A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2117

“It’s dangerous now.”

“Chu Qi Tian has yet to strike, but the Four Dragon Gods have already been suppressed.”

“Once Chu Qi Tian joins in again, then I’m afraid that the battle will take a one-sided turn.”

On the Genting Mountain, Zhang Zixi and the others watched from afar, the surprise that Gaia and the others had brought them earlier had already dissipated.

At this moment, all that remained in the hearts of the crowd was a strong worry.

“Chu Tianfan, take one last look at these men of yours again.”

“Because, in a short while, they are going to become a corpse’s.”

“You should feel guilty, it is you who have caused them.”

The scales of victory had begun to tilt towards their Chu Clan, and a touch of wantonness instantly appeared on Chu Yuan’s face.

But Ye Fan was shaking his head and smiling.

“Don’t be anxious, now, it’s only just beginning.”

Ye Fan said calmly.

And then, he turned around and looked towards the end of the Heavenly River, his majestic, low words resonating through the four directions of heaven and earth.

“King Buddha Lo, you’ve seen enough of the show by now.”

“If you don’t show yourself again, don’t blame me for not thinking of old times.”

These words of Ye Fan caused the crowd to be startled.

King Buddha Lo?

Wasn’t that the sealed powerhouse of the Kingdom of India?

Could it be that the seal of the Indian Kingdom, too, had come?

The Fist King and the Sword Saint were undoubtedly greatly shocked in their hearts.

Chu Yuan’s old eyes, too, sank.

A bad feeling of foreboding surged in his heart.

One second, two seconds…

A full ten seconds had pa*sed.

At the end of the River of Heaven, it was still empty.

There wasn’t any figure appearing.

Chu Yuan let out a snort then, “Looks like your rescuers, have already scared away…”


This laugh of Chu Yuan’s had just fallen.

Suddenly, a cold wind rose from a thousand metres away.

Immediately afterwards, three figures, facing the wind and sand, stepped into the sky and soon appeared at Cloud Top Mountain!

“It’s really King Froo!”

“Bape and Haibu are here too?”

“D*mn it!”

“How did they get here?”

“Are they enemies or friends?”

The King of Fists and the Sword Saint tensed up at once.

One had to know that the Frodo Palace of India and the Yanxia Martial God Temple had a deep grudge, and at a time like this, the sudden appearance of King Frodo and the others, no one knew whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.

“A few of you, you’re still willing to come out, huh?”

Seeing these three old guys, Ye Fan smiled coldly.

There was a bit of displeasure and chill in his words.


“Mr. Chu, you came so quickly?”

“Surprisingly, you arrived earlier than even us.”

“We’ve only just arrived.”

King Buddha laughed heatedly, and next to him, Haibu and Bappe, also had a compensating smile on their faces.

In fact, they had arrived a long time ago.

But they hadn’t dared to show themselves.

It couldn’t be helped, the Chu Sect had come with great force.

All the great elders had gathered, and even the old Sect Master Chu Yuan had personally descended on Yanxia.

It was clear that they were going to kill Yanxia to the death.

If Buddha King and the others had shown up in advance, they would have been cut down by the Chu Sect’s powerful men.

As such, the three of them had been sitting on the mountain watching the tiger fight.

They were prepared to wait for the situation to become clear before deciding whether or not to participate in the war.

After all, their coming to Jiangdong to participate in the war was a complete rush of ducks.

Like Yellow Bull, asking them to fight for Ye Fan, for Jiangdong, and for Yanxia, that was naturally impossible!

“Is that so?”

“You guys have come just in time.”

“Just in time, the time to use you all has come.”

“Then Chu Qi Tian, leave it to you three, is that alright?”

“Chu Qi Tian was seriously injured by me before.”

“Now, even though he has recovered a bit from his injuries, his strength is probably not at its peak.”

“I don’t expect the three of you to defeat him, just stall him.”

“This mission, can it be completed?”

Ye Fan didn’t pursue their fault of sitting on the mountain and watching the tiger fight anymore.

In fact, they had negatively confronted the Chu Sect, and Ye Fan had expected it.

But the shamelessness of King Buddha Lo and the others still made Ye Fan sigh in amazement.

These three old guys had actually watched the show until now.

If they hadn’t shouted at them to come out, they would probably have to hide until the end.

“You guys dare?”

“You guys can think clearly.”

“Once you join the war, you will declare war on my Chu Sect on behalf of your Indian Martial Dao!”

