Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6086

When Gustavo used the remnants of the drug lord’s majesty to exchange for the bed next to Ye Chen and couldn’t wait to get close to him, the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly buzzed and vibrated.

He hurriedly pulled the phone out and looked down to see that the person calling was actually Warden Bruce Weinstein.

Gustavo was a little taken aback.

His first thought was, “F*ck, how dare a bullshit little character like Bruce Weinstein call me directly? Really fucking think you’re somebody?”

I don’t know what year it was, but Gustavo had developed a distinct resistance to answering the phone.

He disliked answering the phone more and more, and always felt that a phone call from someone else would be an unpleasant experience for him, and he preferred to have his staff report to him respectfully, or send him text messages in a very respectful tone of voice.

Of course, when it came to giving orders, he still preferred to call, because he liked the thrill of direct output.

The people around Gustavo, all know that he doesn’t like to answer the phone, so usually, something is first sent a message, and it must start with the honourable Mr. Sanchez, to Bruce Weinstein, such as this, a direct phone call, he hasn’t encountered it for several years.

If Gustavo had received a call from him before today, he would have just hung up, but the fact that he was almost killed by Joseph today had put a few scruples about his surroundings and fear of the unknown in his heart, so after thinking about it for a while, he still pressed the answer button.

However, Gustavo’s tone was obviously a bit unhappy, questioning, “Bruce, I should have told you not to call me during the week, can’t you send a message first if there’s something wrong?”

Bruce Weinstein said painfully, “Mr Sanchez, may I ask if that Mr Ye is by your side today? I have something urgent that I need to ask him for help!”

“Mr Ye?” Gustavo asked in surprise, “What are you looking for Mr Ye for?”

Ye Chen in the next bed heard this and sat up from the bed, saying to Gustavo, “Here, give me the phone.”

Gustavo respectfully handed the phone to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took the phone and asked smilingly, “Mr Warden, looking for me?”

Bruce Weinstein asked in a hurry, “Mr Ye, that thing you said today, that it’s even worse when a man is too hard, have you ever encountered it before?”

Ye Chen knew that he must be dying of pain right now, but said nonchalantly, “Of course I’ve encountered it, but didn’t you not believe it, why are you concerned about it again?”

“I believe I believe!” Bruce Weinstein busily said, “Mr Ye …… today …… today during the day I was indeed a little too self-righteous …… and thought that you What you told me was all alarmist talk …… Waiting for things to actually happen to me …… I realised how ignorant I was ……”

Saying that, he begged with tears in his voice, “Mr Ye, please save me no matter what, if you don’t save me, I might really be finished!”

Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and asked, “What exactly is wrong? Tell me slowly.”

Bruce Weinstein sobbed and said, “To tell you the truth Mr Ye, tonight Mr Sanchez arranged two beautiful women for me, but I don’t know whether it’s too excited or something wrong with my body, that place swelled up all of a sudden and couldn’t stand it, it’s like f*cking swallowing 10,000 pills of Absorbic Acid, and now the situation is getting more and more serious, and the doctors in Manhattan Hospital said that the tissues are already going to be necrosis, can only amputate the limb, I wonder if you have any way to save me ……”

Ye Chen smiled, it seems that things have developed in the direction of his own planning, then, he opened his mouth and said, “This well …… save is able to save, but it needs to be treated with acupuncture, I am now in prison, my heart is more than enough ah.”