A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2118

“Mike, are you blind?”

“Open your f*cking eyes and see who it was you killed?”

“What a bunch of idiots!”

Chu Yuan roared, looking at the Jones family as if they were a bunch of idiots.

This was the first time he had seen such stupid people.

They couldn’t even tell the difference between enemies and friendlies?

This was here to help them?

This was a f*cking joke!

Chu Yuan was so angry that he could not wait to kick these Jones Clan hombres to death.

“Old dog Chu Yuan!”

“I think you’re the one who’s being stupid!”

“Today, I will unite with the Dragon Master and stamp out the Chu Clan!”

Mike. Jones’ morose, angry voice rang out.

For a moment, all those present trembled.

This… What is this?

Wasn’t this Jones family one of the three Chu Sect families?

How dare they call Chu Yuan an old dog?

Furthermore, they were threatening to destroy the Chu Clan?

The crowd in the room was dumbfounded.

Even the astonished eyes of the Buddha King and the others who were still in the middle of the fight looked over.

Chu Qi Tian’s brow was even furrowed to death!

“You… What did you say?”

“What you just said, say it again for me!” Chu Yuan’s pair of old eyes glared round.

It was just as well that Ye Fan had called him an old dog.

After all, there was an undying feud between the Chu Sect and Ye Fan.

But now, one of the three families of the Chu Sect, the Jones Family, dared to call him an old dog in front of the crowd.

How could this make Chu Yuan not angry?

In those crimson eyes, near rage was ejected.


“So what if I say it again?”

“Old dog Chu Yuan, I, Dragon Master, have ordered the group to surround the Chu Sect outside of Cloud Top Mountain.”

“Today is the day of your death!”

Today is the day you will die!” “And the day your clan will be destroyed!”

Mike Jones laughed. Mike Jones laughed heartily.

The anger and hatred that he had suppressed for so long was unleashed at this moment.

The Chu Clan had killed his father, caused his sister to be in a coma, and nearly killed his entire family.

As the saying goes, the revenge of killing his father is unforgivable.

Today, he, Mike Jones, is dying here. Today, even if he dies here, he will kill all the Truman dogs!

Yes, before Mike Jones joined the Dragon God’s Temple, he led a group of men in the Dragon God’s Temple. Yes, the moment Mike Jones joined the Dragon God Temple and led his clan into the Cloud Top Mountain, Mike Jones had already put his life and death on the line. He had already put his life and death on the line.

If he could avenge his father and sister, he would die for a good cause!


“How dare you insult me like that, you b*****d?”

“I think you Joneses don’t want to live anymore!”

“Where’s Bill?”

“Tell your father to come out and see me!”

“I’ll have to ask him face to face what he really wants.”

“Your Jones family has been benefited by the Chu family for generations.”

“Are you now going to betray my Chu family by being ungrateful?”

Chu Yuan was furious.

His palms were so tightly clenched with anger that his fingertips were sunk deep into the flesh.

Mike. Jones laughed.

“You old dog, how dare you mention my father?”

“If it wasn’t for you, my father would not have died!”

“If it wasn’t for you Chu family, my sister would not be a half-dead person!”

“You were the ones who were unkind in the first place, so how can you blame me, the Jones family, for being unjust?”

“Today, since everyone is here.”

“Then I will solemnly announce in front of all the powerful people.”

“With immediate effect, my Jones Clan withdraws from the Chu Sect and belongs to the Dragon God Temple.”

“Respect Mr. Chu as Lord!”

“Old dog Chu Yuan, you killed my father and maimed countless members of my clan.”

“If I don’t destroy the Chu Clan today, I, Mike Jones, will never return home! Jones will never return home!”

Mike Jones. These words of Mike Jones were like a thunderclap.

Everyone in the audience was horrified.

The three families of the Chu Clan had been in existence for a thousand years and had been a solid block.

Now, the Jones family had left the Chu Clan and joined the rival Dragon God Temple.

Such news was a shock to everyone present!



“If you win, you lose!”

“Demons of the Chu Sect, you are already a multitude of rebels.”


Under the Genting Mountain, Li Er and the others laughed excitedly.

Although there was no Sealed Patriarch among the Jones family, it would not play a decisive role in today’s battle.

But the betrayal of the Jones family was undoubtedly a huge psychological blow to the Chu Sect.

