Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6087

Bruce Weinstein quickly said, “It doesn’t matter, as long as you have a way to save me, I will go back to prison now! I can receive your treatment in prison ……”

Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said, “It’s just that this kind of treatment is more troublesome and longer, and it requires you to be naked, more importantly, the treatment process will definitely be accompanied by a certain amount of pain, and you’ll definitely be unable to control yourself from shouting, aren’t you afraid that the other people in the prison will know about it?”

Bruce Weinstein hurriedly said, “This is simple, I’ll have my most trusted henchman bring you out of the cell and quietly bring you to my office, where I’ll wait for you! The soundproof seal there is very good, and it can definitely be kept secret!”

Due to his own situation being too shameful to talk about, Bruce Weinstein’s subconscious mind just wanted to keep this secret as much as possible.

He originally also can let people in the prison other places to make a room to let Ye Chen to there to give their own treatment, but after thinking about it, where to go can not be absolutely insurance, here after all, is a prison, many places are dead-end monitoring as well as 24-hour patrol, in case people found their own situation, and then as gossip out, their own future is still ruined.

And the entire prison, he felt the safest place, is his office.

After all, there was a secret passage behind his office with extremely high security density, and the Rothschild family, in order to ensure the security of this secret passage, not only perfectly hid this secret passage behind the bookcases in his office, but also upgraded his office with extremely high privacy density.

Being in their own office, even with the most professional detection equipment, can not be found hidden in the dark secret passage, the human eye is even more unlikely to see any clues.

By allowing Ye Chen to come to his office to treat himself, he was able to maintain absolute secrecy while not having to worry about Ye Chen discovering the secret passage, the best of both worlds.

Seeing that his goal had been reached, Ye Chen said cheerfully, “Since that’s the case, then I have no further questions, I can help you with your treatment when Mr Warden returns.”

Bruce Weinstein immediately said with excitement, “Alright Mr Ye, you saved me this time, I will definitely do my best to repay your kindness!”

With that, he couldn’t wait to say, “Mr Ye, then I’ll rush back to the prison now, see you later!”

Ye Chen hmmmed, “Okay, see you later.”

Hanging up the phone, Ye Chen handed the phone to Gustavo, who asked with a curious expression, “Mr Ye, what is that little brat Bruce looking for you for?”

Ye Chen laughed, “He has a physical problem and wants to ask me to treat him.”

Gustavo asked in surprise, “What kind of problem? It shouldn’t really be too hard, right?”

Ye Chen laughed, “He said it was like taking 10,000 Viagra.”

“Crap!” Gustavo laughed and said, “Then Mr Ye must take a picture later to open my eyes ……”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “So you’re good at this?”

With that, he said to Dean, who was not far away, “Dean, Mr Sanchez has the same fetish as you, from now on, you serve him well every day, if you dare to slack off a bit, I’ll waste you and make you a zero for the rest of your life.”

Dean was so scared that he almost rolled off the bed, whether it was letting him serve Gustavo or letting him be a zero for the rest of his life, it was an unacceptable torture for him.

Gustavo also panicked chrysanthemum tight, and quickly waved his hand and said, “No, no, Mr Ye, I don t mean this, I am a standard heterosexual, I only love women in my whole life, just now the words you just pretend that I didn’t say ……”