Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6329

As soon as Howard’s words left his mouth, the entire scene erupted in applause!

The Rothschild family members other than Steve and Royce, almost simultaneously jumped up and applauded wildly!

Like David Rothschild, even involuntarily shed tears of excitement!

None of them wanted Howard to abdicate, much less Steve to succeed him.

Maintaining the status quo is their greatest luxury, because maintaining the status quo can ensure that their immediate vested interests will not be too much impact, perhaps in the future, in case of great achievements, there is also the opportunity to reverse the trend to replace Steve and become the new heir.

Originally, they thought that maintaining the status quo was an impossible dream, but never thought that this dream would come true.

Steve at this time has been unlovable, he guessed it would be such a situation, just did not expect, this father can put this matter so crowned, which makes him heart is very angry.

However, the unfortunate thing is that the old man has listed himself and his son as the first and second successor, so that their own chances of succeeding to the throne since the future is much larger, as long as there is no trouble in the middle of this, he is bound to be the next patriarch of the Rothschild family.

Howard looked at the vast majority of children and grandchildren’s reaction, heart is also very satisfied.

Thinking of the next few years, he can still be here to give orders, he could not help but sigh, this 60 billion, spent in fact quite worthy, he could not help but feel: “Oops, this person hard to earn money, for is not more than a few years of good life? If there is a chance to live to two hundred years old, half of the family property to hand over what is it?”


Two hours later, Helena returned to Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

On this journey, she was thinking about how exactly she should report the progress she had made in New York to Ye Chen.

Speak truthfully? That was impossible.

Because Ye Chen had previously agreed with her that Helena could take half of the price that this elixir was sold for.

This elixir actually sold for sixty billion dollars plus a set of ai models, the ai models were a condition attached by Ye Chen, so they weren’t in the scope of the split, which meant that if it was true what Ye Chen said, he should get thirty billion dollars.

However, how could he take so much money from Ye Chen?

This was something that Helena could not convince herself of no matter what.

Therefore, after thinking about it, she decided to lie to Ye Chen, and reported the Rothschild family’s $50 billion deposit to Ye Chen according to sales as well, telling Ye Chen that the elixir had bought $110 billion, and according to the agreement, she herself would take away $55 billion of it, and give $55 billion to Ye Chen.

In this way, what he actually took away was only five billion US dollars.

This was already the highest commission that Helena could accept deep down.

Having made up her mind, Helena took out her mobile phone and made a call to Ye Chen.

And at this moment, Ye Chen was still on the plane returning to Jinling, which was still almost an hour’s flight away.

Since Wu Feiyan was in the United States, after Ye Chen tossed back to the United States from Canada, he didn’t take the more eye-catching Concorde airliner, but instead took an inconspicuous ordinary business jet, and the journey back to his country was stretched out a lot.

The plane’s speed was slow, plus a stopover in the middle to resupply fuel, so after flying for more than ten hours, it hadn’t yet reached its destination.

When he received a voice call from Helena, Ye Chen guessed that she should be reporting good news to himself, so he picked up and asked her with a smile, “Helena, you’ve already left New York?”

“Yes.” Helena said respectfully, “Mr Ye, I have returned to Canada and wanted to call to report to you about what happened in the Rothschild family.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Go ahead, I’ll listen.”