A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2121

“Good boy, come again!”

After Chu Yuan was knocked back, but he roared in anger and charged up again.

Although he did not know, what means this Chu Tianfan had used, his power had surged by so much.

But now, with the great battle ahead, there was no point in pursuing this.

The only thing Chu Yuan sought now was victory!

“A hundred years of accumulation, several lifetimes of planning.”

“Success, is just around the corner!”

“There is nothing that can stand in the way of my great quest to become an immortal!”

“If God stands in my way, I will kill God!”

“If Buddha stands in my way, I will destroy Buddha!”

“You little Chu Tianfan, you still want to defeat me?”

“Simply delusional!”

A firm, angry voice echoed through heaven and earth.

With a heart full of obsession and a monstrous killing intent, Chu Yuan once again charged towards Ye Fan’s location.

This time, Chu Yuan did not hold back any more.

His endless attacks were like a raging storm that poured out unceasingly.

He threw a hundred punches a second, destroying all directions with a single punch.

Every strike that landed was like a thunderstorm exploding in the air.

Under Chu Yuan’s might, the air over there was nearly reduced to nothingness.

The terrifying Qi energy spilled out in all directions at a speed of hundreds of metres per second.

The villa on Yunding Mountain where Ye Fan once lived was all shattered by these overflowing and scattering Qi energy.

Although the battle was under the sky, the entire Genting Mountain was trembling.

At this moment, Chu Yuan was like a male lion bursting with blood. Long fists smashed down, huge palms streaked, and longitudinal Qi energy swept through like a dragon.

Chu Qi Tian, Ande Man and the others only felt tremors.

In all these years, had they ever seen such a face of the old Sect Master?

Every strike and every stance carried anger and ruthlessness.

“It looks like this Chu Tianfan, has truly driven the Old Sect Master into a frenzy.”

“To be able to force the Old Sect Master to this extent, this Chu Tianfan is truly terrifying.”

While the Chu Sect crowd trembled, there was a little more respect in the gaze that looked at Chu Tianfan.

No matter what the outcome of today’s battle would be.

But Chu Tianfan was enough to go down in history.

After all, to be able to fight a God Realm powerhouse at the age of twenty-something.

Regardless of victory or defeat, such a feat alone was already unprecedented and would probably never be repeated in the future.

While the crowd trembled at Chu Yuan’s powerful attack, Ye Fan was not willing to show his weakness.

Facing Chu Yuan’s majestic attack, Ye Fan only responded with an even more fierce attack.


Ye Fan’s thunderbolt added to his body, and his body was filled with golden light.

He stamped his feet on the earth and went face to face.

He was in direct physical combat with Chu Yuan!

Each time, the clash of their fists and palms was like a volcano hitting the earth.

The shockwave of the collision was centred on the two, spreading wildly in all directions.

Moreover, what was even more trembling was that.

It was clear that the clash was between two flesh bodies, yet sparks were erupting.

It was as if they were not two flesh bodies, but two iron heads and arms.


Another clash.

Chu Yuan’s kick came down fiercely.

Ye Fan’s arms were folded in front of his chest, and he took Chu Yuan’s heaven-striking kick head-on.

After the qi exploded, both of them touched each other and took several steps backwards.

But without the slightest hesitation, after the two retreated with one blow, their feet stepped into the void to face each other again.

Bang, bang, bang…

Their fists and feet clashed, and the sound of explosive energy was like thunder.

From a distance, they looked like two giant dragons, tearing and tangling between the nine heavens.

A single strike from either of them could break a mountain.

But such terrifying attacks could not help each other in the slightest.

They fought back and forth, fists and kicks. Between them, they fought with each other, causing the sky to fall.

By now, the sun was setting.

The vast river of heaven was already filled with stars.

Among the stars, the two figures were like shooting stars, fighting from the east to the west of the city, from the heights to the mountains.

Ye Fan’s thunder added to his body, and with each strike that fell, golden lightning snakes could almost be seen flashing.

