Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6099

Zhou Liangyun lamented, “Because your father knew that even if he was a Dragon Grid, he couldn’t possibly be a match for the Broken Clearance Society,

much less that Lord Ying, and that Lord Ying would inevitably kill him, kill your mother, and kill you, so your father, knowing that he was bound to die, stripped his own Fate Grid to give it to you,

and arranged all the retreats for you in the hopes that you would achieve the I hope that you can obtain the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scripture after you have achieved the Dragon Ascension Character and got rid of the dragon trapped in the shoal,

so that you can have a chance to fight with that Lord Ying in the future! He would naturally choose the latter without hesitation between dying or leaving you with a chance of survival!”

Ye Chen’s eyes were already unable to control the tears that were rolling down.

He had never thought that behind his obtaining the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures and soaring to the heavens since then, everything was actually so cruel!

Ye Chen’s mood was extremely heavy, for a while, he was already in a bit of a trance, everything back then seemed to be like a slideshow, switching rapidly in his brain, his parents, his relatives, and everything in Jinling, all of which were constantly flying in front of his eyes.

And at this time, Zhou Liangyun said with extraordinarily seriousness, “Young master, after your father divested his fate to you, he took you and your mother to Jinling, he and your mother had already made the determination to die, he knew that he did not have the blessing of the Dragon’s frame, and could not hide from the Broken Qing Society’s pursuit at all, he was hoping to use his own death to exchange for the Broken Qing Society’s abandonment, and to fight for you to have a safe and growing opportunity for you to grow up safely.”

“Therefore, since the moment before your parents left Jinling with you, you were already an Ascending Dragon Fate;”

Ye Chen thought of Lin Wan’er’s words and muttered, “No wonder Wan’er said that my father shouldn’t be a Dragon Fate, or else he couldn’t have been killed by Uncle Chang Sheng, so it’s because, he stripped his Dragon Fate and gave it to me ……”

Zhou Liang Yun said, “Peeling off the fate, nine deaths in one life, and in that one life, those who can successfully peel off the fate and successfully enchant it to another person are even more one in a million, fortunately, your father did it.”

Said here, Zhou Liang Yun added: “At the time in Jiqing Hall, is not really your father-in-law accidentally broke the jade pot spring bottle, but because the jade pot spring bottle within the Nine Metaphysical Heavenly Scriptures sensed your ascending dragon fate, their own struggle to come out of the jade pot spring bottle to recognise the master!”

“That day in the VIP room, when I opened the box of the Jade Pot Spring Vase, it had already begun to vibrate, and when I asked your father-in-law to take it out, your father-in-law should have not expected that bottle to vibrate, and when his heart panicked, he dropped that bottle on the ground ……”

“So, it is not that you, young master, got the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures by chance, but only you, in the whole world, can make the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures break out of the bottle! I arranged this process in the Jixing Hall to make it all seem natural to you, and not to be discovered by anyone with an axe to grind.”

Ye Chen listened silently, his tears had burst into tears, and after a long time, he suddenly asked, “Uncle Zhou, divesting your destiny, is it painful?”

Zhou Liangyun looked up towards the ceiling, the mist in his eyes had condensed into tears, causing the light seen by his pupils to become blurred and mottled.

After a long time, he murmured, “Stripping my own destiny …… is the …… most painful thing I have seen in my life …… “