Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6103

  ”Our family business scale back then, although it is considered relatively large, but the antiques industry is, after all, a very pressure on the capital of the project, counting the family property may have a billion or even billions of dollars, but a large part of it is the inventory in shops around the world, really want to come up with two hundred million U.S. dollars really have the heart to do so;”

“And, antiques this business, inventory want to realise can not be too fast, the more inventory, the more you have to be calm;”

“Because the antiques industry, like the stock market, the most afraid of is the concentration of selling smash plate, I can buy ten Yuan Qinghua porcelain from all over the world in one breath, the more I buy, the higher the price of blue and white porcelain on the market, but I absolutely can’t sell ten Yuan Qinghua in one breath, in that case, the other Yuan Qinghua collectors may panic, and then follow the selling, the price of Yuan Qinghua to the ground;” “And this line of business of antiques can’t liquidate too fast, the more inventory, the more calm you have to be; to the ground;”

“So, at that time, even if we wanted to sell something working capital is not realistic, otherwise the profit of this single, may invariably be our own smashing behaviour to lose out, coupled with the time cycle of the mortgage is also relatively long, so at that time, almost couldn’t eat this single;”

“At that time, I know that your father is also very interested in antiques, so I want to pull on his partnership, one can solve the problem of my hand funds, the second is also regarded as together to make a fortune, because I estimated at that time, that batch of antiques to take in, and then brought back to Hong Kong Island successive auctions to the domestic collectors, then, two years time to clear out, recovery of three hundred and fifty million U.S. dollars is absolutely no problem; ”

“So, I propose and your father each contribute half, and then the profit is also divided in half, but your father’s meaning is that he can out of this 100 million dollars, but he hopes that I can be that batch of antiques divided into two, my family’s half, by me to deal with, his half, he wants to donate it back to the Chinese Embassy in the United States through the Chinese Embassy in the United States;”

“I did admire his decision very much at that time, so when this batch of antiques was taken down by our joint efforts, I secretly shipped them all to New York, and then asked him to come over and personally select them;”

“My thought at that time was that no matter which ones your father selected and how much they were worth, as long as he selected them, let him take them away and forward them to the embassy, even if our Zhou family ended up losing money, I would still recognise this order.”

Said here, Zhou Liang Yun lamented: “At that time, the batch of antiques, the most is porcelain, I and your father together, began to check one by one inventory of this batch of porcelain, check is very simple, is to open each piece of porcelain independent packaging, against the list, to find the list of the specific details, after checking out after checking a little bit, no problem and then put it back, and continue to check next! One;”

“When your father took out a Yue kiln celadon jug from the box, the jug fell directly on the ground and cracked, and your father-in-law, your father was also clearly felt the jug’s vibration, and then we both saw the jug cracked open, there is a palm-sized ancient book inside;”

“At that time, we also thought that the book recorded a certain period of unknown history, the two of us sat on the ground, I watched your father open the book, but immediately after, the book turned into ashes and disappeared. ……”

Hearing this, Ye Chen could not help but sigh, “It seems that the hidden logic as well as the triggering logic of the Preface of the Nine Xuan Scriptures and the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures are the same.”

“Right.” Zhou Liang Yun nodded and said, “At that time, I only felt that it was a bit weird, but your father told me that the contents of the book had completely entered his mind, I naturally didn’t believe it at that time, thinking that your father was joking, but I didn’t think that he would actually use the ink, paper and inkstones from the shop to write the contents of the book word by word, and that he couldn’t stop once he wrote it; “