Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6330

  Helena then retold the entire process of her meeting with Howard to Ye Chen in relative detail.

When mentioning the price, she lied, “Mr Ye, the price I finally reached with Howard is that he pays eleven hundred billion US dollars in cash, plus building a complete set of ai models in Northern Europe and maintaining them for at least twenty years of updates and upgrades.”

“Eleven hundred billion dollars?” Ye Chen couldn’t help but be a little surprised, and spoke, “You’re making Howard haemorrhage money!”

Helena laughed, “Who let him only willing to offer 100 million US dollars at the beginning, if he took the initiative to open a 10 billion, I might lift it to 20 billion is almost the same, the result is that he opened his mouth to come to a 100 million US dollars, the tone of voice is still as if he had offered a heavenly price, I thought of simply not to do anything, and knocked him hard.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “The Rothschild family is rich, let them out some blood for them can not reach the point of injury, Howard’s heart should still feel cost-effective.”

Helena smiled and said, “In a few more years it’s estimated that he’ll be willing to pay two hundred billion dollars for an elixir.”

Ye Chen said, “It depends on his specific performance, if he doesn’t perform well, he won’t sell any pills to him in the future.”

Helena on the other end of the phone spoke at this time, “By the way Mr Ye, when is convenient for you, give me a bank card, I will wire you your portion of the money.”

Ye Chen just wanted to agree, but suddenly felt as if something was not quite right.

With Helena’s character, if this order was really sold for eleventy billion US dollars, she would definitely find all sorts of reasons to lower her own share, and I’m afraid I’d have to spend a lot of words if I wanted her to take half of it as agreed.

But now Helena, almost without any hesitation, will be directly with their own 50-50 split, which is very different from her usual performance, which also let Ye Chen is sure that there must be something fishy inside.

Ye Chen speculated in his heart, Helena probably lied to herself, the actual transaction price, there should not be eleven hundred million dollars so high, she is very likely to deliberately report the price, as a way to reduce the part of the remuneration she deserves!

Thinking of this, he said to Helena, “You can hold this money for me first, I don’t have much use for money, not to mention that such a large amount of cash, I don’t have a suitable account to place it in at hand at the moment.”

Ye Chen was worried that Helena would divide the vast majority of the sales proceeds amongst herself, so he planned to not take this money for now, and wait until he figured it out.

What’s more, he really wasn’t short of money right now, and had an abundant cash flow that he couldn’t pay back, he didn’t need this more than 50 billion US dollars at all, so he might as well leave the money in Helena’s hands first, on the one hand, it would prevent Helena from giving it to him more than she wanted, on the other hand, I’m afraid that in the future, I’m afraid that I will inevitably be able to use a large amount of money in Europe and America, and if the money was placed in Helena’s hands, it would be more convenient to spend it in Europe and America.

Helena was still unaware of Ye Chen’s intentions, thinking that he really didn’t have a suitable account to receive the funds, so she asked him, “If you need a hidden account, I can contact the Swiss bank for you and ask them to open an account with a high level of secrecy for you.”

“No need.” Ye Chen smiled and said, “Just leave it with you for now, I will contact you when I need to use it.”

Helena hesitated for a moment, but still agreed, saying, “That’s fine Mr Ye, I’ll keep this $55 billion for you first.”