Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6090

Ye Chen stepped into the cramped car and Bruce Weinstein walked in right behind him.

The control panel inside this lift, was extremely simple, there was only one green button, Bruce Weinstein pressed the button while saying to Ye Chen: “When this button is pressed when a person is below, it goes up, when a person presses it above, it goes down, and it can’t be stopped in between.”

Ye Chen nodded his head, at this time the carriages had started to move downwards, he glanced at Bruce Weinstein and asked, “How deep is it down here?”

Bruce Weinstein respectfully said, “A total of sixty metres deep downwards.”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask curiously, “How was such a deep lift shaft quietly dug out?”

Bruce Weinstein explained, “Although Brooklyn Prison is still a federal prison on the surface, but in fact it has long been controlled by the Rothschild family, a few years ago, the Rothschild family donated a sum of money to refurbish this prison, in fact, the money was mainly used to build this lift shaft as well as underground fortifications.”

Saying that, he gave a slight beat and added: “Although the regular entrance and exit is only this one, but underground there is actually a one-way entrance and exit, which can be opened from the outside, the

Ye Chen asked suspiciously, “The Rothschild family went to such great lengths to build such a secret passage in Brooklyn Prison, it wouldn’t be just to hold prisoners with special identities, would it?”

Bruce Weinstein truthfully said, “Like Gustavo Sanchez that kind of drug lord, he is locked up here, is with the Rothschild family to reach a deep cooperation agreement, the Rothschild family people to ensure that they are absolutely controllable, if they encounter a special situation or force majeure, the Rothschild family can pass through this secret passage to hide the person, or directly quietly transfer to Other places, and then claim that the prisoner has escaped from prison, or the U.S. court sentenced the other party to life imprisonment, but the Rothschild family and the other party to negotiate after the other party to release the other party, will be realised through this secret passage, this kind of thing has been operated several times, the success rate of one hundred per cent.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked rhetorically, “That is to say, Gustavo this kind of bad things to do all the big drug lords, as long as it is beneficial to the Rothschild family, they will also send people quietly back to Mexico?”

“Right.” Bruce Weinstein nodded and said, “They only care about profit, they don’t care about justice.”

Ye Chen smiled contemptuously and said indifferently, “It’s true that they are unkind to the rich, and these capitalists’ pursuit of profit is greater than anything else.”

At this moment, the lift slowly stopped at the bottom.

After the car doors opened, what came into view was an arched tunnel that was about two metres wide and two metres high.

There was also an iron door at the end of the tunnel, while on both sides of the tunnel there were two rooms, one room had no door and was furnished with a simple sofa and a small table, while the other room was closed off by a sturdy iron door.

Bruce Weinstein pointed to the room that was closed off by the iron door and said to Ye Chen, “Peter Zhou is locked up there.”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “Go open the door!”

Bruce Weinstein hurriedly stepped forward and entered a string of passwords on the gate, then the iron gate popped open outwards with a ding, and Ye Chen stepped forward first with some haste, flicking Bruce Weinstein aside and vigorously pushing the iron gate open.

At this moment, the scene in the room secretly shocked Ye Chen.

This room area of about twenty square metres, outside there is a space of about six or seven square metres without any furniture, items, and inside there is only a toilet, a non-stop small streaming water tap, and at this time, that toilet, sitting crookedly with a full beard, messy hair blocking half of the face of the man, his neck was set a solid metal neck set, neck set rear there is also a thumb-thick iron chain The length of the chain was just enough to ensure that no matter how he moved, he could not come to the six or seven square metres of open space on the outside, but could only be confined to the inside side.