A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 2002

Li Er and the others had come to Jiangbei, apart from apologizing to Qiu Mu Orange and the ultraviolet, their biggest purpose was to bring the person Ye Fan was most attached to in this world, back to Yunzhou.

The Chu Sect’s movements had not only attracted the attention of the Martial God Temple. Even Li Er and the others had sensed a few things wrong with the situation.

In the dark, Li Er and the others had a feeling that an unprecedented storm would sweep across the globe.

Moreover, it was highly likely that Yanxia would, in fact, bear the brunt of it!

“The Chu Sect has reigned over the global martial arts for countless years, and is by no means a good person who repays grievances with virtue.”

“Mr. Chu caused so much damage to the Chu Sect back then.”

“With Chu Sect’s nature, he is bound to take his anger out on others.”

“The Yanxia Martial Way was, and Lady Chu even more so.”

“And now the situation is becoming more and more urgent, the Yanxia Martial Dao is about to be devastated by life and soul. Please return to Yunzhou with us, Madam Chu.”

“When the time comes, if there is a change in Yanxia, we will all be in Jiangdong, so we will all be able to take care of ourselves.”

Lei Lao-san spoke with emotion and reason.

The three old men urged Qiu Mu Orange to return to Jiangdong.

However, to their surprise, Qiu Mu Orange refused.

Li Er San was very surprised by Qiu Mu Orange’s answer.

“Madam Chu, you must go back.”

“Not only for your sake, but also for Mr. Chu’s sake, huh?”

“You are the person Mr. Chu is most concerned about in this world.”

“If you are in danger, I am afraid that Mr. Chu will not feel at peace even under his nine springs.” Li Er advised again in a bitter voice.

Both Lei Laosan and Chen Ao were also anxious.

A matter of human life was at stake, but they did not expect that Qiu Mu Orange would not go back.

Could it be that she still hadn’t forgiven Ye Fan? Forgive Mr. Chu?

“Sister Mu Orange, you’d better go back.”

“Just think of it as for Brother Xiao Fan.”

“You are Brother Xiao Fan’s wife, and that child, moreover, is the continuation of Brother Xiao Fan’s bloodline.”

“Can you really bear to let Brother Little Fan’s only bloodline in this world, be buried here as well?”

Chen Nan stepped forward, red-eyed and persuasive as well.

Obviously, Chen Nan had already noticed Little Little Fan behind Qiu Mu Orange.

That little one, looked so similar to Ye Fan.

The same double eyelids, the same nose bridge.

Especially those eyes, they were simply identical to Ye Fan’s.

Therefore, at the first glance of Little Fan, Chu Fan had already guessed that this was Ye Fan’s child.

It was Ye Fan’s posthumous child, the child he had had with Qiu Mu Orange.


Chen Nan was truly envious.

Envious of Qiu Mu Orange, who could give birth to a son to Ye Fan.

This used to be Chen Nan’s dream.

Now, it seemed that it could only be a dream.

However, it was also because of this that Chen Nan could not sit back and watch her Little Brother Fan’s only son, die in the coming cataclysm.

If Little Fan were to die again.

Then in this world, there would truly be no trace of his Little Fan’s brother.

“This… This is really, Mr. Chu’s son?”

Li Er and Lei Lao San had obviously started to pay attention to this child as well.

After hearing those words from Chen Nan, Li Er and the three of them were all surprised and horrified.

Previously, Li Er had not thought about it in this way.

But after Chen Nan said so now, and looking at the little one’s age, it seemed that it might really be Ye Fan’s posthumous son.

In response to this, Qiu Mu Orange did not deny it.

By being silent, she was acquiescing.

Li Er and the others were undoubtedly overjoyed.

They walked over and looked at the child, tears of excitement running down their faces.


“Mr. Chu has a child.”


“Mr. Chu has a descendant…”

“Our Jiangdong, has a successor…”

Little Fan’s appearance undoubtedly caused a light to appear in the hearts of the disheartened Li Er and the three others.

Life, in an instant, had a head start.

Previously, they had always thought that Ye Fan had no children or descendants. After his fall, there was naturally no more hope.

But now, Ye Fan’s son had appeared.

In other words, this was the Crown Prince of Jiangdong!

