Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6091

The whole room is not a place to sit and lie down, the ground is damp and cold, not even a piece of grass mat, not to mention the mattress, the poor environment so that the man can only sit curled up on the toilet barely sleep.

At this time, the man heard the sound of movement, dishevelled and powerless to raise his head, when he and Ye Chen’s eyes relative to the moment, he was instantly like a lightning strike, wide-eyed, his body can not stop trembling.

Ye Chen looked at his tortured face and recognised him as Zhou Liangyun, the manager who had worked at Jiqing Hall!

At this moment, Ye Chen had mixed feelings in his heart.

He hurriedly stepped forward, holding Zhou Liangyun’s two hands with both of his hands, and said in a low voice, “Mr Zhou …… Oh no, Uncle Zhou, are you alright? Let me bring you out of here!”

Zhou Liang Yun instantly burst into tears, looked at Ye Chen and choked, “Young Master …… you …… you know all about it?!”

Ye Chen nodded, “I saw the photo of you and my father together, that’s why I came to the United States to look for you, and have found my way here.”

Zhou Liang Yun said in shame, “Young Master, previously in Jinling, not only did I not be honest with you about my identity, but instead, I also designed to falsely accuse your father in law and speak out against you, so please don’t blame me ……”

Ye Chen busily said, “How could that be, although I don’t know the exact hidden meaning of the matter, but I believe that you must be doing it for my own good, Uncle Zhou, I can get the Nine Metaphysical Heavenly Scriptures must have benefited from your arrangement, in the end, I have to thank you for that.”

Zhou Liang Yun hurriedly shook his head and said, “Young master, I am only following your father’s arrangement during his lifetime, to bring the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures to Jinling for you, all of this is your father’s preparations for you, I am also thanks to your father’s promotion and care, only then was I able to live to this day, you don’t need to be thankful to me.”

Ye Chen’s heart was even more horrified, although he also doubted whether he was able to obtain the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures was related to his own father, but he had never found any direct evidence.

And now, Zhou Liangyun’s words were considered to have helped affirm this speculation for himself.

At this moment, Ye Chen had countless questions that he couldn’t wait to ask Zhou Liangyun, but looking at the environment that the two of them were now sticking out, and then looking at the steel collar on his neck, Ye Chen immediately stepped forward to tear the collar away, and then helped Zhou Liangyun, saying, “Uncle Zhou, I will take you out first, and don’t worry, I will make the Rothschild family pay for the debt of blood in the future! I will make the Rothschild family pay in blood!”

Zhou Liang Yun busy said: “Young master, this matter is ultimately my fault, the Rothschild family so to me, is also I deserve, and I can not leave here, if I leave, the Rothschild family will not let go of my family, I can not drag them …… ”

Ye Chen was shocked in his heart, and quickly asked, “Uncle Zhou, how exactly did you and the Rothschild family form a grudge? I heard outside that it was you who stole from them?”

Zhou Liangyun let out a bitter smile and said, “It was me who stole their stuff, but technically speaking, this stuff of theirs was also stolen and robbed ……”

Saying that, he looked towards Ye Chen and said seriously, “Young Master, you must have a lot of questions that you have been confused about for a long time that you have not been able to get answers to, since you have sought out this place today, then I will answer them for you one by one, and after I have finished answering them for you, there is still one thing that I am asking for!”