Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6089

As if Bruce Weinstein saw a saviour, he hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye please come in! Lip you go out first.”

That prison guard nodded in a hurry and closed the thick soundproof door after Ye Chen entered.

Bruce Weinstein couldn’t hold back any longer at this moment, letting out a wail, “Mr Ye, Mr Ye you have to save me! If you don’t save me, I’m going to become an invalid!”

Ye Chen looked at him and smiled slightly, he had gone through so much trouble just to come to this office without moving, this goal was finally reached.

So, he then looked at Bruce Weinstein and coldly said, “Don’t be anxious, although your little old brother is in pain, it won’t be broken for a while.”

Bruce Weinstein subconsciously said, “How can it be, my friend who is a doctor said that it is already going to be finished, if you don’t treat me, I am afraid that I really have to amputate my limb ……”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “Don’t worry, with the aura, it won’t be finished, as long as you co-operate obediently, I will cure you.”

Bruce Weinstein was astonished, “Aura? What is aura?”

Ye Chen did not answer his question, but coldly questioned, “Let me ask you, is there a secret passage in your office? Was Peter Zhou locked under the secret passage by you?!”

Bruce Weinstein instantly looked as if he had seen a ghost, staring daggers at Ye Chen, muttering, “What on earth are you …… you? How did you know about the secret passage and Peter Zhou?!”

Ye Chen smiled, “It’s for Peter Zhou that I came.”

Saying that, Ye Chen punched an aura into his brain and commanded in an unquestioning tone, “Answer the question I just asked!”

Bruce Weinstein trembled, his brain instantly regarded Ye Chen as subservient, and he hurriedly said, “There is indeed a secret passage behind my office, a lift shaft, and underneath the lift shaft, there is a secret cell, where Peter Zhou is locked up.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Who else is down there besides Peter Zhou?”

“No ……” Bruce Weinstein said truthfully, “He’s the only one down there, locked in a completely closed room, I’ll send him food and water once a day.”

Ye Chen continued to ask, “Why did the Rothschilds lock him up here?”

Bruce Weinstein said, “It’s because he stole something from the Rothschild family.”

“Stole something?” Ye Chen frowned and asked, “What was it?”

“I don’t know.” Bruce Weinstein explained, “I only know that that thing is very important to the Rothschild family, but that Peter Zhou is just dead set on not telling the truth, some time ago the Rothschild family people came here every day to interrogate him, but they have been unable to ask for any valuable information, so they let me keep a good eye on him for the time being.”

Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “Can you take me down?”

“Can.” Bruce Weinstein nodded without hesitation.

Ye Chen asked again, “If I pm, will the Rothschilds know?”

“No.” Bruce Weinstein said, “I’m in charge here, and I report everything to the Rothschild family, they don’t directly monitor this place.”

Ye Chen lowered his heart and ordered, “Take me down now!”

Bruce Weinstein respectfully said Obey, so he went to the bookcase in his office, he took out a copy of the Gospel of John from the bookcase, and then put his palm, completely over the cover of that book.

Miraculous things happened immediately, the book in the scanning of his palm prints and fingerprints, immediately issued a drop sound, followed by an empty bookshelf behind the back panel suddenly opened, revealing a set of cameras.

Bruce Weinstein stepped forward, staring at the cameras with wide eyes, and immediately, one of the bookshelves slowly opened, revealing a metal lift door.

Once the bookshelf-disguised door had opened more than forty-five degrees, the metal lift door also opened automatically, and inside was a small, narrow lift.

At this moment, Bruce Weinstein respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Please enter, sir.”