A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2120

“Is that so?”

“Since you’re so confident, then I’ll show you.”

“Will you, Chu Yuan, have the last laugh, or will I, Chu Tianfan, be more skillful?”


As these words fell from Ye Fan’s lips, a majestic might quietly exploded from Ye Fan’s body.

Golden light surged as the Dragon God emerged.

The gnarled muscles were like those of a python.

Underneath the bulging body, there was an explosion of power contained within.

“This is…”

“The Chu Sect’s Dragon God Body?”

Seeing the golden dragon’s shadow that soared and floated behind Ye Fan, the Fist Emperor and the others who were watching the battle from afar were all startled.

They had been dealing with Ye Fan for several years.

They had undoubtedly appreciated the might of Ye Fan’s Dragon God Body.

However, after many years, they saw Ye Fan use his Dragon God Body again.

The terrifying might, the terrifying majesty, still caused the Fist Emperor and Sword Saint and the others to have their hearts palpitate.

“It looks like Chu Tianfan’s strength has increased a lot more in the past few years since he disappeared.”

“The might of this Dragon God Body is several points stronger than it was back then.”

“Only, with the Dragon God Body alone, I fear that it still cannot bridge the huge gap in realms.”

While the Sword Saint trembled in awe at Ye Fan’s strength, he was still worried in his heart.

Below the divine realm, all were ants.

This was by no means a statement that was meant to be played with.

A senior in the martial dao had once said that even if the ten sealed powerhouses in the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking joined forces, they would still not be able to stop the might of the God Realm.

This simple sentence spoke of the heavenly gap between the Sealed and God Realms.


“With these words alone, I’m afraid that Chu Tianfan, will have to repeat the same mistake he made back then.”

The Fist Emperor also spoke quietly.

Between him and Ye Fan, although the grudge was extremely deep.

But, after all, it was only an internal conflict of the country.

Now, in the face of the encroachment of the extra-terrestrial powerhouse, the Fist Emperor, in his heart, naturally hoped that Ye Fan would win.

But now, it seemed that in the end, it was just a delusion on the part of the Fist Emperor and the others.

“Chu Tianfan, if this is what you’re relying on, this Sect Master would advise you to behave yourself and give up your hand.”

“A small Dragon God Body, and you dare to shout at the God Realm?”

“What’s more, this body refining martial art, this Sect Master also knows it.”

Originally, I thought that this kid still had some powerful underhanded card that he hadn’t used.

But after waiting for half a day, it turned out that it was only the Dragon God Body.

Chu Yuan couldn’t help but snicker and shake his head with a laugh.

There was pity in the gaze that looked at Ye Fan.

Although he had not yet made a move, it seemed to him that Ye Fan’s defeat was already certain!

However, just as Chu Yuan was sneering.

Suddenly, deep within the River of Heaven, there were dark clouds rolling over.

Within those dark clouds, there were thunder dragons rolling and golden lightning flashes.

“What is this?”

“Why has the sky suddenly changed?”

The sudden change in the sky caused the crowd to be startled.

At this moment, it was already dusk.

The fiery red sun was sinking in the west.

As these black clouds converged, the sky darkened in an instant.

Just when the crowd thought that a rainstorm was about to come.


There was a stabbing sound.

There was lightning falling from the black clouds.

The branch-shaped lightning, which was hundreds of metres long, seemed like a thunder dragon falling straight into the sky.

Ye Fan stood proudly in the heavenly river and looked up to the sky with a long cry!

“Thunder Dragon Divine Body, now!”


Infinite sonic booms exploded abruptly.

A hundred metres of thunder fell from the sky.

Ye Fan stood proudly in the Nine Mysteries, as if a god had been added to his body.

Looking from afar, he looked like the ascended thunder god, ethereal and majestic, with a terrifying power that swept across ten thousand miles of the sky!

“This… This…”

“What kind of gongfu is this?”

Chu Yuan’s expression changed greatly.

The crowd present were even more horrified and lost their voices.

Even the battlefield, which had been battling to a standstill when the thunder fell, stopped fighting.

Everyone, with their heads tilted up, looked up at the man who was bathed in thunder with endless shock and confusion.

“Mr. Chu, is… Is it time to transform?”

