A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1989

“I told you so?”

“And what can you do?”

“If you have the guts, you guys will abolish my position as Sect Master!”

Yue Yao was not a nature to hold her tongue.

Straight away, the dead pig was not afraid of boiling water.

You guys can do whatever you like, you want me to break with Ye Fan, don’t even think about it?

When this Sect Master met Ye Fan back then, you old things were still hiding like dogs in some deep mountain forest?

If you want our Sect Master to give up his ten-year friendship with Ye Fan just because of a few words from you, you are simply delusional!

Of course, Yue Yao was angry, she was limited in strength and really couldn’t help these old things.

But if she couldn’t beat them, she could P*ss them off!

Yue Yao knew that these old guys valued the face of the clan more than their own lives.

Those words of Yue Yao just now were much more relieving than beating them up.

“You… You…”

As expected.

The hall full of sect patriarchs were all so angry that their faces turned red, but they couldn’t help this unreliable sect master in the slightest.

Abolishing Yue Yao was impossible, and killing her was something these old things naturally didn’t dare to do.

Moreover, these Heavenly Master Sect patriarchs had never thought about this either.

Yue Yao was after all the chosen successor of the old Heavenly Master, they did not have much faith and respect for Yue Yao at most, but the thought of harming her was still not there.


“Sect Master, you are bent on having your own way, sooner or later you will reap the consequences.”

“Just wait, it won’t take long for my Heavenly Master clan to be in great trouble because of your decision.”

“When that time comes, I will see how you will have the face to meet the dead old ancestors of the Heavenly Masters?”

“Let’s go!”

The words had come to this point, which naturally meant that the talks had collapsed.

The group of patriarchs who had no other choice but to angrily roar at Yue Yao, then turned their heads and left.

Yue Yao didn’t care about these not-so-obedient senior brothers.

Yue Yao did not listen to their scolding.

She continued to follow her plan to reorganise the sect, recruit disciples and train them.

Although these sect patriarchs often opposed Yue Yao in the matter of Ye Fan, they still dutifully carried out Yue Yao’s other policy guidelines.

After all, like Yue Yao, these people also shared a common goal.

That is, to restore the clan!

However, this peaceful day did not last for a few days.

Outside the Heavenly Master’s Gate, an unexpected guest finally arrived.

“Holy sh*t, what a beautiful girl, huh?”

“Girl, are you also here to learn from a master?”

“But, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.”

“The Heavenly Master Sect does not accept female disciples, only male trainees.”

“However, you shouldn’t be too disappointed.”

“If you can’t be a disciple of the Heavenly Master Sect, you can be the wife of a disciple of the Heavenly Master Sect.”

“What do you think of me?”

“I’m a newly promoted disciple of the Heavenly Master Sect, my future is limitless!”

Outside the Heavenly Master’s Gate, a large number of new students were amazed at the sight of this holy and beautiful woman who had fallen from the earth like a fairy.

They all came to talk to her!

But the beautiful woman in front of her was obviously not a gentle woman, and in the face of their frivolous words, she simply said, “Get lost!”


The sound was like muffled thunder.

With this sound, a fierce force swept across the room like a gale.

As far as the eye could see, everyone was shaken by the sound.

They were spitting blood and screaming!

However, the woman still left one person behind.

At this moment, when the only one left behind saw such a strange sight, he was so frightened that his legs went limp and he simply fell to the ground.

The sound was like muffled thunder, a drink of a hundred metres!

This is, what, the power of the seal?

Good heavens.

Could this be, the Chu Sect Sect Master has arrived?

This man, the only one left, was completely terrified and P*ssed.

In today’s world, there aren’t many female sealers.

One is the Chu Sect Master Tang Yun, and the second is the long-lost Queen Feng of Yanxia.

Therefore, it didn’t take a brain to guess that this ruthless woman in front of him was most likely Chu Sect’s Tang Yun.

“Da… Big Brother, spare …. Spare my life…” The man worshipped in fear and begged.

The woman only returned, “Let your Sect Master, come out to see me, I have something to ask him.”

“Yes… Yes…” Hearing this, the man was like a great pardon.

Immediately, he got up from the ground and ran like a rabbit within the sect.