“When that time comes, when I settle Yanxia, the next to be swept away will be your Indian Martial Dao!”

“Kill all of you Indians!”

The appearance of King Buddha Luo and the others made Chu Yuan realize a few things that were not good, and immediately began to make verbal threats.

However, King Buddha Luo and the three of them were no fools and were not intimidated by Chu Yuan’s threats, but instead, they even said with a smile on their faces, “Sect Master Chu, we are also helpless.”

“You said that if we didn’t make a move, your grandson would kill the three of us and also swept away our Indian Kingdom.”

“This is a cross, we are not well off.”

“This you can only rest a*sured, as long as you intervene, this Chu Tianfan is bound to die here today, and when that happens, he will naturally be unable to harm your Indian Country martial dao, I can a*sure you!” Chu Yuan continued to persuade.

However, King Buddha shook his head, “Master Chu, at the beginning, it seems that you also guaranteed with the European Martial Dao that you would live in friendship and not infringe upon each other.”

“And what happened, now all of the Western European martial dao are being trampled on by your Chu Sect’s army.”

“So, take our advice, Master Chu, you should retreat early and withdraw from Asia.”

“Otherwise, you are afraid that you will suffer a great loss.”

“You, grandson, are now far more powerful than you were back then.”

King Froh spoke repeatedly, urging Chu Yuan to retreat from Asia.

But after years of planning, how could Chu Yuan change his deployment just because of a few words from King Froh.

“Listening to the meaning of these words, a few of you are determined to intervene.”

“Since that is the case, then I will not blame my Chu Sect for instantly declaring war on the Martial Dao of India!”

Chu Yuan’s words were icy cold, his inner rage, suppressed to the extreme.

The Buddha King stretched out his hand, looking as if he would do as you please.

Then, he brought his two senior brothers and also rushed into the battlefield, blocking in front of Chu Qi Tian.

“Young Master Chu, I heard that you were injured?”

“If you’re injured, take care of your injuries.”

“Just leave this matter of fighting to your men.”

“If you feel bored, we can accompany you for a chat.”

The three Buddha Kings straddled in front of Chu Qi Tian, smiling as they took up a battle stance.

This task of Ye Fan’s was simple enough for them.

The three of them, they still had the confidence that they could hold back Chu Qi Tian.

“b*****d, get the hell out of my way! ”

Chu Qi Tian cursed, and directly attacked towards King Buddha Lo and the others.

These three seals of the Indian Kingdom were helpless and had no choice but to answer the battle.

Chu Qi Tian was soon stalled!

“Good for you, Chu Tianfan, to have such a skill.”

“I had underestimated you!”

“It seems that you have made quite a lot of preparations for today’s battle, right?”

Chu Yuan’s face was gloomy, his plan, once again, had gone down the drain.

What had been a crushing situation had now turned out to be a stalemate.

He now regretted somewhat that he should have brought the strongest members of the Jones family as well.

That way, the advantage of high-end battle power was still on their side of the Chu Clan.

And just as Chu Yuan’s old face was gloomy, another group of strong people poured in under Cloud Top Mountain.

The leader of the group was the current head of the Jones family, Mike Jones. Jones.

“Old Sect Master, I, the Jones Family, come to help you!”

Mike. Jones led hundreds of people up to the Cloud Top Mountain and met up with the strong men of the Chu Sect, while paying respectful obeisance to Chu Yuan.

When Chu Yuan heard this, he was immediately overjoyed.

“Good! Good! Good!”

Chu Yuan said three good words in a row.

The addition of the Jones Family to the Chu Sect was undoubtedly like an additional wing to the tiger.

“Now, the three main forces of my Chu Clan are gathered at Cloud Top Mountain.”

“A great ambition lies in this moment!”

“On my command, all troops will attack and level Cloud Top Mountain!”

Chu Yuan immediately launched the order for a general attack.

Before, it was only the high-end warriors who were fighting.

Now, those middle and low-end martial artists were also officially charging into the battlefield.

However, no sooner had Chu Yuan given this order than he heard, behind him, a scream of misery.

The strong men led by Mike Jones Jones led the strong men, and the drawn swords all cut into the Chu Clan’s clan.


“What the f*ck are you doing?”

“Are you guys crazy?”

Chu Yuan instantly became furious.

Seeing the Chu Clan disciples who had fallen under the Jones Clan’s swords, Chu Yuan’s old eyes were nearly bleeding.

He had just given the order to fight, and the next thing he knew, his own people were fighting each other?

What the hell was going on here?