A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2005

“That, no comment.”

“In short, it was handed over to the hands of a few of Ye Fan’s most trusted people.”

“If you want to hit on my son’s idea, I advise you to die of it early.”

Compared to this strange man in front of her, Qiu Mu Orange clearly still trusted Li Er and the others more.

She was so unlovable in life that she risked going with him and so she did.

But that child, Qiu Mu Orange obviously would not hand it over to him.

Although Qiu Mu Orange knew very well that the young lady was not her own.

However, the relationship between Qiu Mu Orange and the little one had long been like that of mother and son.

As the identity of the man in front of her was unknown, she could take the risk herself, but she would never let the little one follow her.

When the middle-aged man heard these words, he almost didn’t faint at that moment.

The descendant of his own lineage’s heritage, dare he even have the qualifications to look at it?

“That’s just it.”

“It’s good to keep that little fellow over here.”

“After all, there’s a real father here too?”

“When you’re a son, it’s best to follow your own father.”

Seeing that the little one’s wish had not been granted, the man was a little disappointed.

However, since he had come too late and the little one had already been picked up by someone else, the man simply did not force himself.

He only took Qiu Mu Orange with him.

Before leaving, the man let Qiu Mu Orange take one last look at this heaven and earth.

“Take one last look at this world as a mortal.”

“When you return again, by then, the world in your eyes will be a different light.”

A person, when standing at the top of the world and looking down on it, will see and hear something very different.

“But, have you really thought it through?”

“Chance, too, represents trials and tribulations.”

“The sword is sharpened and the plum blossom comes from the bitter cold.”

“What I am about to take you on next is a path to the top, and a difficult and rugged path full of suffering.”

“It’s not too late to regret it!”

The man stood with his arms folded, his deep and distant gaze once again looking at the beautiful and intoxicating woman in front of him.

In the tone of an elder teaching a junior, he asked her a final question.

This time, Qiu Mu Orange did not hesitate and clenched her palms: “I am not afraid.”

Soon, Qiu Mu Orange followed the middle-aged man and left the West Lake, Lin’an and Jiangbei.

When Qiu Mu Orange looked back at this land for the last time, her mind was filled with the light and shadow of that man.

“Ye Fan, just wait!”

“When I return, I will impress you.”

“At that time, I will stand even higher than you and tell you that I, Qiu Mu Orange, will always be your boss! Always above you!”

Qiu Mu Orange’s departure was silent.

Just like the falling leaves that slipped down the roadside, it did not attract anyone’s attention.

For everything that was happening in Jiangbei, Ye Fan, who was far away in India, naturally knew nothing about it.

After leaving customs, Ye Fan was dragged by Noa and went to the shopping mall to buy clothes for Gita together.

It could be said that they were buying clothes for Gita, but what really happened was that Noa pushed Ye Fan in to try on clothes at every men’s clothing shop she pa*sed by.

“Hmph, sister, you’re biased.”

“I said I would buy clothes for me, but you just show them to big brother.”

Gita was very opinionated.

Noa rubbed his little head and told him to buy it for you after buying Ye Fan’s.

For Noa’s enthusiasm, Ye Fan couldn’t refuse.

It was just as well that after such a long retreat, he was also fluffy and looked like a wild man.

It was also really time to get a new outfit.

“I didn’t expect that you were quite handsome, huh?”

Looking at the glowing man in front of her, Noa’s inner deer once again bumped up, and her gaze towards Ye Fan once again heated up.

She had known Ye Fan for quite some time.

But for a long time, Ye Fan was the kind of person who was very casual about his image management.

Dressing and hairstyling, it was all about how simple and how comfortable it was.

So, in the eyes of many people, what stood out most on Ye Fan was still his ability to cultivate.

But now, under Noa’s careful dressing.

Only then did Noa realise that Ye Fan, it turned out, was a hidden big handsome guy.

“It’s finished…”

The more Noa looked, the more she blushed, and finally covered her face and twisted her head away.

She felt herself falling, deeper and deeper.

