No Matter What Chapter 94

“I heard that you can refine ……” Shu Di only said two words before he saw Di Jiu’s unfriendly look and his eyes swallowed his words before he said weakly, “There is also the possibility of using essence blood… …”

Di Jiu’s eyes lit up, yeah. He didn’t hesitate to spray an essence blood on this grey stone, and after waiting for half a day, the grey stone still didn’t react halfway.

Di Jiu was a little disappointed as he picked up this stone, as his cultivation level increased, he felt more and more that this stone hanging on his chest was not a good thing.

When he touched the stone with his divine thoughts, he could feel a vast aura in the stone, which seemed to be an origin and an order fused together. If he met a strong person in the future and they swept their divine thoughts, then he would have nothing to hide.

Even if Di Jiu had never been in the real world of cultivation, he knew that it was a time bomb hanging on his chest.

The essence blood did not respond and Di Jiu’s divine thoughts had to forcefully rush into this grey stone this time. Every time his divine thoughts communicated with this grey stone before, it was because he met difficulties while deducing the formation dao, never like this time, his divine thoughts forcibly had to communicate with the situation inside the grey stone.

“Boom!” Di Jiu’s divine thought had just forcibly penetrated a sliver of it when a terrifying aura blasted into Di Jiu’s sea of consciousness, as if an order of heaven and earth had rea*sembled. Without a reason, Di Jiu touched that it was a terrifying rule of the universe, and Di Jiu opened his mouth and a blood mist spurted out.

A tearing pain filled Di Jiu’s brain, and Di Jiu’s eyes went black, his only thought at this moment was that he was finished.

The grey stone in Di Jiu’s hand turned into a grey aura and went into Di Jiu’s eyebrow.

“Big brother ……” The tree brother who was blown aside by the majestic qi rose up in panic and rushed over with a quick step.

If Di Jiu died, it would die as well.

Almost as soon as the stone had not entered Di Jiu’s eyebrow, the beautiful woman in the jade coffin moved her eyebrows, that is, her hand moved. Then a faint aura began to slowly gather from the surroundings and was absorbed by the woman.

“Big brother, are you alright?” Shu Di, who rushed to Di Jiu’s side, panted when he saw that Di Jiu had opened his eyes.

Where was the stone? Di Jiu looked at his empty hands and felt anxious. The stone was really too useful to him, once the stone had a problem, then he was an ordinary cultivator.

An ordinary cultivator, not to mention three years, even if it was thirty years, he might not be able to become a rank four formation master.

“I’m fine ……” Di Jiu had just said three words when he felt one more thing in his sea of consciousness.

A stone with a golden lightning bolt was quietly lying in the middle of his sea of consciousness. Di Jiu was relieved, he didn’t know how the golden stone had gone to his sea of consciousness, as long as the stone was still there, then it was good.

Then Di Jiu’s heart was even more relieved, the stone was hidden in his sea of consciousness, even the strongest person should not be able to sweep it, right? Unless one broke through his sea of consciousness.

“It’s ready to go.” Di Jiu stood up.

“How do I leave?” Little Tree Man asked blankly, just because Di Jiu was fine just now, it didn’t mean they could leave now.

“You can just follow me.” Di Jiu had studied the Dao of Formation for three years, all with basic knowledge of formations plus the thirty-four pillars in this great hall.

According to what he understood, the thirty-four pillars here and the two pillars outside formed exactly a Big Dipper Formation. It was impossible for him to even study through such a great formation, not to mention setting it up.

However, Di Jiu thought that he did not need to set it up, nor did he need to study it through, he just needed to go out from this great hall.

This hall was a 36th Heavenly Dipper Formation, and there were also trapping formations, killing formations and other formation patterns built inside this Heavenly Dipper Formation.

Di Jiu thought that all he had to do was to destroy the killing formation and open the door of the great hall. He could not fully understand this big formation, but he could still do it if he wanted to find out which piece of the killing formation pattern was that.

Just because he couldn’t set up this killing formation, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t destroy it either.

Once again, Di Jiu circled around the great hall and on the sixth day, Di Jiu stopped, he was sure that this stone pillar he was on was where the formation pattern that controlled the killing formation of the Big Dipper Palace was.

