A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2122

Below the God Realm, all are ants.

This saying is an iron law that everyone in the martial arts world believes in without question.

Just as the sun rises in the east, water flows downhill.

This was an unchangeable truth in the hearts of all martial artists.

That was why, when they learned that Ye Fan was going to rejoin the Chu Sect, the Three Great Seals of the Indian Kingdom Fang was that terrified, and Yue Yao looked as if she was sad to be parted from life and death.

Even if the Four Dragon Gods reappeared in the world, even if a thousand armies gathered at Cloud Top Mountain. The Chu Sect crowd, still felt that victory was on their side.

It was because, everyone was convinced of one thing.

That was that Chu Yuan of the God Realm would definitely be able to defeat Ye Fan.

But now, who would have thought that this iron law of truth in the martial arts world would be broken by Ye Fan.

He, a Realm of Seals, had actually fought back and forth with Chu Yuan without losing ground!

This naturally left everyone shocked and appalled.


“This is never possible?”

“The truth will never be overturned.”

“This Chu Tianfan must have used some forbidden technique to raise his strength to the God Realm for a short period of time.”

“It will certainly not last long!”

“It won’t take long, he will still be defeated!”

Chu Qi Tian gritted his teeth and let out a roar of resignation and anger.

The three Buddha King’s did not speak, only looking at the battle ahead with eyes full of shock.

The shock and trepidation in their hearts towards Chu Tianfan was growing thicker and thicker.

They were now instantly glad that they had been lucky enough to have bent down and submitted in time back in the Indian Kingdom.

Otherwise, with the power that Ye Fan was displaying now, they would have had difficulty resisting Ye Fan by the slightest bit even if they had poured out all the power of the Indian Kingdom.

“What kind of place is this Yanxia?”

“How is it that every few hundred years, a supreme demon comes out?”

“The current Chu Tianfan is, and there was one hundreds of years ago.”

“It is said that the ancestor of the Chu Family, the founder of the Chu Sect, Chu Yunyang, was also from Yanxia in his ancestry!”

“This Yanxia, could it be that it is really the place where dragons flourish and where qi is gathered?”

King Buddha and the others were filled with emotion.

Ever since the martial dao had been recorded in books, countless geniuses had been born.

However, there were no doubt that there were only a handful of such extraordinary demons like Ye Fan, who could fight against the strongest of the God Realm at such a young age, throughout the ages.

But what people all over the world couldn’t figure out was that almost all of these extraordinary geniuses, which were rare to come out in a thousand years, were from Yanxia.

Is this really a coincidence?

Or is there something inevitable underneath this seeming coincidence?

It is said that a place of water and soil nurtures a place of people.

Could it be that the fact that the Yanxia Divine Kingdom has given birth to so many supreme demons has something to do with the water and soil here?

While the crowd was shocked and speculating, the battle ahead continued.

Of course, the battle at the bottom of Genting Mountain had also entered a white-hot stage.

With Yellow Bull and Black Dog joining forces, at first, Xiao Yan was defeated.

However, Xiao Yan transformed one after another and revealed his strongest form. Under the frenzy, even Yellow Bull and Black Dog, a bull and a dog, could not stand up to them anymore.

They could only rely on playing together and could barely hold Xiao Yan back.

“This D*mned beast!”

“This earth, how can there be such a monster?”

“It’s not right!”

As Huang Niu felt the pressure and gritted his teeth to resist, he could not figure it out in his mind.

How could a mortal place like Earth give birth to a terrifying monster like Xiao Yan.

Could it be that this monster was not a mortal beast at all?

As he was depressed, Xiao Yan’s tongue of fire erupted and swept out again.

Huang Niu was in no hurry to dodge and kicked out, kicking Little Black, who was on one side, directly in front of him, helping himself to block this wave of fire attack.

“Man, sorry about that…”

With the idea of a dead friend, after bringing out Little Black as a shield, Yellow Bull also made a fake apology.

Little Black, who was burnt to a crisp, turned his head and roared at the bull.

He seemed to be cursing the bull for not having a father!

If it wasn’t for the fact that the enemy was now at hand, Little Black would probably have to bite this old bull to death.

The yellow bull laughed: “Buddy, my hair is yellow and turns black when I burn it. But you are different, the hair on your body was originally black, this burned or not, it did not change ah.”

