A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2176

The old man laughed in the face of Carlo’s threat.


“Are you threatening me?”

“I’m not going to hide from you, those who are greedy for life and fear death have already followed the Chu Family Master and left, and those who remain here at this moment are those who are not afraid of death.”

“Life and death are up to fate.”

“The foundation of my Chu family for several generations has been cut off in our generation.”

“We, the Chu clan, have long since had no words to meet our ancestors in Yunyang, and have also long since had a death wish.”

“If you wish to kill or die, it is up to you.”

The old man spoke calmly, as if life and death no longer made any difference in his eyes.


The old man’s reply undoubtedly infuriated Jerry and the others.

“This old thing, is posing rotten?!”

“In that case, it’s as you wish.”

“Today, I, the Martial Dao of the Kingdoms, will kill all of your Chu clan!”

Jerry snorted coldly and whirled around to order the ma*sacre.

However, Aaron and Carlo, both of whom clearly had scruples, stopped Jerry’s crazy act.

“Carlo, Aaron, what are you two doing stopping me?”

“The Chu family and the Chu Sect are one in the first place.”

“The sins of the Chu Clan should also rightfully be borne by the Chu Clan!”

“They are to blame!”

Jerry’s greatsword was already hungry and thirsty.

“Jerry, forget it.”

“The ones left behind by the Chu family are probably all old and weak, killing them won’t be of much use, but may incur hatred instead.”

“You should not forget that Chu Tianfan is still alive.”

“Once we exterminate the Chu clan, we and Chu Tianfan will really be in an eternal feud,” Aaron whispered.

Jerry’s body flinched at that moment.

How could he have forgotten about this.

Although, Ye Fan had been in a hostile relationship with the Chu family all these years.

However, after Chu Yuan’s death, Ye Fan was already the nominal Chu family head, coupled with the blood ties.

If they really exterminated the Chu Family today, then Chu Tianfan might be looking for them to fight for his life later.

“Then what should we do?”

“Are we going to make this trip, for nothing?”

Jerry was depressed.

He really didn’t expect this Ye Fan to be such a dog.

Before they could even make a move, he had actually withdrawn secretly.

This was a bad move, and the whole game was lost.

Now, let alone getting rid of Ye Fan and the Dragon God Hall, they hadn’t been able to get their hands on the treasures of the Chu Sect either.

After all, when Ye Fan left, he had already transferred most of them.


“That can’t be helped.”

“Tell you what, let’s have everyone look around.”

“The Chu Sect has a thousand years of heritage, that Chu Tianfan left in a hurry, it won’t all be able to be moved away.”

Carlo sighed.

In order to prevent everyone from returning empty-handed, he had no choice but to make this move.

So, for the rest of the day, the martial artists from all the countries rushed into various parts of the Chu Sect like hungry wolves.

The great hall of the Chu Sect was pushed down, and several pillars poured in pure gold were carried down.

The treasure pavilion was even more nearly dug up until the last bit of valuable stuff was emptied, then it was torched and the fire burned for seven days and seven nights.

However, even so, the martial artists of all the countries were not satisfied with the spoils of war.

After turning the Chu Clan’s headquarters upside down, a large number of martial artists poured into the Tang and Chu Clans again.

In front of the Tang and Chu clansmen, they emptied all the treasures and collections of these two great families.

“Please, this is what my father left me when he was alive.”

“It’s my only souvenir.”

“Please, you must not take it away.”

In the Tang family’s manor garden, a young girl was in tears as she clung bitterly to one man’s thigh, dying for him to return her belongings.

“Get lost!”

“Remnants of the Chu Sect, it’s good to let you live.”

“What bikes do you want?”

The man kicked the girl a long way away before taking away the jade pendant hanging in front of the little girl’s neck.

A similar scene was being staged in the entire Chu Men Mountain at this moment.

At first, the martial artists from all the countries only searched for the treasures left behind by the Dragon God Temple, but later on, they went straight into the Tang and Chu families and robbed them alive.

The former Grand Elder of the Chu Sect, Tang Xian, was now seriously ill.

He was being supported and staggered out of the room.

