Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6097

Zhou Liang Yun’s passionate surges like a demon caused Ye Chen to be horrified and amazed in his heart.

It turned out that his father had calculated everything long ago, and had also planned everything for himself long ago.

At this time, Zhou Liangyun, his eyes were full of excited blaze, he excitedly continued, “Since the accident of your parents, I have been waiting for the day when you trapped the dragon and ascended to heaven, this wait, is twenty years!”

“Almost five years ago, old Mr Lai Qinghua Lai went to Yanjing, at that time, old Mr Lai was departing from the United States, and I was in the United States, when the Ye family’s special plane carrying his old man took off from Los Angeles, I was outside the fence at the end of the airport’s runway, witnessing that plane flying into the clouds!”

“At that moment I knew that it was not far from the moment when your trapped dragon would ascend to heaven!”

“After Old Mr Lai arrived in Yanjing, he spent several years and used his life’s learning to finally break your dragon’s predicament of being trapped in the shallows in Yeling Mountain, the moment I learnt of the news, I didn’t sleep a wink, and on the following day, I flew to China with the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, and applied for a job at Jiqing Hall under the identity of ‘Zhou Liangyun’. Manager position, waiting for the most suitable opportunity for you to get the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scripture!”

Ye Chen did not expect that all of this was so linked together.

So, he remembered something else and asked suspiciously, “Uncle Zhou, Old Mr Lai said that I was in a situation where the dragon was trapped in the shallows because I got married and settled down in Jinling, but my father was killed and passed away a long time ago, so how could he have calculated all of this before I was eight years old?”

Zhou Liang Yun said with a somewhat saddened expression, “Young Master, Old Mr Lai is a Feng Shui Master, but he only calculated that you were trapped in the Dragon Trapped Shoal after he arrived in Yanjing, and at that time, he did not know just how long you had been trapped in this Dragon Trapped Shoal.”

Saying that, Zhou Liangyun continued, “Old Mr Lai speculated that you were married before you were trapped in the shoal, and that was only because, the Ye family just happened to find Old Mr Lai at that time.”

After saying that, Zhou Liangyun also said in a shocking way, “In fact, the reason why your father would know that you are trapped in the shallows is not because he expects things to be as good as God, but because when you were eight years old, you left the Ye family together with your parents, and the moment you left Yanjing, you were already ‘trapped in the shallows’. ”

Ye Chen was even more surprised, “When I was eight years old, I was already a dragon trapped in the shallows?”

“Right!” Zhou Liangyun nodded heavily, said, “Your parents’ decision to leave Yanjing and go to Jinling was a last resort, like Guan Yu’s defeat, the fate of your family of three, also from that moment onwards, from the previous rocketing upwards, to a sharp turn downwards, so you have been trapped in the shallow end from that moment onwards, all the way up to the time when Old Mr Lai broke the ice for you. ”

Only then did Ye Chen come to a realisation.

He had misunderstood Old Mr Lai Qinghua Lai’s timeline himself.