Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6106

Saying this, Bruce Weinstein continued with a somewhat pained expression, “After I realised that my wife might have cheated on me, I quietly installed a camera in my house, and at the end of my holiday, heading to the Las Vegas airport to get ready for my flight to New York, the camera caught that bastard Matt going to my house!”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but say, “This guy’s guts are too big, he didn’t even wait for your plane to take off, he couldn’t wait to fool around with your wife.”

Bruce Weinstein clenched his fists and said with hatred, “This is also the point that I am most most furious about! To be exact, I hadn’t even arrived at the airport yet, and that son of a bitch was already at my house!”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Don’t you ever think about finding the dignity you deserve as a man?”

Bruce Weinstein cried out at once and choked, “What can I do ah …… Even if I am angry again, it is impossible to go against the Rothschild family! They are rich, and I can only earn a few million dollars a year, and I am now middle-aged, it is the most difficult age to find a job, if I leave the Rothschild family one day, I can not even find a job of 300,000 dollars a year, for the sake of money, I can only tolerate the anger.”

Ye Chen smiled, “Then you are really a Ninja Turtle.”

Saying that, Ye Chen asked, “By the way, since you installed a camera in your house and captured that Matt going to your house, did you capture anything a bit more powerful?”

“There ……” Bruce Weinstein said truthfully, “I was also installing a small hidden camera inside the socket across the bed in my house, and captured a video of the two of them meticulously. ”

Ye Chen asked again, “What about the video?”

Bruce Weinstein busily said, “It’s in my private computer, hidden by me.”

Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction and asked with a smile, “During this period of time, you didn’t even dare to accuse your wife of cheating on you, and you had to make way for that pair of dogs and men and create the opportunity to have an affair, so have you ever had a certain moment when you felt that you didn’t deserve to be a man?”

Bruce Weinstein gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve always felt unworthy of being a man! That’s why I’ve always tried to get more women in any way I can during my time in New York, it’s the only way I can get some peace and some balance in my heart.”

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “Bruce you’ve endured for too long, in our Chinese words, there’s no need to endure any longer if you can’t bear it, I suggest that you can completely explode a little tonight and be a real man!”

Bruce Weinstein heart and scared, subconsciously waved his hands, “Sorry sir, I really do not dare to offend the Rothschild family, and I can not afford to lose my job that pays a few million dollars a year …… Compared with these, I would rather I am not a man! ……”

Ye Chen’s tone was majestic, invisible and quietly ferrying in a few points of aura, sternly said, “Bruce Weinstein! You have to remember! From now on, in this world, there is nothing more important than you finding your manly dignity! Anyone who dares to humiliate you in terms of a man’s dignity, no matter who he is, and no matter how much money he has, as well as how high his social status is, you will fight him to the end! Even if the price of being tough is that you will die tomorrow, you must remain tough and hard until the moment you die, and be a true man! Understand?!”

Bruce Weinstein’s entire spirit was suddenly lifted, hysterically shouting, “I understand!!!”