A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1991


The wind was bitterly cold and swept up the green leaves in the sky.

Everyone looked at this holy and noble woman in front of them with a puzzled look.

I don’t know why, but the people present could hear a strong sense of sorrow and longing in the words of the Moon God.

From afar, King Froo could not help but have a bad feeling in his heart.

“It can’t be…”

“It must be me being overly concerned.”

“That Moon God is a God Realm powerhouse, transcendent, and her seven emotions and six desires have long since been severed…”

“Moreover, that Chu Tianfan is just a new junior descendant who has emerged in these recent years, while the Moon God is an unparalleled powerhouse who has been famous for a hundred years, this generation difference is too great, so it is by no means possible…”

King Buddha kept shaking his head and muttering to himself.

The two of them, Haibu and Bappe, however, looked at this senior brother of theirs with puzzled eyes, wondering what exactly King Buddha was muttering blindly.

“It looks like this Moon God is really going to kill Chu Tianfan before he does.”

“Now, all of them have used this woman to force Chu Tianfan to reveal himself.”

Hai Bu and the others spoke in a deep voice.

At that moment, the heaven and earth remained silent in all directions.

Where the Moon God looked, no one’s figure had appeared.

“Don’t you waste your efforts.”

“I’ve already said that we don’t know Chu Tianfan at all, so if you shout your throat out, or kill us, he won’t appear.”

Yue Yao wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth, her eyes fearless as she looked straight at the Moon God.

“Is that so?”

“Since you have said so, there is even less reason to keep you in the world.”

The Moon God’s words were as cold as ice as he raised the long sword in his hand and cut down abruptly towards Yue Yao’s throat.

“Sister Yueyao!” Noa cried out in tears.

“No!” The disciples of the Heavenly Master Sect were even more alarmed.

In the distance, King Buddha Lo and the others shook their heads and sighed.

Thinking about this Yue Yao, a few days ago, when she was helped by Ye Fan to the position of door master, she was in such a great light.

But after only a few days of good fortune, she was going to die here today.

“If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.”

“If this girl doesn’t have the ability to lead a party, how will she be able to sit in this prestigious position for long?”

“Chu Tianfan pushed her onto the throne, seemingly for her own good, but in fact to her detriment.”

“There is no one else to blame for this woman’s calamity today, only that Chu Tianfan alone.”

King Fo Luo revealed a pitying gaze.

However, just when everyone thought that Yue Yao would be under this sword and would surely die.



At the end of the Heavenly River, a red aura suddenly flashed by.

Like lightning and thunder, it leapt through the sky.

With a “dang” sound, it crashed into the long sword in the Moon God’s hand.

In the end, the blade of the sword under the Moon God was deflected and stuck in the empty space.

The red mane, after deflecting the sword in the Moon God’s hand, also plunged steadily into the earth with a clang.

“This is…”

“Red Flame!!!”

Seeing this sword, Yue Yao was startled and Noa revealed a joyful look.

In the distance, King Froo and the others even looked tighter.

Immediately, they retreated their heads into the gra*s and trees.

They knew that the man, had arrived!

The wind…

The bitter wind blew again.

The leaves were moving and the sand was flying wildly.

At the end of the day, where the sky meets the earth, a thin figure appears just as silently.

His face was clear and his lean body stood out like a lance.

He stepped on heaven and earth, just like that true dragon stepping on the Eastern Sea, and came slowly.

At first glance, the figure was still a thousand metres away.

But when he looked again, he had already appeared in front of the Moon God.

Only a few steps away from the Moon God.

“Ye Fan!”

“Chu Tianfan?”

“He… He’s really here?”


There were some people who were born to be kings.

Just like Ye Fan at this moment, he had clearly not said a single word, let alone made a single move.

However, when he appeared, all the eyes of everyone in the world gathered on him alone.

Noa shouted with joy, while Yueyao was shocked and worried.

Those elders of the Heavenly Master Sect had their faces turned pale.

This devil.

This great devil who had once brought the whole world together to kill him.

He had finally, appeared!

“Two years ago, Chu Yuan, the Lord of the Chu Sect of the World God Realm, destroyed you on the shores of the Eastern Sea. Although after that, you managed to escape by some unknown means.”

