Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6081

The two women held one of his hands and very ambiguously brought him to the master bedroom of this presidential suite.

But at the moment when Bruce Weinstein just buried his feet into the room, he suddenly felt a sharp pain underneath his body, and when he looked down, his most familiar and intimate comrade in arms had become completely unrecognisable at that moment!

The side of the “maid” also noticed the abnormality, looked down, scared back and forth, the mouth could not help but mutter to himself: “This …… this is still a person… …”

Another “female prisoner” also scared silly, while retreating, while waving their hands and said: “This …… I …… I’m afraid I can’t take it! …… Or I’d better return the money to you …….”

Bruce Weinstein’s face at this time has become an iron blue.

It wasn’t because of anger, but it really hurt like hell there, and it felt like it was going to explode at any moment.

That kind of severe pain was something he had never experienced in his life, and every moment, every second, was engraved in his bones!

At this time, that maid couldn’t help but remind, “Warden …… Mr Warden …… are you …… sure you don’t need to intervene? It looks like it’s on the verge of tissue necrosis ……”

Bruce Weinstein’s cold sweat swarmed out from the pain, and the increasing intensity of the sharp pain had caused his legs to become more and more limp and weak, and even began to shake violently.

He desperately covered his lower body and wailed in pain, “Quickly …… help me …… I’m dying of pain …… it… . it’s going to explode ……”

The two women were also very frightened, the less psychologically qualified “female prisoner” nervously said to the maid: “Camilla, let’s go! If something happens and the police are attracted to us, we’ll be finished!”

The “maid” named Camilla also instantly came back to her senses, and panicked and was about to flee.

Both of them are prestigious Miss World, for them, although relying on their bodies to earn a little extra money is not unusual, but this kind of thing can never be exposed, otherwise their image will be greatly affected, and their future will also be completely destroyed.

Therefore, looking at Bruce Weinstein’s situation is so bizarre, the two people are really afraid of making a scene and out of control, so subconsciously they are thinking of hurrying to leave here.

Bruce Weinstein was on the verge of fainting from the pain at this point.

He lay on the ground and rolled around while yelling as hard as he could at the two of them, “Don’t forget, you two framers! You guys were paid by Gustavo! You must know very well what Gustavo is about! And I’m Gustavo’s honoured guest, if something goes wrong with me here, neither of you two will survive!!!”

Bruce Weinstein’s words instantly scared the two women who were trying to escape just a moment ago, so much so that they stood still and screamed repeatedly in fear.

They had long heard of Gustavo’s brutality.

When they thought that they had originally come to serve Gustavo, and were temporarily instructed to serve Gustavo’s friends, the two of them were immediately terrified in their hearts.

If Gustavo’s friend really here out of what long and short, and the two of them and abandoned directly run away, it is certainly to be Gustavo’s men to hunt down and kill ……

Both of them realised this, the “maid” named Camilla forced herself to calm down and asked Bruce Weinstein: “I …… how can I help you?”

Bruce Weinstein did not know how the other party could help himself, he could only subconsciously shouted: “Quickly help me find some ice, the more the better!”