A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1781

“How can this be?”

“Yu Rou, how can you live with a man?”

“I strongly disagree!”

After seeing that He Yurou had actually invited Ye Fan to live with her in the same place, the rich blond young master named Jack Brown next to her was undoubtedly mad with jealousy.

Immediately, he objected.

But He Yurou didn’t even bother to pay him any mind and wouldn’t even look at him.

“Mr Chu, don’t pay any attention to him.”

“I don’t have any relationship with him apart from the fact that we go to the same school.” He Yurou explained to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan, however, smiled in a slightly deeper sense “But I see, this young master, doesn’t seem to think so, does he?”

“I don’t care what he thinks, whether it has anything to do with me or not.” He Yurou seemed to be disgusted with this young master called Jack Brown, and had little good temper whenever she spoke of him.

“Mr. Chu, it’s getting late, so let me take you to my flat first.”

“Just in time, I’ll help you guys clean up your rooms as well.”

He Yurou could not wait to start living together with Ye Fan, and after only a few sips of coffee, she immediately invited both Ye Fan and Tang Yun to her residence.

And this, no doubt, was just what Ye Fan wanted.

Both of them, right now, needed a quiet and safe residence to heal and recover from their injuries.

“Sir, please settle the bill first.”

At this time, the waiter came over to rush the bill.

Ye Fan nodded his head and was about to go to the bag to get the money. Instead, He Yurou was one step ahead and helped Ye Fan with the negative.

“Yurou, it’s so much trouble for you.”

“You said you didn’t just manage to live, you even managed to eat and drink.” Ye Fan smiled and thanked him.

He Yurou was delighted and said, “It’s the right thing to do.”

“Mr. Chu has come a long way, you are the guest and I am the host, how can I let Mr. Chu break the bank.”

“What’s more, my father has offended you before, so I, as a daughter, would like to apologise to you for my father.”

He Yurou smiled charmingly and said softly to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was not polite either and laughed, “Since you have said so, then I can also not give you any courtesy.”

“When I return to Jiangdong in the future, I will definitely return this favor to you.”

In the midst of their conversation, they had already boarded a taxi and were on their way to He Yurou’s flat.

“Yurou, wait for me!”

“Wait for me!”

“He Yurou, are you so disgusted with the new and the old?”

From behind, came Jack Brown’s angry shout.

He and He Yurou had been classmates for a long time, but who would have thought that this He Yurou would be so heartless that she would just leave him behind and follow Ye Fan and the two of them on her own.

“Yurou, I see that this man is not bad looking and he is quite devoted to you, why not give him a chance?” In the car, Ye Fan asked jokingly.

But He Yurou shook her head “Mr. Chu, you must not be deceived by this guy’s appearance.”

“This guy is a sea king.”

“He’s tangled up with so many pretty girls at school.”

“And, just from what I’ve heard, there are no less than five girls who have had abortions because of him.”

“And he is extremely bad in character, this kind of person, even if the conditions are good, I will not consider being with him.”

Ye Fan nodded his head as he listened, “Indeed. Love and marriage is a lifelong matter. Honestly, family background, power and wealth, in my opinion, are all secondary. When choosing a person, character is the primary concern.”

“Yes, just like Mr. Chu.”

“I heard my father say that many years ago, Mr. Chu was just a superfluous son-in-law of the Qiu family and suffered humiliation among Miss Qiu’s family.”

“Even, even Miss Qiu did not understand you.”

“If it were anyone else, I guess he would have been unable to bear the humiliation and left the Qiu family long ago.”

“But Mr. Chu was always the same and never gave up on Miss Qiu.”

“Even though he later took over Yunzhou and became famous in Jiangdong.”

“Yet he still never forgot his bad wife.”

“I believe the Mufan Group that Miss Qiu is in charge of is the one that Mr. Chu founded for his beloved wife.”

“Seriously, Mr. Chu, I envy Miss Qiu too much.”

“Envious of her luck, envious of her vision, and even more envious of the fact that she has Mr. Chu’s undying love.”

He Yurou spoke softly, all yearning and envy in her low, slow words.

Honestly, in the eyes of He Yurou or any other person, the present-day Qiu Mu Orange had long been unworthy of the present-day Ye Fan.

After all, Qiu Mu Orange was just the daughter of a commoner.

Her background was mediocre, her family was mediocre.

What’s more, during the years when Ye Fan was in the family, Qiu Mu Orange had always been cold to Ye Fan.

He Yurou had also heard that during those years, Qiu Mu Orange had never let Ye Fan into her bed.

Therefore, after Ye Fan became the emperor of Jiangdong, many people speculated that Ye Fan would have repudiated his wife.

After all, Ye Fan’s marriage to Qiu Mu Orange was a joke from the start.

But the subsequent development was beyond everyone’s expectation.

Not only did Ye Fan not cold-shoulder Qiu Mu Orange, but he even pushed her into the position of Queen of Jiangdong, helping Ye Fan to take control of his hometown’s hometown.

Even his conglomerate had added Qiu Mu Orange’s name to it.

This true love and devotion of Mr. Jiangdong Chu had indeed conquered many people at that time.

While He Yurou was saying these words, Tang Yun, who had been silent, was getting more and more downcast.

There were inexplicable emotions welling up in those beautiful eyes.

Perhaps, she had some regrets.

She regretted her decision that night.

She shouldn’t have gone with Ye Fan.

Ye Fan already had a family, and she was only a latecomer after all.

How could she ruin Ye Fan’s family just because of her impulse?

The more she thought about it, the more depressed Tang Yun’s mood became.

Her expression also darkened.

Suddenly, she could not see a future for her and Ye Fan.

And while Tang Yun was thinking nonsense, a pair of strong palms quietly reached over and held her with force.

“There’s nothing to envy.”

“Mu Orange and I, maybe we’ve been together for a long time, love or affection, we can’t tell anymore.”

“Yurou, you’re still young, you’ll meet a great guy too.”

“Perhaps, he’s doing better than even me.” Ye Fan made an effort to digress from the topic.

The matter of Qiu Mu Orange and Tang Yun was ultimately a rather sensitive topic for Ye Fan.

Especially since Tang Yun was here, it wasn’t good to talk too much about it.

“Mr. Chu, have you ever heard of a saying?” He Yurou suddenly asked.

Ye Fan was curious “What saying?”

He Yurou looked at Ye Fan and said in a soft voice “Once upon a time the sea was too vast to be water, except for the witch mountain which is not a cloud.”

“Sometimes, after seeing the greatness of a high mountain, when you look at anyone else, it is just a flat river and hills.”

“This,” the corners of Ye Fan’s eyes jumped, not knowing why, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, at this time, Tang Yun beside him gave Ye Fan another fierce pinch on his arm.

Ye Fan, this bastard, was really a slag.

Peach blossoms everywhere, leaving love everywhere.

Ye Fan grimaced in pain, but in his heart, he was screaming injustice.

Heaven and earth could see that.

This high mountain that He Yurou was talking about was definitely not him.

After all, he and He Yurou had only met a few times, at most they were just casual encounters.

Tang Yun must have wronged him.

Seemingly seeing Ye Fan’s slightly changed expression, He Yurou smiled again and said “Giggle”

“Mr. Chu, I’m just kidding.”

“It’s still early for me to find something like a boyfriend.”

“I just want to become better now, so that I can also make myself worthy of someone better.”