A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2123

This Thunder Dragon Body was certainly powerful, but the load on the body was also far heavier than that of the Dragon God Body.

Especially for the current Ye Fan, the load of three or four thunder streaks was optimal.

Once it was raised any higher, the load on the body would be exponential and skyrocketing.

This was why, Ye Fan did not directly open his thunderstrike to the maximum.

Instead, he gradually raised them one by one.

Otherwise, it was highly likely that Ye Fan’s body would have difficulty with the sudden surge of infinite power.

As he saw, Ye Fan’s power climbed again.

Chu Yuan, who was the closest, only felt shocked, and a shocking wave swept through his heart.

“This curmudgeon’s power, could it be that it can still rise again?”

“D*mn it!”

“What kind of demonic art is he practicing, exactly?”

Feeling that renewed surge of power from Ye Fan, Chu Yuan only felt that his entire being was going crazy.

Originally, the fact that Ye Fan was able to block him for so long already made Chu Yuan feel shocked.

However, Chu Yuan had never dreamed that this would still not reach Ye Fan’s limit.

One had to know that Chu Yuan’s Dragon God Body was even opened to its limit.

Moreover, it was not just the Dragon God Body, during the sparring earlier, Chu Yuan had used the power of his own God Realm to enhance his body to a certain extent.

That was what had blocked Ye Fan’s attack just now!

If he had simply relied on the Dragon God Body, Chu Yuan would not have been confident that he would not have been able to survive the clash just now.

Just as Chu Yuan was staring, Ye Fan’s power had already gathered to its peak.

The terrifying aura caused everyone present, to have a trembling from within.

“Good… So powerfully mighty?”

“Chu Tianfan’s strength, again… Increased again?”

The Fist Emperor cried out in shock.

The Sword Saint’s gaze towards Ye Fan was also like looking at a monster.

“This guy, he’s really a demon.”

“Even now, there is still a bottom card?”

“Fist Emperor, you and I, back then, were really out of our depth to make an enemy of such a terrifying person.”

The Sword Saint’s mind was complicated, and he could be said to have mixed feelings within his heart.

“Chu Tianfan, what kind of technique is this?”

“It should not be the Dragon God Body!”

“Could it also be the body refining martial arts recorded in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book?”

Chu Yuan could already see some suspicion at the end.

Frowning, he asked Ye Fan.

Ye Fan did not answer him, but instead felt, within his body’s tendons and veins, the monstrous greatness that flowed as if it was an abyssal sea.

Just five thunder lines and it was already so strong?

If all nine thunder lines were practiced.

Wouldn’t that really be equivalent to the reincarnation of the Thunder God?

Ye Fan was filled with emotion, and within his heart, he was grateful to the girl who was trapped in the secret realm.

“Chu Yuan, did you only see that this is not the Dragon God Body until now?”

“It seems that your eyesight is no more than that.”

Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, with a bit of contempt and snicker in his words.

This complacency of Ye Fan’s caused Chu Yuan to be extremely shaken with anger.

“You curmudgeon, how dare you speak to me in such a tone?”

“Don’t think that just because you have learnt a few body refining martial arts, I am afraid of you.”

“The majesty of the God Realm is never something you can resist by learning a few crooked ways!”

“Moreover, I’m sure your power-boosting martial art won’t last long.”

“When your sharpness dissipates and you return to your original form, it will be the death of this curmudgeon!”

Chu Yuan shouted angrily and charged at Ye Fan once again.

The Chu Clan’s Three Perfections were used abruptly at this moment.

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, his heart instead filled with a sense of anticipation.

“Today, let’s take you and try the majesty of this Thunder Dragon Body.”


The words fell all in an instant, only to see a thunder dragon explode in the depths of the Heavenly River.

Only Ye Fan’s figure was seen, swift as a sword, bursting out towards the depths of the star river.

It was as if a divine sword had pierced through the void and earth.

Li Er and the others could only see that deep within the celestial river, Ye Fan held thunder in his hand.

Like the hammer of a thunder god, he smashed fiercely at Chu Yuan!


The two attacks clashed again.

That boom was only like a stone breaking through the sky.

