Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6082

Hearing that Bruce Weinstein wanted ice, that Camilla, who was a little quicker to react, rushed to the girl beside her and said, “Talia, there’s a bottle of champagne that someone at the bar in the suite has ready to stick in a bucket of ice cubes, so go get the bucket!”

That girl came back to her senses, and not daring to have the slightest delay, she quickly ran out of the bedroom.

After a clanking sound came, the girl ran over with an iron bucket filled with ice.

Camilla hurriedly took the bucket from her hands, squatted down and handed it to Bruce Weinstein’s crotch. Bruce Weinstein originally wanted to shove it in, but the situation did not allow him to do so, so he could only pour the ice cubes between his legs.

Originally, he thought that the ice cubes would definitely be able to calm himself down, but he didn’t expect that the ice cubes would be completely useless to him, and the intense pain as well as the extreme swelling didn’t get any relief because of the ice cubes.

Bruce Weinstein’s expression became more and more painful as well as twisted, the unprecedented severe pain made him completely break down emotionally and sit on the ground bawling.

At this moment, where is the shadow of that majestic warden, the whole person is like a little girl who has soiled her dress, sitting in a muddy puddle and crying in the exact same manner.

Camilla subconsciously asked him, “Mr Warden, haven’t you had the slightest relief?”

Bruce Weinstein cried and shook his head back and forth, saying desperately, “Help me think of something, I really can’t hold on ……”

Camilla was also flustered and said nervously, “But I really can’t think of any good solutions ……”

With that, Camilla subconsciously asked, “Why don’t I call 911 for help!”

“No way!” Bruce Weinstein subconsciously said offhandedly, “Definitely not 911, if I call 911, I’m finished and so are you guys!”

Bruce Weinstein knew very well that he was after all the warden of the federal prison, and was also a member of the Rothschild family, if he made such a big scandal here tonight, and was known by the outside world as well as the Rothschild family, then his future would be completely finished.

The public would definitely not allow a man who tried to engage in a double act but almost blew himself up to continue to serve as the warden of the federal prison.

And the Rothschilds would certainly not continue to trust and reuse themselves, and would inevitably abandon them.

After thinking about it, he could only endure the severe pain and open his mouth, “Go …… to my pocket …… to get my mobile phone, I want to call …… to find someone to help ……”

“Good ……” Camilla was slightly relieved once she heard him say that he wanted to find someone to help, and hurriedly went to fetch his mobile phone back.

And at this moment, the person Bruce Weinstein thought of to ask for help was not Ye Chen, who he had just met today, but a friend of his who was an attending physician at a nearby hospital.

As soon as the phone was connected he asked impatiently, “Mark, where are you?!”

A middle-aged man’s voice came from the phone, “I’m on duty at the hospital, what’s wrong?”

Bruce Weinstein hurriedly said, “I’m in a very serious condition, you may be the only one who can save my life!”

Mark was surprised and asked, “Bruce what’s wrong with you? Are you hurt?”

Bruce Weinstein choked back a sob, “Much more than hurt, only you can save my life now ……”

Mark realised the seriousness of the problem and hurriedly said, “Where are you? I’m going over to you right now!”