He stood in front of the door, looking at the martial artists of the various countries who had taken the money by trickery in the family, looking at the former Tang family manor garden which had been reduced to a place of chaos and ruins.

This old martial artist, who had been involved in the martial arts world for decades, could not help but let out a long, sad laugh.

“These martial artists are all bandits in the name of doing justice for God.”

“Is this the Martial Union that claims to represent the whole world?”

Tang Xian’s hushed words were full of ridicule and mockery.

To think that they, the Chu Sect, had brought a lot of killings and disasters to this world though.

However, in every war, their clan had always won by force.

Unlike these self-proclaimed members of the Martial Alliance, they did nothing but take advantage of people’s danger and steal from them.

The world only says that the Chu Clan has sinned a lot, but in this world, every strong man who stands at the top has blood and killings on his hands.

Sometimes there is no clear distinction between righteousness and evil.

Everyone is just doing it for their own benefit.

This plundering of the Chu Mun Mountain lasted a full seven days.

After seven days, everyone withdrew.

The formerly glorious and incomparable headquarters of the Chu Sect was, at the moment, only a depressed and desolate place.

With the fall of the Chu Sect, the whereabouts of the Dragon God Temple was unknown.

At this point, the global martial dao had undoubtedly entered a new era.

For thousands of years, the martial arts pattern of one super and many strong martial arts worlds was completely changed.

A new martial art pattern urgently needed to be created.

A new martial dao order also urgently needs to be rebuilt.

In this situation, the World Martial Union decided to establish the Martial Security Council, or the Martial Security Council for short. It is responsible for dealing with martial arts disputes at the clan master level and above, as well as between countries, to maintain peace in the martial arts.

Of course, another purpose is to check and balance the clan forces in the martial dao world and prevent the re-emergence of super powers like the Chu Sect.

This time, a total of seven major martial arts countries around the world were invited to participate in the preparation of the Martial Peace a*sociation.

Yanxia, India, and England, Soviet Russia, France, Germany, and Japan.

On 12 December, the leaders of all seven countries travelled to the Kremlin in Soviet Russia to discuss the details.

The sun was still and the sky was clear.

In the capitals of the Seven Powers, special planes took to the air and warplanes escorted them to the Kremlin for the meeting.

For the global martial arts community, this was a day of historic significance.

Seven giants, after so many years, all at the head of a giant!

Ye Qingtian of Yanxia, King Froo of India, the Sword Saint of Japan, and the Great Emperor Aaron, the King of Caro.

These are all long-established, sealed powerhouses.

Of course, all of them were also old acquaintances who had fought each other many times.

So, after meeting, a short catch-up, and then we started to get down to business!

“Gentlemen, the Chu Sect has fallen.”

“The sword that lay across the heads of the martial dao of my nations has fallen completely.”

“However, in the midst of the excitement and thrill, we should learn a lesson for that past history.”

“That is, if the martial arts world is to be peaceful for a long time, checks and balances must be put in place. Especially checks and balances on martial arts families and clan powers!”

“I propose that, starting today, martial arts clan forces with more than one hundred members be banned worldwide immediately.”

“Strictly limit the size and development of clan forces to prevent the next Chu Sect from appearing!”

At the round table, Aaron proposed.

Carlo and the others agreed.

But King Froh and Ye Prime, both of them, were silent.

“What about the Dragon God Temple?”

“In the future, if the Dragon God Hall reappears in the world, you will also outlaw him?”

“Do you all think, that person, would agree?” King Buddha looked to the crowd.

Ye Qingtian shared this concern.

“Hmph, this is the common will of the people of the world, how can it be left to his preference alone?” Jerry said angrily.

“I suggest that the resolution of the meeting be announced to the world immediately after the meeting is over.”

“All those who disobey the resolution are disobedient to the Martial Union, disobedient to the whole world, and are anti-human!”

“At that time, we, the Martial Security a*sociation, have the right to use all means to enforce it.”

“I just don’t believe it, is that Chu Tianfan really that powerful? We gather the martial power of all the countries around the world and we still can’t subdue him?”

“What’s more, apart from martial power, we can also call upon technological weapons.”

“Even if a seal is strong, it is still afraid of nuclear bombs, right?”

Jerry and the others were determined to dismember the Dragon God Temple.