Soon, Sect Master Yue Yao, the Four Heavenly Masters, and several elders…

In short, all the patriarchs of the Heavenly Master Sect, poured out their nests.

“You all, who is the Heavenly Master Sect Master?” The woman looked towards the old men and asked in a low voice.

The tone might have been icy cold, but it was kind.

However, after a young and beautiful woman stood out and claimed to be the Heavenly Master Sect Master, the holy woman in front of her changed her expression.

In her cold eyes, a few hints of hostility and anger immediately surfaced.

“You are the Heavenly Master Sect Master?” She asked coldly.

Yue Yao returned, “Precisely. I wonder what you, Your Excellency, are doing here? My Heavenly Master Sect has only been rebuilt for a few days, so I guess there should be nothing to offend Your Excellency, right?”

The woman ignored her and only asked with a slight sense of anger, “Chu Tianfan, where is he?”

“Tell him to come out!”


As these words fell, a wild storm rose around them.

Any fool could see the hatred and resentment that the woman in front of her had for Chu Tianfan himself.

What was supposed to come, had indeed come.

After learning that this person had come for Chu Tianfan, the several great Heavenly Masters and Elders of the Heavenly Master Sect all directed their gazes at Yue Yao.


“Sect Master, how did I put it?”

“At first, I advised you, but you didn’t listen.”

“How is it now?”

“A great disaster is at hand, are you satisfied?”

“Are you still bent on doing what you want? And threaten to give him children?”

The anger they had been holding for a long time was vented on Yue Yao by these clan elders at this opportunity.

Yue Yao’s face was expressionless and she was silent.

“Hmph, nothing more to say, right?”

“I have long said that women mislead the country.”

“I really don’t know what the old Heavenly Master thought in the first place, leaving the great task of the sect to a woman?”

“And now, to the extent that it has, wreaked havoc on the clan?” Several elders were furious and spoke with a cold snort.

But now, it was not the time to hold Yue Yao responsible.

It was still imperative to get rid of this terrifying woman in front of them first.

Therefore, at the critical moment, these Heavenly Master Sect patriarchs were competent and did not wimp out.

Facing the woman who was most likely a sealed powerhouse in front of them, they said without being condescending, “Your Excellency has originally come to look for Chu Tianfan.”

“I am not going to hide it from Your Excellency, we do know a Chu Tianfan, but we do not know if it is the same person as the one Your Excellency is looking for, is it?”

“I will verify this myself. You only need to tell me where he is?” The woman asked once again.

The old man from the Heavenly Master Sect returned, “It is fine to tell you, but Your Excellency must promise that after we have finished, Your Excellency must not make things difficult for my Heavenly Master Sect!”

“Moreover, the first thing we state is that my Heavenly Master Sect has nothing to do with that Chu Tianfan, and if you want to kill or be killed, our Heavenly Master Sect will never interfere.”

The woman agreed.

“Sect Master, that is all we can do.”

“The rest is up to you.”

“As long as you tell us where that Chu Tianfan is, our Heavenly Master Sect will be saved from extinction.” The patriarchs advised Yue Yao.

Yue Yao only smiled, “Senior brother, I know you want to shelter the sect, but you shouldn’t deceive people either.”

“Our Heavenly Master Sect has always been open and honest, we never do things that deceive people.”

“To know is to know, to not know is to not know.”

“We clearly haven’t seen anyone called Chu Tianfan, so why are you guys telling lies with your eyes wide open?”

“Could it be that you all think that a hallowed sect master can really be fooled by such poor lies?”

“Sect Master, you…” The sect patriarch was furious then, trembling as he rushed at Yue Yao angrily, “Even now, you’re still defending him?”

“Yue Yao, have you forgotten your own identity?”

“You are the Heavenly Master Sect Master, are you going to put the lives and deaths of our sect disciples at risk for the sake of that wild man?”

“If you do so, you are a Heavenly Master Sect Master in vain!”

These patriarchs were so angry that they were trembling.

But Yue Yao turned a deaf ear to them, instead looking firmly at the woman in front of her, “I can tell you without hesitation that I do not know Chu Tianfan, let alone where he is.”

“I would have said that even if you had killed me.”