“And now, another God Realm powerhouse has captured and killed you.”

“I just don’t know if this time, you will still have the luck you had back then!”

As Ye Fan appeared, the three Buddha King’s eyes were unblinking and their faces were gloomy to the core.

They looked at this man from afar, but all of them were guessing Ye Fan’s next fate.

One was the strongest in the Heavenly Ranking, and the other was a current God Realm.

The two men in front of them were definitely the pinnacle of combat power in this world.

One could imagine how excited King Buddha Lo and the others were in their hearts?

For a sealed powerhouse, the thing that makes them most excited and nervous is probably watching a battle between even stronger people.

However, King Buddha and the others would not know that the emotions in the hearts of Ye Fan and the Moon God would definitely not be half as great as theirs.

The moment she saw Ye Fan, all of the Moon God’s heart and mind moved away from Noa and the girls.

All her eyes were focused on the man who had disappeared from her life for a long time.

The two stood like this, looking at each other for a long time without a word.

But this silent silence was sometimes more than a thousand words!


“Why aren’t you fighting?”

“What are they doing there?”

Several minutes had pa*sed.

The amazing battle that was expected to come did not happen.

The three Buddha Kings looked at the silent and silent scene, but they were filled with anxious doubt.

“I get it…”

“They were fighting with their minds, their spiritual powers sparring with each other!”

“I’ve read from ancient texts that truly strong people, apart from possessing supreme force, have extremely terrifying spiritual power.”

“It can kill people invisibly!”

“A single flash of a thought and you’ve already lost your soul.”

“Now that the two of them are standing there motionless, looking at each other, they must be using their spiritual power to fight and kill!”

Haibu slapped his thigh and said with a sudden realization.

Bappe nodded in deep agreement, thinking it made sense.

Only King Froh felt that something was fishy and had doubts.

Could it be that they were really fighting with their minds?

The calm in this place lasted for an unknown period of time.

Several of these times, Ye Fan opened his mouth, wanting to shout out that long-lost name.

However, when the words came to his mouth, Ye Fan was simply unable to say it.

It had been two years, things were already the same, people were no longer the same.

The name that was once so intimate and familiar, Ye Fan could no longer say it.

In the end, he did not shout out the name Yue’er, but only said, “Long time no see.”

A familiar voice, a familiar face.

These four words fell into each other’s hearts, but they were like the opening of a floodgate.

The emotions that had been hidden deep in their hearts for years swept out and poured down like a flood of ten million tons.

Finally, the Moon God moved.

Like a madman, he rushed towards the direction where Ye Fan was.

“Quick, senior brother, it’s going to be a fight!”

“The battle of the God Realm doesn’t happen in a hundred years.”

“The three of us, we must watch with our eyes wide open.”

“Such a pinnacle battle is bound to be of great benefit to our cultivation!”

Haibu shouted in excitement.

The two of them, King Buddha and Bappe, also tensed their heartstrings and waited nervously for this amazing battle.

And those patriarchs of the Heavenly Master’s Way, realising that a great battle was about to start, immediately shouted wildly, “Quickly!”

“Get out of the way!”

As the saying goes, the gods are fighting.

If you get too close, you will surely die. In a moment, those around the Heavenly Master clan

At that moment, the disciples of the Heavenly Master Sect and the men of the Vyas Family were scattered and fled in all directions.

Only Noa and Yue Yao showed a worried look.

The beautiful eyes that looked at Ye Fan were filled with worry.

“Ye Fan, be careful!”

“Duck away…”

Seeing that the sword-wielding Moon God had reached Ye Fan, Noa shouted anxiously, and Yue Yao even wanted to rush over to help.

However, just when everyone thought that the battle was about to break out.

Who would have thought that the Moon God, who had rushed forward, would throw away the long sword in her hand, and then, amidst everyone’s shocked and violent gaze, directly jumped into Ye Fan’s arms and wrapped her arms forcefully around the man in front of her.

“Master ….”

“Yue’er, miss you so much…”

That poignant choked sob, with thousands of fondness and longing, pierced through the ages.

It also pierced through, the hearts of everyone present!