At least, in terms of morale, they will be badly hit!

The disappearance of the Jones Family’s betrayal had also caused Chu Yuan to be greatly enraged.


“Very good!”

“I had expected that your Jones Family would betray the Chu Sect.”

“I just did not expect that the forces I left behind in the Chu Sect would not be able to exterminate all of you.”

“However, since you have sent them to my door.”

“Then, this Sect Master, I will send you to your death!”

Chu Yuan laughed back in anger.

Within his monstrous and angry words, murderous intent boiled over.

Under his anger, Chu Yuan’s majestic palm was directly directed towards Mike Jones. Jones.

It looked like Chu Yuan was going to slap Mike Jones to death! Jones to death!

“Family head, be careful!”

The Jones family members were immediately alarmed.

They all rushed forward to block Mike Jones’ body. Jones.

But in the end, it was just a mayfly shaking a tree!

The strongest member of the Jones family was only a Grandmaster, so naturally they could not stop Chu Yuan’s powerful attack.

But just as the Jones family’s eyes were filled with despair, a figure rushed out like an arrow from a string.

He stepped on the earth and pulled down his waist, and the majestic force was transmitted from the earth, converging on the palm of his hand in an instant.

And then there was a bang!

I saw him strike out with his palm.

A low booming sound exploded, like a thunderstorm.

After the two palms clashed, the two figures were shaken backwards.

Chu Yuan retreated five steps.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, retreated ten steps.

“Chu Tianfan, get the hell out of my way!”

“This is an internal matter of my clan, it has nothing to do with you.”

“I will kill you after I settle the sect’s traitor!”

Seeing Ye Fan appear, Chu Yuan shouted in fury.

He did not have the heart to fight Ye Fan right now.

The most urgent task was to exterminate this group of traitors from the Jones Clan and stabilize the army’s heart.

At any time, the most hated thing was undoubtedly a traitor!

But how could Ye Fan possibly get out of the way.

“The Jones family is now my subordinate.”

“If you want to kill my people, do you have to ask if I agree first?”

Ye Fan smiled coldly and asked rhetorically.

Those faint words fell on Chu Yuan’s ears like a silent mockery.

“You seek death!”

Chu Yuan cursed through clenched teeth.

After realising that it was impossible to vindicate the rebellion without killing Ye Fan.

Chu Yuan did not insist on solving the Jones Clan’s rebellion himself anymore, but instead, he had his men, who combined their efforts to strangle the Jones Clan.

“Dragon God Temple people!”

“Now is the time for us to show it.”

“Destroy the Chu Clan and capture Chu Yuan alive!”

At this time, the hundreds and thousands of Dragon God Temple powerhouses also quickly rushed into the battle.

Together with the Jones Clan’s people, they joined the Chu Clan’s clan members in a stunning melee.

As for Ye Fan, he was also fighting with Chu Yuan at this moment.

However, as the two of them were the most high-end combatants in this place, they naturally would not fight on the ground again.

Otherwise, the aftermath of the battle alone would have been enough to severely injure their men.

As the crowd watched, Ye Fan stamped his feet on the earth and shot up into the sky.

Chu Yuan followed close behind, catching up with Chu Lin like a maggot on a tarsal bone.

Between the nine heavens, the two stood at a distance from each other.

Ye Fan was dressed in a long, flowing robe, his body straight, as if he were standing tall as a spear.

Chu Yuan’s face was stony, his deep old eyes raging with cold intent.

Thick and heavy, his might was like a mountain stretching across heaven and earth.

“Chu Tianfan, I really underestimated you!”

“I didn’t expect that in just three years, you would have developed a huge power comparable to my Chu Clan.”

“It seems that back then, letting those Dragon God Hall remnants go was one of my Chu Yuan’s biggest mistakes in this life.”

Chu Yuan’s old face was gloomy as he looked coldly at Ye Fan.

In his heart, there was an endless sulk of anger contained within.

He had never imagined that a humble outcast that none of them had cared about back then would now have pulled together such a powerful team.

Nearly all of the Chu Clan’s high-end combat power had been held in check!

“However, Chu Tianfan, this is the end of it.”

“Next, I will not hold back any more.”

“I will let you witness, with your own eyes, the most wondrous and magnificent power in this world!”

“You ants, just wait until you submit and kneel!”