Li Er and Lei Lao San and the others shouted out of breath, and in their hearts, waves of shock were set off even more because of the trembling.

Even Gaia, who had followed Ye Fan for more than ten years, had never seen such a mighty power from Ye Fan.

To draw thunder, to draw heaven and earth.

This was, the art of an immortal?

At this moment, it wasn’t just Cloud Top Mountain.

The citizens of the entire city of Yunzhou saw the thunder that descended all at the Cloud Top Mountain.

“Wife, look.”

“There’s heavenly thunder descending!”

“Our Yunzhou, this is a god?”

At this time of the day, it was the time to leave work.

An old couple had just finished playing mahjong and were about to return home.

But as they walked along the road, they suddenly saw a thunderbolt lighting up from the east.

This couple was not only alarmed.

The old man, who was one of them, even pointed ahead and shouted in alarm.

“What kind of bullsh*t fairy is that.”

“It’s just a thunderstorm.”

“See how scared you are?”

“And a man, with a lot of guts.”

“No wonder you’ve never been able to do anything in your life!” The woman cursed.

She seemed to remember the past again and was suddenly overcome with grief.

“You say, our family, how come our lives are so bitter?”

“I had such a wonderful daughter, but in the end I married a superfluous son-in-law.”

“Later on, it was hard to get this son-in-law out of the way, but he died before he could enjoy a few years of glory.”

“Our daughter was widowed at such a young age.”

“And now I don’t know where he’s gone.”

As she spoke, the woman burst into tears.

At this time, she wished that there were fairies in the world again.

Then she would be able to turn back the clock.

Backwards to before her daughter got married, she, as a mother, would not have let her daughter marry that superfluous son-in-law.


“This God D*mned Ye Fan, he has caused my daughter to suffer, and our family too.”

The woman’s tears fell like rain, her old eyes red and swollen with power.

“Wife, you… You…” The old man next to her suddenly trembled.

“You what you?”

“You wimp, can’t you even speak?”

The woman cursed in anger.

When she looked up, she saw her man’s waxen face.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“What the hell have you seen?” The woman cursed.

The man didn’t say anything, just looked up and pointed ahead.

The woman followed her gaze and looked over.

But the next moment, the woman was struck by lightning, and her face turned pale as fast as the eye could see.

The whole person was close to fainting from fear.

She saw a figure standing proudly at the end of the river in the sky.

There was a figure, standing proudly in it.

A thin figure with a clear face.

There were thunder clouds rolling above his head and thunder dragons surging beneath his feet.

At the centre of his brow, there were even three thunder lines, blossoming with light and death!

“This… This is…”

“Ye… Ye Fan?”

The couple were near insane at that moment, muttering out of breath in disbelief.

At Genting Mountain, the fronts were still converging, and that thunder cloud did not show any signs of dissipating.

And the might on Ye Fan’s body was still climbing under the infusion of thunder.

The three thunderbolts above his forehead gradually turned into four.


“What the hell is this secret technique?”

“Why have I never seen it before?”

Chu Yuan could no longer stand.

The previous contempt and disdain had turned into a dense all scorn and heaviness at this moment.

“No more!”

“We can’t let him continue to build up his strength any longer!”

Chu Yuan clenched his palms.

He was not prepared to wait any longer.

The power that Ye Fan was spilling out of his body at this moment had already caused him a few moments of fear.

Therefore, Chu Yuan no longer stopped.

Immediately, he began to launch an attack on Ye Fan.


Chu Yuan smashed down with a fist.

The fierce fist force nearly broke through the sound barrier.

In an instant, it arrived in front of Ye Fan.

With a boom, it struck Ye Fan squarely in the chest!

“Haha, hit!”

Chu Yuan could not help but snicker in his heart as he scored a hit.

However, his smile did not last long.

Because, he found that when his punch landed, Ye Fan had only taken a step back.

Moreover, he was unharmed!

Chu Yuan’s expression immediately changed greatly.


How could this be possible?

This b*****d had taken a punch from me and was unharmed?

In the midst of Chu Yuan’s shock, Ye Fan thundered up and towered over him.

He smiled at Chu Yuan for a change.

Then he also threw a punch.


Chu Yuan’s body was directly knocked out by Ye Fan.