Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6092

After hearing what Zhou Liangyun said, Ye Chen said without thinking, “Uncle Zhou, let’s go out and talk slowly!”

  ”No way ……,” Zhou Liangyun shook his head and said firmly, “Young Master, you and I will chat here.”

  Saying that, he pointed at the stupefied Bruce Weinstein behind Ye Chen, saying, “Here recently, only he will come over, since he has all been controlled by you, in a short period of time this place must be absolutely safe, there are some things that I have to say, but I still have to explain them clearly to you in the first place.”

  Ye Chen hesitated for a moment and gently nodded, “Good! I will help you heal your body first, then you can slowly tell me.”

  Saying that, he put his finger on Zhou Liangyun’s pulse, and a few bits of spiritual qi were transmitted into his body, causing his entire physical state to instantly and completely recover and have a great enhancement and improvement.

  Zhou Liangyun felt his earth-shattering changes and said in surprise, “It seems that young master you have already mastered the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, if your father’s spirit in heaven learnt of this news, he would be very pleased!”

  Since Zhou Liangyun’s body had improved tremendously, Ye Chen asked Bruce Weinstein to stand guard outside the room, and he and Zhou Liangyun simply sat on the floor.

  Zhou Liangyun first said, “Young Master, what all do you want to know, just ask, I know everything.”

  Ye Chen said, “Uncle Zhou, it’s better to start with your situation first, what exactly is the matter with your feud with the Rothschild family?”

  Zhou Liang Yun sighed and said, “Our Zhou family has been mainly operating in the West over the years in the antique business, and focusing on oriental antiques, we are considered to be somewhat well-known in the niche field of oriental antiques, this is the premise of the whole thing;”

  ”So a few months ago, people from the Rothschild family found me privately and offered a very high price, wanting me to help them restore an oriental antique, a Chinese Tang Dynasty four-square treasure block that only exists in wild history records but has never really been released.”

  Ye Chen asked curiously, “A treasure block?”

  ”Right.” Zhou Liang Yun explained, “Treasure building is a collective term for a class of ancient artefacts, characterised by a certain degree of resemblance to a scaled-down version of a pagoda, there have been similar antique artefacts throughout the ages, the most famous at this stage should be the Song Zhenzhu Sharip Treasure Building, but that one is mainly of greater religious significance, and the Rothschilds are very different from this Tang Dynasty quadrilateral Treasure Building, despite its similarity in form. “

  Said, Zhou Liang Yun and said: “I earlier years collected a lot of Chinese antiques strayed overseas, which is not lack of some of the literature of various dynasties, has been one after another ancient records, when the Tang Taizong Li Shimin believes in Buddhism and Zhou Yi, he not only sent Xuanzang to India to obtain the scriptures, but also convened the country’s masters of the Zhou Yi at that time in the city of Chang’an deduction of the national fate to ensure the stability of Tang dynasty, he had ordered the best in the city of Chang’an at that time. He had ordered the best craftsmen in Chang’an City, to create a four-square treasure building, and will be placed in this treasure building in the Dragon Vein of the Great Tang Dynasty, to ensure the stability of the Great Tang Dynasty;”

  Ye Chen then asked curiously, “Could it be that this four-sided treasure building is a Zhouyi feng shui magic weapon?”