A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2177

In short, a one-man dictatorial superpower such as this must not be left unchecked any longer.

Official bodies like the Florentine Palace and the Martial Temple are constrained in their internal power.

Even Ye Qingtian is not able to influence the external actions of the Martial God Palace at his own will.

However, the Dragon God Hall and the Chu Sect were different.

Within the clan, there is a near one-man dictatorship.

Such forces are fine if they are not large.

But once it grows bigger and stronger, it will be a deadly destabilising factor for the global martial arts.

What’s more, the head of the Dragon God Temple was a ruthless man like Ye Fan.

Therefore, the martial dao of all countries were all worried that once Ye Fan regained his strength in the future, he would repeat the path of the Chu Sect.

And now they had set up the Martial Security a*sociation, and their biggest purpose was actually to deal with Ye Fan.

This matter was well known to all.

Including the two of them, Ye Qingtian and King Fo Luo.

Although neither of them wanted to engage in direct conflict with Ye Fan, most of the members of the Martial Security a*sociation were in agreement with this proposal.

Ye Qingtian and the others could not say anything either.

“I think that the wording could be as gentle as possible for now.”

“Let’s not provoke Ye Fan.”

“As for later, when we meet, we will negotiate with Ye Fan in person.”

“My opinion is to try to resolve this matter peacefully.”

Since this announcement, it was necessary to send it out.

Ye Qingtian then thought of a compromise and suggested that the resolution be drafted in a way that would not anger Ye Fan and the Dragon God Temple.

King Buddha nodded, “This is a good idea from the War God.”

“Every effort should be made to avoid direct conflict with the Dragon God Temple.”

“Chu Tianfan is a ruthless man!”

“If we P*ss him off, I’m afraid that none of us here will survive.”

King Buddha clearly recalled the fear he had been dominated by Ye Fan before.

Although Jerry and the others’ advice made sense, that was the case, King Buddha still did not want to stand against Ye Fan.

Like Ye Qingtian, he was hoping for a peaceful solution to the threat of the Dragon God Temple.

In the end, the Martial Security Council listened to the advice of both King Buddha and Ye Qingtian, and drafted a resolution that was relatively more moderate in terms of wording and language.

That evening, after the resolution was considered and pa*sed, it was announced worldwide through all major media channels.

“In order to maintain lasting peace in the world martial arts community, and to prevent the tragedy of going out from happening again, the seven permanent members of the World Martial Arts Security Council, jointly advocate ….”

“It is respectfully hoped that worldwide, martial arts clans, forces and other civil organizations that have a Sealed Sovereign sitting at the helm and are over a hundred people in size should be disbanded immediately.”

“And to strictly forbid the Sealed Patriarchs from holding any position in any civil sectarian organisation!”


“May the masters of the great sects take the world into their own hands and look after the greater good…”

“As the saying goes, the Great Way is for the common good.”


“Everything, for the sake of all humanity. All, for the peace of the martial world…”

“Those who do not abide by this initiative may be considered an open provocation to the global martial arts. All consequences, at your own risk.”

As soon as this announcement was made, it undoubtedly set off an uproar in the martial arts world.

“I’ll go!”

“The Martial Peace Society is really fierce.”

“It’s just been established, and it’s pointing its spear directly at the Dragon God Temple!”


“This time, I’m afraid there will be a hilarious scene.”

“With Chu Tianfan’s temperament and nature, I’m afraid that he won’t even put the Wu’an Society in his eyes.”


“It won’t take long, I’m only afraid that another great war will be set off in this Martial Dao world.”


There was talk of this announcement almost everywhere in every street corner and alley around the world where martial artists refused, and even on martial artist forums.

Everyone is not a fool.

This announcement, although it did not name names, was clearly aimed at the Dragon God Temple.

After all, if we look around the world, there are only a handful of Sealed Patriarchs.

Moreover, the only ones that exist are basically all ranked in official institutions.

Those like Ye Fan, who did not join the official martial arts institutions of his country, but set up his own sect and founded the Dragon God Temple, could be said to be very few.

What’s more, the size of the Dragon God Hall was thousands of people.

