Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6085

Mark seriously said, “Bruce, you have to trust my medical experience, if it’s just a normal prolonged congestion, we have many kinds of means to intervene, but your case is different, this colour at a glance means that the tissue has been necrotic, ah, necrotic tissue can’t be saved, otherwise there wouldn’t have been so many amputation patients. “

Said Mark, added: “Professional doctors can actually tell at a glance how good or bad the tissue is, and whether or not it must be intervened by means of amputation for treatment, many patients, because they are unwilling to accept the reality of needing to amputate a limb, so they usually don’t believe in it when we give the amputation suggestion at the very beginning, and many of them will even drag their stumps and wander between major hospitals, trying to find a miracle, but in this case, almost ninety per cent of the patients have no choice but to accept the amputation when they persist to the end.”

Bruce Weinstein hastily asked, “What about the remaining ten per cent? Did they encounter a medical miracle?”

“Medical miracle?” Mark shook his head, “The remaining 10% were dead set against amputation and ended up literally dying.”

Bruce Weinstein asked in despair to the extreme, “I don’t want …… I can’t accept it …… Even if you cut off my next leg, cut it off for me!”

Mark helplessly said, “In the current situation, I really do not have any other good way, or I contact the experts in the relevant areas?”

Saying that, Mark reminded again, “But I have to make it clear to you in advance, at the present time, the vast majority of the experts have already gone home from work, even if I can find someone who is willing to come and help you with your treatment, he won’t be able to rush here too fast, so would you mind letting me take a video? Let them help you with your consultation via video.”

Bruce Weinstein covered his face and said offhandedly, “Hurry up and film it! The more carefully you film it, the better!”

Mark hurriedly took out his mobile phone and shot a video to send to the experts he knew in the relevant field.

Soon, he received replies from these experts one after another.

Without exception, each expert replied with the same two parts.

The first part was all about their amazement at the content of the video, as all had never seen such a condition in their lives;

And the second part of the content, almost all of them felt that there should be no second option other than surgical removal.

Everyone’s replies, Mark let Bruce Weinstein see with his own eyes, which makes Bruce Weinstein even more desperate, he never dreamed that he just came out to meet Miss World for a while, Miss World’s taste has not yet tasted, but he is going to turn into a castrati.

Collapse to the extreme Bruce Weinstein would rather die than choose to amputate, Mark a time there is nothing to do, can only say to him: “Generally speaking, tissue necrosis is not immediately have to be contacted, normally speaking you still have about 24 hours to consider the time, when the tissue begins to fester, you will have to make a decision, but I can responsibly tell you that really hopeless.”

Said, he heartfelt sigh, “In the past, I always felt that men must be hard, but today it seems that hard is not a good thing ……”

Bruce Weinstein’s mind suddenly thought of the words Ye Chen said to himself today.

He had also said that it was terrible for a man not to be hard, but it was even more terrible to be too hard.

At this time, Bruce Weinstein’s eyes lit up, as if grasping a life-saving straw, generally whispered, “What that surname Ye said is true, does he have a way to cure it!”