When the black dog heard this, he almost died of anger.

He jumped up and kicked the bull in a left square stomp, directly kicking it a long way away.

When Xiao Yan saw this scene, he undoubtedly had a feeling of anger at being ignored.

These two D*mned beasts.

How dare they play around when they were fighting with themselves.

It was simply an insult to themselves!

In great anger, Xiao Yan undoubtedly launched an even more fierce attack.

This time, Little Black and Yellow Bull’s situation undoubtedly became even more dire.

It was not only this side of the battle.

In the rest of the battle, the balance of victory was clearly tilting in the direction of the Chu Clan as well.

The Chu Sect was, after all, the number one power in the Martial Dao, with a deep heritage.

Even if the Dragon God Temple had the advantage in numbers, the quality of its strongest fighters was far inferior to that of the Chu Sect.

After this tussle, the Dragon God Hall had already fallen behind.

Even the four Dragon Gods had been suppressed by the Chu Sect elders’ combined attack technique.

Gaia and the others also thought about using the Ice and Fire Xuan Long Technique against the enemy.

However, once they used this formation, then the power of the divine weapon in their hands could not be brought into play.

That increased power by the formation was estimated to be similar to the increase in strength that the divine weapon had on them.

“Old Gaia, think of something.”

“If this goes on, we won’t last long.”

Owen and the others also realised the severity of the situation, and while they were barely able to fight the enemy, it was to the old man Gaia that they asked.

“What the f*ck can I do?”

“This f*cking Truman, who the hell knew their combined attack technique was so powerful?”

Gaia was also filled with gloom and depression.

One had to know that up until now, those two terrifying old men of the Chu Clan had not yet appeared?

Those two old men were the top five existences on the Heavenly Rankings.

Once they arrived again, their Dragon God Hall would definitely be crushed in an instant.

What’s more, apart from those two Xuan Hei old men, there was still Tang Yun who hadn’t come yet?

Therefore, the more they dragged on, the more time would be against them.

“Now it seems that we can only rely on the Dragon Lord!”

“As long as Dragon Lord ends the battle early and defeats Chu Yuan, then won’t those remaining gnats of the Chu Sect only be slaughtered?”

“Dragon Master, you must win!”

Gaia, Owen and the others could only place their hopes, on Ye Fan.

Before, they had not dared to think so.

After all, the might of the God Realm was extremely terrifying.

Before the battle began, Gaia and the others felt that it would be good enough if their Dragon Lord could fight Chu Yuan to a draw, not expecting to win at all.

But now, seeing their Dragon Lord so fierce.

Thunder and lightning were added to his body like a heavenly god descending into the world.

Even Chu Yuan could not get any advantage from the fight.

He was completely mad with killing!

Seeing this scene, Gaia and the others undoubtedly had a lot more confidence.

Starting to hope that Ye Fan would win.


At this time, there was another pair of blasts.

The Dragon God Body, which was on fire, faced off against the Thunder Dragon Body with four thunder patterns.

The two’s fists clashed fiercely in the air!

It was like a volcano crashing into the earth.

The terrifying sonic boom sounded, shattering that space, nearly.

Powerful Qi that was like an abyssal sea radiated in all directions with the two people at the centre.

Even Little Yan and Little Black were swept away by the wave of wind and retreated by several dozen metres.

Below Yunzhou Mountain, the gla*s of all the skyscrapers in a thousand-metre radius shattered.

The whole earth trembled like an earthquake.

The surroundings were a scene of total annihilation, but Ye Fan and Chu Yuan acted as if they were fine.

After the clash of their fists, they parted at the first touch.

Both of them retreated a hundred metres each.

“Come again!”

Chu Yuan was also red with rage and roared, charging again.

But Ye Fan had no patience to spend any more time with him, he had already noticed that those mid to low end battles on the Cloud Top Mountain, on the Dragon God Temple’s side, were already on the verge of not being able to hold up.

He had to end the battle as soon as possible!

After having a decision in his mind, Ye Fan slammed the tip of his tongue, and the scarlet blood made Ye Fan look aghast.

Immediately afterwards, black clouds surged in the depths of the nine heavens, thunder and lightning flashed once again, and the power of endless thunder converged towards Ye Fan’s brow.

The fifth thunder pattern slowly took shape!