Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6083

Bruce Weinstein knew that although Mark was the attending physician, but in his current situation, he was afraid that even if he came alone and couldn’t carry a lot of professional equipment, he would still be unable to do anything about it, so the best and safest way now was to go to the hospital and look for him by himself.

So, he then instructed: “Mark listen to me carefully, I need you to go now to prepare a completely private treatment room, never, never let the second doctor in addition to you to contact me, you prepare now, I also now rushed over to you!”

Mark hurriedly asked, “Then you tell me the general situation first, so that I can make some targeted preparations on my side to avoid any delay!”

Bruce Weinstein’s expression struggled for a moment, but still gathered the courage to say, “It’s my little old brother …… it …… it’s at least two or three times bigger than usual maybe… …I feel like it’s just about to die ……”

“Holy Shit!” asked Mark subconsciously, “Are you messing with some kind of medication?”

“I didn’t ……” said Bruce Weinstein offhandedly, “I didn’t take anything and it suddenly seemed like it was possessed, and I now feel like it’s a balloon blown up to the extreme, and it might pop at some point! ”

“Shit!” Mark burst out a foul mouth, hurriedly said, “You quickly come to the hospital, I’ll prepare the consultation room, if it’s really two or three times bigger as you said, maybe it’s going to be necrotic! You must hurry, the sooner the better!”

Bruce Weinstein was also trembling with fear, and said offhand, “I …… I’ll be right over!”

With that, he tossed the phone aside, looked to Camilla as well as the other girl, and said offhandedly, “Quick, help me get dressed and drive me to Manhattan Hospital!”

Camilla subconsciously said, “Warden, you …… I’m afraid you won’t be able to put your trousers on in your current condition ……”

Bruce Weinstein looked down and despaired inwardly.

With this stance in front of him, it would be impossible to put on trousers, unless he just got a pair of strappy trousers.

Camilla had a flash of insight at this time and hurriedly said, “Warden, why don’t I get you a bathrobe!”

“Okay!” Bruce Weinstein agreed without thinking, saying offhandedly, “Go, go get it for me!”

A few minutes later, two Miss Worlds wearing sunglasses and masks, one on the left and the other on the right with difficulty assisted Bruce Weinstein, who was hastily wrapped up in a bathrobe, and the three of them hurriedly walked out of the room.

Bruce Weinstein at the moment had no relief from the severe pain, and had to take a step to walk, so every time he took a step to open his leg, he would feel unprecedented torture, as if there were countless needles being desperately stabbed there.

But he is also very clear in his heart, in this case even if the pain is again to endure, absolutely can not be pretentious, otherwise, it is very likely that because of the continuous severe pain fainted here, in case he lost consciousness, these two women in order to try not to take the blame, do not provoke Gustavo, will certainly be the first time to call 911 to find first aid personnel to come over, in that case, even if he is barely to save the dog’s life, in the future, also have no face in the United States to stay.

At this moment, Bruce Weinstein, burst out of the unprecedented strong willpower, forced to endure the killing pain, with the two Miss World together to the underground garage.

Camilla got into Bruce Weinstein’s car while driving to Manhattan Hospital under his command.