The old king had died, and a new king had ascended to the throne!

In the future, Jiangdong could finally welcome their new master.

From now on, Li Er San, naturally, could also place all the guilt and expectation in his heart towards Ye Fan on Xiao Xiao Fan’s body.

The appearance of Ye Fan’s only son has undoubtedly strengthened their determination to bring Qiu Mu Orange and her mother back to Jiangdong.

However, it seemed that Qiu Mu Orange’s mind was already made up.

“Second Master, I know that you are doing this for my own good.”

“But that place, I really don’t want to go back.”

“I, Qiu Mu Orange, also have no face to see my father and mother in Jiangdong again.”

Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and spoke in a low voice.

The low, slow words made it impossible to hear the slightest bit of anger.

“But…” Li Er and the others still couldn’t accept it, and tried to persuade again.

Qiu Mu Orange smiled sadly, “There is no need to persuade anymore, my mind is already made up.”

“However, I can promise you all that I will let you bring Little Little Fan back to Jiangdong.”

“You guys are right, he is Ye Fan’s only blood and bone in this world.”

“My capriciousness and selfishness must not harm the child.”

Qiu Mu Orange spoke slowly.

When she said these words, Qiu Mu Orange was that calm and bland.

But, was she really calm?

In the three years since Ye Fan had left, what had sustained Qiu Mu Orange until today.

It was this child.

To the current Qiu Mu Orange, this child is everything to her.

Now, she is giving her world away.

No one knew how much courage and strength it would take for Qiu Mu Orange to make such a decision.

“I won’t go…”

“Mum, I’m not leaving.”

“I’m not leaving mum…”


Little Fan also seemed to realise the impending separation from his mother and suddenly burst into tears, clutching his mother’s hand and not letting go.

Qiu Mu Orange took him into her arms and said with a smile, “Little Fan, don’t cry.”

“You are his son, don’t disgrace him.”

“Your father had learned to be strong when he was your age.”

“You need to be strong too.”

“Later, grow up to be like your father, dazzling.”

“Only, when the time comes, don’t marry a woman who is as selfish as your mother.”

Qiu Mu Orange smiled, but the crystal tears could not stop dripping down.

The thread in a loving mother’s hand, the clothes on a wandering son’s body.

When you are about to travel, you are afraid of being late in returning.

At this moment, Qiu Mu Orange was not like the mother who was sewing clothes for her wandering son who was about to go away.

“Mother, I don’t want to leave you…”


Little Fan was still crying.

Qiu Mu Orange, however, pushed him away from the embrace.

And then, made Little Fan kneel on the ground.

In front of her, she made Little Fan kneel down to Li Er and the others.

“Madam, don’t…”

Li Er and the others where feeling the kneeling of Ye Fan’s son.

These three old guys hurriedly knelt on the ground as well, asking Qiu Mu Orange to hurry up and not let Xiao Xiao Fan kneel.

But Qiu Mu Orange ignored them and instead, in a serious and stern tone, said to Xiao Xiao Fan.

“From now on, the three of them, are your righteous fathers, and your teachers.”

“They will teach you until you reach adulthood.”

“Until you reach adulthood, any decision, any action, will be made by asking your three righteous fathers. Only after their approval will you be able to practice them.”

“No disobedience!”

“Do you hear me?”

Qiu Mu Orange said sternly.

Little Fan had rarely seen his mother look so serious and stern.

The little one’s face was still covered in tears, but he still nodded seriously, not daring not to listen.

After saying this, Qiu Mu Orange then handed the little one over to Li Er and the three others.

“Second Master, Third Master, Mr. Chen, you three, you were the people Ye Fan trusted the most during his lifetime.”

“I, Qiu Mu Orange, have little knowledge and am truly incapable of teaching Little Fan to become a man as good as his father.”

“In the future, this responsibility can only be handed over to you guys.”

“There is no need to coddle, just treat it as your own son.”

“If there is a mistake, punish it heavily;”

“If you should be beaten, you will be beaten.”

“If jade is not cut, it will not become a tool.”

Qiu Mu Orange explained everything.

Li Er and the three men were terrified and flattered, old tears were streaming down their faces, and the three old men were close to tears.