The chopper was sacrificed by Di Jiu, and when he felt Di Jiu’s gathered Qi, Shu Di hurriedly called out, “Big brother, I’d better hide inside the ring.”

Three years ago, when Di Jiu kicked Zhai Jie away and he hit the stone wall of the Big Dipper Palace, the scene where the violent killing qi strangled Zhai Jie into pieces was clear to it.

Even though it knew that it could only die if Di Jiu died, it still did not want to die so miserably.

Even if the little tree man didn’t say anything, Di Jiu didn’t intend to let this little tree root stay outside. After the killing formation was destroyed, in case there were any serious consequences, the little tree man would only make his hands even more confused by being outside.

Putting the tree disciple away, Di Jiu’s surrounding aura began to climb, the chopper transformed into a tearing blade mane and slashed down, the blade form almost in this instant ……

The violent blade intent had just coalesced out when a frightened, clear voice shouted, “No ……”

Di Jiu’s scalp tingled, and he actually saw the woman in the jade coffin in the middle of the hall sit up and stop Di Jiu’s slash in panic.

If before the wind-shafted blade came out, Di Jiu might have been able to stop his blade. Now, once his Feng Xiao Blade had struck, there was no turning back from the unrelenting momentum. With his current strength, he was not yet able to achieve the freedom of retrieving and sending out the Wind-Shaw Blade.

“Boom!” The chopper blasted on top of the stone pillar.

According to Di Jiu’s original thought was that this slash would destroy the killing formation pattern on the stone pillar, and then he would go on to blast open the door of the Great Hall.

After this slash came down, Di Jiu felt that something was wrong, he seemed to have done something wrong. Following this, his entire being seemed to be out of his control, and space began a kind of terrifying rotation. Even if Di Jiu had cultivated to the seventh level of Qi cultivation, he was lifted off by this terrifying rotation and then kept hitting the hall wall of the great hall.

There was a sound of bones breaking and blood splattering, and Di Jiu could only save a trace of his thoughts with his own will.

Likewise the jade coffin in the middle was lifted off, the woman in it was flung out just as much, and then with this rotation, it kept crashing into the hall walls of the great hall.

Deep within a protective formation on the planet Fairy, a sound so dull that it exploded, and then several rays of light broke through the formation, which tore out a terrifyingly huge black hole in the space outside this formation.

The green planet, which had been a neighbour of Earth for many years, broke through its original bonds and entered the huge black hole.

After Andromeda disappeared into the black hole, the black hole slowly recovered.

The solar system seemed to return to its original form once again, and the sudden appearance of Andromeda disappeared abruptly.


All the people on Andromeda could feel the violent shaking of Andromeda at this moment, as if the planet would disintegrate in the next moment.

All the people could only do one thing, and that was to find a tree or something fixed to cling to.

After an unknown amount of time, the woman who had been thrown out of the jade coffin finally grabbed a stone pillar and followed it with a tablet from her ring.

A gesture kept being made by her, and the violently spinning hall finally slowly eased down and eventually came to a complete stop.

The beautiful woman had anger on her face as she walked over to Di Jiu, who had long since pa*sed out and was still spilling blood from the corner of her mouth.

Without using her divine mind to sweep, the woman could see that Di Jiu’s bones were shattered all over his body, and his meridians were also broken to pieces.

The woman who wanted to slap Di Jiu into pieces sighed and muttered, “It’s kind of because of you that I woke up early, when the time comes to leave you on a planet to fend for yourself …… Huh, how come all those people from the trial are still there?”

The woman’s divine thoughts swept out, and soon she came back to her senses, those who came to this planet back then to look for the Refining Tablet and wanted to rob this planet had all died. Those who came here now to try were all mole crickets with extremely poor cultivation, not those people back then.

No, there were some slightly stronger ants who had come to try out before these ants. Her divine thoughts swept into the caves of a few cultivators who were not even Foundation Establishment practitioners, what was going on here? How many years had she slept by herself?

Frowning for a moment, the Jedi woman quickly put these thoughts aside. Wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth, she walked over to the jade coffin and raised her hand to put it away. For the sake of this planet, her Blue family had given too much. Back then this was her mother’s planet, and her mother had fallen here.

Today she, Lan Ru, would once again reclaim this planet for her mother, and from now on, the Big Dipper would no longer be relevant to outsiders.