Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6094

  ”However, this four-square treasure building in the hands of the Rothschild family for at least a hundred years, and their family so many years to flourish, proud of the herd, I’m afraid that the relationship with this four-square treasure building is close;”

  ”Some time ago, the four-square treasure building itself appeared multiple cracks, only then did the Rothschild family find me, hoping that I could help them restore this cultural relic, they probable thought that I couldn’t recognise the four-square treasure building, after all, I couldn’t find any records about it on the market, but they didn’t think that I had once come into contact with the wild literature about the four-square treasure building, so I recognised it when I saw the real thing This national treasure, in order to determine my speculation, I quietly gave it a carbon 14 appraisal, and was indeed able to prove that it came from the Tang Dynasty;”

  ”After determining the identity of the four-square treasure building, I checked the news of the Rothschild family during that period of time, and found that they did experience quite a few minor setbacks in the past few months, and even had a grandchild who died in an accident, and I guessed that this must have something to do with the four-square treasure building’s cracks, and then I intentionally told the people of the Rothschild family that the four-square treasure building was too long in time, and that its own The aging decline of the material is very serious, and it’s not as exquisite and religiously valuable as the Song Zhenzhu Relic Treasure Block, the comprehensive value won’t be too high, advising them to preserve it statically and not to forcefully repair it;”

  ”However, the Rothschild family people are willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to let me restore it, so I pretended to see the money and agreed, and told them that the restoration would take a long time, at least a few months, and the Rothschild family people left this four-square treasure building to me, only every day someone came to check the progress of restoration, and I also found out that they had been on that time to me secretly;”

  ”I am in the process of restoring the four-square treasure building, more and more feel that this thing should not stay in the Rothschild family audience, because this itself is a Chinese cultural relics, and almost all the Chinese people still do not know the four-square treasure building, and even do not know it exists, but it is likely to be the Chinese since the opium wars after the hundred years of humiliation in the history of the loss of all the national treasures in the most significant, I So many years are committed to the scattered in the West of Chinese cultural relics sent back to China, if not to send this four-square treasure building back, this life is afraid to die in peace ……”

  ”So, I took advantage of a few months of restoration time, one to one to do a fake four-square treasure building, give them a hand to play a hand of civet for the Prince of the theatre, and then the real four-square treasure building quietly hidden, waiting for the opportunity to be shipped out of the United States;”

  ”But I originally thought that the fake four sides of the treasure building to the Rothschild family, at least can fool them for a period of time, for me to win the opportunity to transit, but I did not expect, they took the fake four sides of the treasure building back, but also immediately did the carbon 14 test, realised that the thing was my package, after they the first time to me to take away secretly, fortunately, I prevented them in their doorstep, when they took the initiative to call the police! time, took the initiative to call the police to turn themselves in, after the police intervened, the Rothschild family only had to arrange me to the Brooklyn prison ……”