Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6326

Helena smiled faintly, “Mr Ye has already returned to China, if you have the chance, you can speak to him personally.”

“I …… “Steve was suffocated and wimpy when he heard this.

“This Nima, the spatial expression of loyalty are not qualified to chant? You have to rush to Huaxia and say it in front of Ye Chen.”

Although Steve was depressed, he didn’t dare to say anything more, and could only compensate with a smile, “OK, OK, OK, when I’m done with the matter at hand, I’ll get in touch with Mr Ye, and go to China to pay a visit to Mr Ye in person!”

Helena nodded, “That’s more like it.”

By the time Steve was speechless, the two had walked to the helicopter, so Helena spoke up, “Mr Rothschild will be sent here, don’t you have a meeting at ten o’clock? It looks like it’s almost time.”

Steve said with a touch of respect, “Then, Your Majesty, I won’t see you back to Canada.”

Helena nodded slightly and reported a smile, her knitted brows and smile were dignified, and between her hands and feet, she showed her royal demeanour.

Steve looked, the heart trembled, not on Helena’s appearance temperament feel moved, but think, this Helena is more dignified, in their own eyes is more evil.

In her twenties, opening her mouth was all about killing, how could this be compared to an ordinary person?

However, Steve did not dare to have any dissatisfaction, watched Helena board the helicopter and watched the helicopter far away, only to be considered a sigh of relief, turned around, and was about to go back, just to meet his son Royce, who was looking for him.

As soon as Royce saw him, he said sharply, “Dad, grandpa said that he wants you to go directly to the family conference room after dropping off the empress, there’s going to be a meeting.”

Steve said listlessly, “Okay, I know, go now.”

Royce, who was on the side, saw that his father’s mood was a bit lost, and hurriedly lowered his voice and asked cautiously, “Dad, will you still be able to succeed the throne successfully today?”

Steve shook his head and said dismally, “Don’t dream, your grandfather won’t keep his word.”

“What?!” When Royce heard this, he instantly questioned with a horrified face, “Why? Didn’t we agree to hold a family meeting and pass the patriarchal seat to you today?!”

Steve laughed bitterly, “What’s the point of saying yes? It’s not like it’s written in the contract, so whether you let it or not, isn’t it all up to your grandfather?”

Royce did not sleep all night last night, only thinking that today after his old man was honoured to ascend to the throne, he can also follow the leap to become the first heir of the family, when I do not know how many people want to lick themselves on their knees, he has even begun to fantasize about the Nordic Empress Helena’s image of himself.

But the beautiful dream just do a night, his own old man even said that the succession is no play, this …… this is not pit people?

Royce, who has never experienced the social beatings, had red eyes in a split second, choked and asked, “Dad, grandpa won’t let you succeed the throne, so won’t we be happy for nothing? If you don’t succeed the throne, will Queen Helena still be willing to marry me?”

Steve cried and laughed and said, “If I just succeed the throne, there is no way Helena will marry you.”

“Why?” Royce asked in disbelief, “Could it be that even after I become the first Rothschild heir, I won’t be able to get into her good graces?”

Steve thought of Ye Chen and said resentfully, “This woman has already sold her soul to the devil!”

Royce thought that his dad meant by this, that Helena had an evil character, so he subconsciously said, “It doesn’t matter dad, I can do it.”

Steve glared at him, “Is this something you can do if you can?

Royce looked puzzled, “Helena even came over to see Grandpa in person today, isn’t she trying to draw closer to us? Wouldn’t she still refuse to marry us?”

Steve kicked him and cursed, “Shut up you ah! In the future, if I hear you mention the marriage with the Nordic royal family again, don’t blame me for smacking you with my big mouth!