“To win!”

The clenched palms of the people of Jiangdong prayed uncontrollably in their hearts.

“Kill him!”

The strong men of the Chu Sect gritted their teeth, and the string in their hearts then tensed up.

Their hearts hissed, hoping that their old Sect Master would be able to kill Chu Tianfan handily.

Just like that, under all the attention, Ye Fan and Chu Yuan launched a new round of ferocious clash.

However, the stalemate expected by the crowd did not occur.

Faced with Ye Fan’s shocking punch, Chu Yuan was shocked to find that all of his might was falling apart like a chicken and a dog under Ye Fan’s punch.

“This… This…”

“This can’t be!”

Chu Yuan’s old eyes glared huge, and a look of horror and shock quickly surged onto his face like a tidal wave.

He had never dreamed that he, with the power of the God Realm, would not be able to stop for a moment under the current Ye Fan?

However, by the time he realised this cruel truth, it was already too late.

Ye Fan’s fist that resembled the hammer of a thunder god, after shattering Chu Yuan’s attack, directly hammered heavily on top of Chu Yuan’s chest cavity.

Only a muffled grunt was heard.

Chu Yuan’s body was then struck hard.

His ribs were broken and blood flew everywhere.

As far as the eye could see, Chu Yuan’s chest was rapidly denting at a speed visible to the naked eye, and blood was spilling from his mouth.

After the blow landed, Ye Fan did not relent.

He followed him up with another fierce foot strike.

His lean figure was like a roc spreading its wings at this moment.


There was another muffled sound.

As blood sprayed wildly, Chu Yuan’s body smashed into the earth below.

“Wuji Collapse!”

Between the stars and rivers, after Ye Fan had released two moves in a row, his third move, the No Extreme Avalanche, was used immediately afterwards.

This strike was Ye Fan’s own creation by fusing two secret techniques of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi.

It was almost Ye Fan’s strongest single attack.

The moment this fist landed, the crowd only felt that the starry sky, was pierced through a gaping hole.

That fist that broke through the sound barrier brought forth a sound explosion that nearly cracked the eardrums of the crowd.

At this moment, Ye Fan had completely gone crazy with killing.

After two moves had blown away Chu Yuan, he actually had to execute another thunderous strike on Chu Yuan.

Chu Qi Tian, who noticed the battle on this side, his eyes instantly turned red.

He realised that Ye Fan, that son of a b*tch, he was going to drive Chu Yuan to his death!

“b*****d, how dare you?”

“b*****d, stop it for me!”

In an instant, several anxious and angry voices resounded from the sky and earth on the Genting Mountain.

However, how could Ye Fan pay any attention?

Ye Fan, who was already red-eyed from killing, had only one thought left in his mind.

That was, to destroy Chu Yuan.

To bring an end to his efforts over the past ten years!

In the end, in the midst of everyone’s gaze.

The final punch Ye Fan threw was like a divine palm of Rudrai falling from the sky.

Thunder exploded and golden light flashed.

Looking at it from afar, it looked like a burning meteorite, falling down viciously.

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

Eight explosions in quick succession, like nuclear explosions, ruthlessly exploded above the earth below.

Chu Yuan’s body was like a flat boat in the middle of a storm, being sent flying hundreds of metres with a single blow.

Successive punches exploded on Chu Yuan’s body, one after another.

Each bursting sound was accompanied by a wild spurt of Chu Yuan’s blood.

The scarlet blood stained a large portion of the earth beneath his feet.

Above his head, the starry sky was dotted with golden stars.

Beneath his feet, crimson blood flowed horizontally.

The splendid golden colour, together with the blinding scarlet, had undoubtedly become the most distinctive colour under the night sky.

Finally, after eight consecutive explosions of fist power, the heaven and earth returned to peace.

The dust cleared and the battle ceased.

The entire Genting Mountain was silent.

It was as if time had come to a standstill.

In the vast expanse of heaven and earth, only the clear wind swept through, and only the man stood proudly.

At the top of the Nine Heavens, Ye Fan stood proudly.

At his feet, thousands of people looked up to him.

It was as if the most devout of believers were looking up to the gods!