Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6327

Royce’s heart was aggravated.

But aggrieved as he was, he didn’t dare to say even one more word in the face of his furious father.

Thus, without a word, father and son came to the family conference room one after the other.

Inside this conference room, which resembled the style of a medieval European court, almost all the family members had already arrived.

However, the old man hadn’t come yet.

Everyone knew that today was definitely the day that the old master would pass the throne to Steve, and when the old master announced it, Steve would officially become the leader of the entire Rothschild family, so although every single person’s expression was ugly, they also thought in their hearts that they would definitely think of every possible way to curry favour with Steve as much as possible later on.

In the future, everyone’s resource income, as well as the power of life and death, would be in Steve’s hands.

Seeing Steve and Royce coming, all of them, without exception, all stood up from their seats, and the flush of feeling, like a military meeting, a group of generals to see the commander when the solemnity.

Several of Steve’s younger brothers, for a moment, eagerly surrounded him, attentive to greet him.

Steve saw the false and flattering expressions of several people, and although he was not happy in his heart, he still nodded his head very politely to each and every one of them.

The youngest brother, David Rothschild, said very attentively, “Big brother, I also wanted to pay a visit last night, but your housekeeper said that you were closed to guests, tonight you must give my brother a chance to say anything, I have prepared some small gifts, and I want to personally send them to your mansion!”

Steve gave a sarcastic smile and said, “David you have the heart, but how can I be so kind as to let you break the bank.”

David busily said, “Big brother, what else do you have to be polite with me, we are these siblings now, since we were young, you love me the most.”

Other people see David grabbed the first kneeling, a time also do not fall behind, panicked to Steve set up a close relationship.

Steve calmly watched these people’s performance, his heart became more and more sober.

He knew that once the old master did not pass the patriarchal seat to himself, these people would definitely change their faces immediately, and at that time, they would definitely have to fight with themselves again, in order to fight for as much as possible to gain the old master’s favourable impression, and fight for the chance to replace himself as the heir.

Therefore, as long as he could not succeed the throne today, these younger brothers would still aim to replace him, they would see him as their biggest competitor, and would definitely not really bow down to him.

At this moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open, and everyone immediately followed the sound, and saw the old butler open the door of the conference room, and immediately after that, Old Master Howard walked in with a light step.

When the crowd saw Howard walk in by himself, each and every one of them was jaw-dropped.

The old man had a stroke, most of the people here have seen, so they thought, the old man out today will have to sit in a wheelchair and rely on people to push in, but who would have thought, a night not seen, the old man has been sick all the way!

However, shock after shock, these people saw the old master as bright as ever, without exception, all greatly relieved.

In the Rothschild family, in addition to Steve’s family hope that the old man died earlier, all other people, hope that the old man healthy.

For these family members who have no chance to become the heir, if the old master is healthy and in power, they will have the best days, once the old master is sick and dead, they will all be cleaned and cut by the new patriarch.

David Rothschild reacted the fastest, one second, he was surrounding Steve, grabbed the closest and best position with Steve, the next second, he had raised the crowd, darted towards Howard.

“Father!” David was the first to ride in the dust, rushed to Howard’s front, then immediately used his arm to support the other party’s arm, said nervously in his mouth: “Father, how did you walk over by yourself? Is there no problem with your body?!”

Those sons who originally still surrounded Steve, all of a sudden came back to their senses, one by one on one side can’t help but cursing in their hearts that the brain on David’s neck that is younger than theirs reacts just as fast, on the other side, they all also hung Steve out to dry, and flew to Howard’s heel.