These two were both of that arrogant and unrestrained nature.

And if they met here now, wouldn’t it be like a volcano colliding with the earth, for an unending end?

With worry in his heart, Ye Qingtian immediately turned around and looked at Chen Jiuzhu: “Jiuzhu, I will handle the matter in Jiangdong. You take Wu Ya and go back to Yan Mountain to heal first.”

But Chen Kyushu shook his head and said, “You’ll handle it?”

“I’m afraid you are not capable of handling it.”

“The matter in Jiangdong started because of me, so it should be ended by me as well.”

“But…” Ye Qingtian wanted to say something else.

However, Chen Kyushu had stopped paying attention and went straight forward, facing Ye Fan directly.

“You are Chu Tianfan, right?”

“How dare you, it was at your instigation that Jiangdong disobeyed my Martial God Hall’s orders.”

“And now, you have even intensified your efforts to harm my Martial God Hall envoy?”

“Wu Ya is a member of my Martial God Hall, how can you harm him at will?”

“Today, I will kill you.”

“In order to set the law right and completely achieve the unification of the martial dao of Yanxia!”

Chen Kyushu smiled coldly, his eyebrows filled with undisguised anticipation and fervour.

This day, Chen Kyushu had been looking forward to for a long time!

He had been waiting, waiting for Ye Fan to appear.

Then to step on Ye Fan’s corpse and achieve his own supreme prestige!

And now, this opportunity, finally, had come!

“Is that so?”

“It seems that you are the culprit for the scourge of Jiangdong.”

“I was on my way to Yanshan to find you.”‘

“That’s good, it saves you the trouble!”

Ye Fan’s eyebrows were equally icy cold.

Within the words, there was an endless murderous intent embedded in them.

There was no unnecessary nonsense.

As soon as they met, they were on the verge of a tit-for-tat.

Ye Fan threw a heavy punch immediately, and the sixth form of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination, Wuji Power, smashed out immediately.

Like a fierce tiger coming out of the mountain, it swept towards Chen Kyushu with a tremendous might.

Chen Kyushu was not ambivalent either, his body’s might exploded.

A powerful punch that nearly broke the sound barrier and drew heaven and earth.

Li Er and the others, even though they were covering their ears, could only feel the pain cracking, their eardrums almost being torn open.

Just like this, at the top of this cloud state.

Chu Tianfan, Lord of the Dragon God Hall, and Chen Jiuzhou, Lord of the Martial God Hall, had their first clash.


The battle of the seals, the two fists clashed.

The terrifying might was only like a volcano crashing into the earth.

All anyone could see were two near equally majestic forces clashing at the top of the sky!

Space shattered, and even the clouds in the sky were shattered.

Thousands and thousands of tons of air currents were stirred up by it.

The entire city of Yunzhou was close to being whipped up into a storm of annihilation.

When the War God and the others saw the situation, they couldn’t care less about their injuries and immediately shouted anxiously.

“Sword Saint, Fist Emperor, hurry!”

“We will join forces and do our best to block this shockwave!”

“Otherwise, there will be a lot of life and soul…”

The War God was close to going mad.

This was downtown.

The two of them, Ye Fan and Chen Kyushu, were actually fighting here.

Don’t they even think about the consequences?

One had to know that the destructive power of even the aftermath of a battle between two God-realm-comparable seals was equivalent to a small nuclear bomb exploding high in the sky.

The shockwave would be enough to destroy hundreds of buildings.

The War Gods had been guarding Yanxia for so many years, so naturally they would not sit back and watch the citizens of Yunzhou suffer the consequences.

Therefore, the three pillar powerhouses poured out all their strength and formed a true qi shield.

The impact caused by the battle between Ye Fan and Chen Jiuzhou was kept high in the air.

However, even though the three great pillar state strongmen gave their all, the terrifying might still inflicted heavy damage on the three of them.

Nearly simultaneously, both the Fist Emperor and Sword Saint vomited blood, and the War God, after holding on for a few dozen seconds, could not hold back after all.

Crimson blood flowed uncontrollably down the corners of his mouth.

However, despite suffering heavy wounds, the three still managed to hold on and blocked the aftermath of Ye Fan’s and his fists’ strength.

And high up in the sky, the two were also on the verge of striking.

The tremendous recoil force wrapped around both of their bodies as they retreated.

Only Chen Kyushu took three steps back and then steadied himself.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, retreated by nineteen steps.

Without retreating a single step, the unloaded energy left a deep pit on the ground that was ten metres deep.

It was only after retreating nineteen steps that Ye Fan unloaded all the punching energy that Chen Jiuzhou had poured into him.

“This… This…”

Seeing this scene, Li Er’s eyebrows plummeted.

Subconsciously, he took a deep breath.

Although it was only a simple test just now.

However, Li Er still did not expect that Mr. Chu, had fallen behind!

Could it be that that Chen Jiuzhou, was really this strong?

Even Mr. Chu was no match?

Thinking of this, Li Er’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

The God of War and the Sword Saint, who had obviously noticed it as well, seemed that Ye Fan had suffered a loss in the clash just now.

The trembling in his heart towards Chen Kyushu had undoubtedly thickened several more points!

It seemed that this Chen Jiuzhou’s talent and potential seemed to be even higher than Ye Fan’s, right?

Seeing this scene, the War God and the others undoubtedly had mixed feelings.

They didn’t know whether they should be happy or worried.

After all, it was naturally a great thing that Yanxia had produced another supreme genius comparable to Ye Fan.

However, one mountain does not allow two tigers.

I’m afraid that only one of the two can remain!


“Worthy of being number one on the Heavenly Ranking.”

“To be able to take a hard punch from me without getting hurt, you are still the first.”

Chen Kyushu stood there, standing with his arms folded, laughing sardonically, trying his best to hide the trembling in his heart.

Obviously, Chen Kyushu had not expected that this Chu Tianfan’s strength had reached such a point that it could rival his.

This fellow, who had never entered the Dragon Sect, had reached such heights.

Naturally, Chen Kyushu was astonished.

Ye Fan’s eyebrows were gloomy and his heart trembled in the same way.