Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6088

By the time Bruce Weinstein returns to prison, with the help of his friend Mark, he’s on the verge of drinking himself to death from the excruciating pain.

Due to the strict management of the prison, in principle, non-staff are not allowed to enter, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Bruce Weinstein let his beloved to take himself in from outside the prison, while his good friend Mark can only temporarily return to the hospital.

After returning to the office, Bruce Weinstein forced himself to endure the severe pain and let his beloved go to the prison area where Ye Chen was located, ready to bring Ye Chen out of his cell quietly.

That prison guard came to the door of the cell Ye Chen was in, and after opening the door, he spoke, “Who is Ye Chen? Come out for a moment.”

Ye Chen slowly sat up from the bed, didn’t speak, and came to the door in silence.

That prison guard first closed the cells, then said to Ye Chen in a low voice, “The warden is waiting for you in the office, follow me.”

Ye Chen nodded and followed that prison guard out of the prison area, that prison guard first brought him to the medical department of the prison, taking advantage of the fact that the doctor in the infirmary was already off duty, he brought Ye Chen to the doctor’s office, handed him a prison guard’s outfit and shoes and hat, and whispered, “Change into the clothes and I’ll take you to see the warden.”

Ye Chen didn’t ask many questions and changed into the prison guard’s clothes, the man then took out his mobile phone and called a colleague.

The prison guard who came in was not too different in height and build from Ye Chen, while the prison guard who had brought him in earlier instructed the new guard in a low voice, “Wait here, don’t make any noise, and don’t use your mobile phone to contact anyone, I’ll unlock the door when I go out, so just wait here for me to come back.”

That prison guard nodded and said, “Okay captain.”

That previous prison guard put his heart down, took his hat off, handed it to Ye Chen, and instructed, “Put on the hat, let’s go, and after you go out in a while, remember to keep your head down, lest you get your face photographed by the surveillance.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and put his hat on, then he walked out of the infirmary with him.

After leaving the infirmary, the prison guard swiped his card and brought Ye Chen directly to the prison guard’s work area.

That prison guard said to Ye Chen in a low voice while walking, “Remember, if anyone asks about tonight’s events afterwards, just say that you weren’t feeling well tonight, I brought you to the infirmary, but the doctor was off duty, so I could only lock you up in the infirmary first, and then went out to help you find some emergency medicines, it took me a bit longer to find the medicines, but the good thing is that your body was much better after you had taken them. Then I sent you back to your cell.”

“Good.” Ye Chen felt that the other party’s method of swapping a prince with a civet was quite reasonable, there were no obvious loopholes, and since he was wearing a prison guard’s uniform and a hat, the surveillance couldn’t take a picture of a person’s face and wouldn’t leave any tangible evidence, so he thought that it shouldn’t cause any suspicion.

The prison guard brought Ye Chen to the top floor, and after passing through a long corridor, he came to the door of the warden’s office, and then he gently knocked on the door three times, and without waiting for a response from the inside, he pushed the door open directly, and said to Bruce Weinstein, who was in pain on the sofa, “Warden, the person has been brought.”