And Chu Yuan was equally terrifying, his Dragon God protecting his body, his God realm cultivation crushing almost everything.

The energy was as condensed as a train.

But no matter how hard Chu Yuan poured his strength, countless Qi transformed into millions of flying swords and cut at Ye Fan.

But without exception, all of them were shattered by Ye Fan’s fist.

The bursts of lightning were like fireworks exploding under the starry sky.

Such an amazing battle attracted more than just the group of people on Cloud Top Mountain.

On the streets, in the alleys, those pedestrians who came and went, all looked up at the sky.

Vehicles on the road stopped, students studying at school flocked to their beds, elderly people watching TV at home went outside, and even men and women who were eating put down their chopsticks.

Thousands of people poured out into the streets.

Listen to the sound like a thunderstorm that explodes in the depths of the void.

They looked at the two light shadows in the depths of the river of heaven that looked like shooting stars. A look of shock appeared on every individual’s face.

“Mother, it’s so beautiful. ”

“Is someone setting off fireworks again?”

On the street, a child tilted her pretty face and her childish voice slowly rang out.

However, no one could answer her.

For the citizens living at the bottom of this society, they had no idea what kind of great battle was being staged in this Yunzhou City at this moment.

They would not know how many people would die as a result of this battle.

They only know that they have to go to work tomorrow, that they have to pay their mortgage at the end of the month, and that the work given by their bosses has not yet been completed.

When all that is left in front of a person’s eyes is food, oil and salt, how can they see far ahead?

However, they, the ordinary people, may not know, but Zhang Zixi and the others on Genting Mountain, who are fighting for the country in blood, know that the sparks exploding in the depths of the void at this moment are not fireworks at all.

Rather, it was a life-and-death struggle that would determine life and death!

However, even though they knew the ferocity of the battle in the distance, these Martial Dao crowds were still deeply shocked.

“This… Is this the pinnacle battle of the supreme powerhouse?”

The two catalogues of the Fist Emperor and the Sword Saint were obsessed.

The War God, who was heavily injured, was also filled with longing and

As for the rest of those martial artists on Genting Mountain, they were all deeply dumbfounded.

Even Lu Tianhe, who was leading a thousand armies to the start at this moment, tens of miles away, had a shock on his old, vicissitudes face.

He stopped his car and quickly walked down.

Standing on the barren plain, he looked up at the two figures fighting for life and death between the stars and rivers.

The shock in his heart was unspeakable.

In all his life, Lu Tianhe had never seen such an unprecedentedly radiant battle.

Two peak powerhouses equivalent to the God Realm, dueling to the death!

At this moment, even in the history books of the martial arts world, there were few records.

But now, on this very day, this very year, it was actually being staged in front of them.

The shock of being there to see the ultimate battle brought tears to the eyes of all martial artists!

Bang, bang, bang!

The battle continued.

Both sides went back and forth, their terrifying attacks surprisingly all set off a world-destroying gale throughout Yunzhou City.

Chu Qi Tian had been completely dumbfounded!

The elders of the Chu Sect were also filled with horror.

Even those few seals of the Indian Kingdom had waves of shock set off in their hearts.

They, all of them, had all appreciated Ye Fan’s skills and were well aware of how powerful he was.

However, they had never dreamed that Ye Fan would be so strong to this extent?

Surprisingly, he fought with Chu Yuan, all of them fighting back and forth.

The river in the sky hung upside down and the starry Han fell in disarray.

After hundreds of rounds of fierce battles, he was still in the same position.

And, the more they fought, the stronger they became.

“I’ll go f*ck myself!”

“This D*mn Chu Tianfan, how can he be so strong?”

“Even if he started training from his mother’s stomach, he could never be this strong?”

Chu Tianqi was burning with rage, the jealousy and resentment in his heart was tormenting him to the point of going mad!

Because of his jealousy, his eyes had turned red.