In response to Noa’s reaction, Ye Fan was at a loss.

He scratched his head, “What a strange woman…”

As it turned out, shopping with a woman was a physical job.

After a few hours, Gita could no longer walk.

In the end, it was Ye Fan who carried her back.

“Hmph, when you said you would buy me clothes, you ended up buying dozens of pieces for big brother and just one for me… I’ll never come with you guys again…”

Gita puffed out her little mouth, furious.

Poor him, he had been tired all night for nothing.

Looking at this little guy’s angry look, both Noa and Ye Fan were amused.

Little kids, so cute.

“Ye Fan, I’ve prepared a room for you.”

“It’s right next door to mine.”

“If you need anything, feel free to call out to me…”

Ye Fan sent Noa back to the clan.

After finishing dinner, Noa blushed pretty and told Ye Fan where she would be staying for the night.

The shy look was first like a ripe cherry, hating to let people bite it.

“Noa, don’t bother.”

“I have to go to the Heavenly Master Sect and see Yao’er.” Ye Fan smiled and said.


“Aren’t you staying for the night?” Noa was lost.

Ye Fan shook his head, “No, time is of the essence, I have to leave after I explain the aftermath.”

“But… Can’t you stay just for one night?” Noa was surprisingly pretty tonight.

After dinner, she had gone to her room to wake up and dress up.

She had put on her favourite clover earrings and the necklace around her neck reflected the fairness of her skin.

She wore a white silk dress with a thin hemline, beneath which were long, white legs.

The snowy whiteness beneath the collar is even more delicate and appealing.

Noa, dressed in a pure outfit, was like a ripe peach, ready to be picked up.

But some people don’t know how to do that.

In the midst of Noa’s almost begging gaze, Ye Fan still refused.

“Humph, Ye Fan, you’re a dead wood!”

“P*sses me off!”

Looking at Ye Fan’s distant back, Noa was so angry that she stomped her jade feet straight and hummed indignantly.

That angry look was as adorable as it could be.

As for Noa’s mind, Ye Fan really didn’t know, nor did he have the energy to guess.

Right now, he only wanted to finish the matter of the Seal Country as soon as possible.

Then, start the final plan of Beacon Fire!

The Heavenly Master Sect.

“Sect Master, you have broken the rules of the sect, you deserve to kneel before the tablets of my ancestors in the Heavenly Master Sect and be punished!”

“Please, Sect Master, kneel down and receive your punishment!”

In the hall, the lights were bright.

All the patriarchs of the Heavenly Master Sect were there!

There were also disciples of all sizes from the sect.

At this moment, the gazes of these old men, without exception, all fell on the body of one person in front of them.

It was Yue Yao, the head of the Heavenly Master Sect!

Yue Yao had been a very uncomfortable Heavenly Master.

These old men did not listen to all of her orders, but merely picked and chose to carry them out.

Not only that, she, as the Sect Master, was also subject to their supervision.

The Heavenly Master, who is in charge of the discipline’s rules and punishments, whispers in her ears all day long that she can’t do this or that.

They also say that these rules have been pa*sed down from generation to generation in the Heavenly Master Sect.

Anyone must abide by them.

Anyone who violated them should be punished!

Yueyao had been caught by these old men in the past few days, and they were all against her, saying that she had violated the rules of the sect and should be punished according to the rules.

Fine, let’s punish her.

Yueyao also accepted it.

She had indeed broken the rules of the sect.

But what was the point of having so many people here to watch?

As she was helpless, Yue Yao had to look at the other Heavenly Masters as if pleading, “I say… Can we be punished in private?”

“I am always the Heavenly Master, in front of all the disciples, it will undermine my majesty, how can I carry out my work in the future?”

“No way!” The Heavenly Master of the Hall of Punishment refused outright, “Rules are rules, no one can break them!”

“Even if the old Heavenly Master is here, he still has to abide by the rules of the sect!”

“These are the rules and laws of the ancestors, they must not be broken!

“Please, Sect Master, kneel down and receive your punishment!”