Any fool could see that the Martial Security Society had made the decision to dismember the Dragon God Hall to prevent it from becoming the next Chu Sect.

However, history has proven countless times that the handover of power involves bloodshed.

Expecting Ye Fan to take the initiative to disband the Dragon God Hall, that was undoubtedly a remote possibility.

There was bound to be a tragic battle taking place.

However, this sore would have to be picked sooner or later.

It is better to do it early than to do it later when the Dragon God Temple is growing again.

“D*mn it!”

“Those b*****ds.”

“Really crossed the river?”

In the land of Jiangdong, Li Er, Chen Ao and the others had obviously noticed the announcement as well.

Li Er was so angry that he kicked over the table directly in front of him.

“D*mn it, if it wasn’t for Mr. Chu saving the day, you people, would still be alive?”

“I’m afraid the people of the Chu Sect would have chopped off your heads long ago!”

“How can we still have this scenery of pointing at the rivers and mountains now?”

“And now that the Chu Sect has fallen and Mr. Chu has been seriously injured, these b*****ds don’t know how to appreciate Mr. Chu’s kindness and turn around and start stabbing.”

“And disbanding the Dragon God Hall?”

“I dissolve you!”

Li Er could be described as furious.

He only felt that these superiors of the martial arts world were all beasts of burden and worse than animals.

Even pigs and dogs know how to repay kindness, but only people are cold-hearted.

“Hmph, these beasts, there will be times when you will regret it later!”

Li Er said in anger.

But anger was anger, but the worry inside was still extremely strong.

And now that the Martial Security a*sociation had issued such an announcement, it represented the will of the global martial arts community.

In the future, once Ye Fan disobeyed, he would face the targeting of the whole world.

Even Li Er’s heart was undoubtedly shivering at the thought of making an enemy of the whole world.

However, it was still too early to think about this.

“And now Mr. Chu is leading the bulk of the Dragon God Temple to the Indian Kingdom to recuperate.”

“When Mr. Chu has recovered from his injuries, we can then proceed to deal with this matter.”

That day on Mount Chu Gate, Ye Fan had taken away most of the members of the Dragon God Hall.

But people like Li Er and Chen Ao, who were worldly people, were left behind.

Li Er and the others did not know martial arts and were not considered martial artists, so naturally they would not make things difficult for ordinary people in the Martial Alliance.

And while the martial arts world was buzzing over this announcement. Inside the Kremlin, however, there was a grand dinner party for the martial arts leaders present who stood at the very top of power.

“Gentlemen, the Truman Shoah is now history.”

“As long as the hidden danger of the Dragon God Temple is resolved again, then lasting peace will be ushered in for our global martial arts community.”

“The peaceful world that our forefathers have fought and worked for will be completely realised in our generation!”

“Let us raise our gla*ses and drink to the peace of the martial arts world and the well-being of the people of the world!”

Aaron, as the host, was the first to raise his gla*s after a short speech.

Carlo, Jerry and the others followed suit.

Ye Prime and King Froh, among others, also showed their long-awaited relaxed smiles at this point.

Although the matter of the Dragon God Temple had not yet been resolved, the fall of Chu Yuan and the demise of the Chu Sect was, for Ye Qingtian and the others, always a closure to a matter that had been on their minds for many years.

Just as Aaron had said, the strife was a thing of the past.

The future of the Earth will be peaceful for a long time.

This world, which has been trampled by Truman, is in such need of rest and recuperation.


“To peace, cheers!”

The room was filled with laughter as the crowd raised their gla*ses to celebrate the happiness and peace that had come so easily.

However, just as the festive atmosphere of the banquet hit its peak.

Suddenly, only a muffled boom was heard!

The doors of the Kremlin, shattered in an instant.

A cold, gusty wind, wrapped in the iron-like darkness outside, swept in.

Outside the door the darkness was thick as iron, inside the door the lights were bright.

And between that light and shadow, black and dark.

A figure, as if it were a devil, appeared silently!

He was dressed in a crimson robe, and his eyebrows were like ice.

His deep pupils carried an endlessly morose and chilling intent.

He stood there, only as if he were a Shura guarding the Hall of Hades.

Behind him was the path to the Yellow Spring!